The Wisdom In Your Wisdom Teeth!

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I often say to patients, “God doesn’t just download us with spare parts.”  Folks who just have their spleen, gallbladder or wisdom teeth removed aren’t always hooked into the deeper functioning of these organs on our behalf.  If they knew, they’d actively take more of a stand to protect their God-given body, and all it’s parts and address the root of their problems instead.

For example, a person can remove their gallbladder, however, they’ve not addressed why they’re suffering issues in the organ that is simply storing anger and resentment.  The underlying cause has not been dealt with outright and will  simply manifest in another way.   Also, physiologically speaking, the gallbladder can quite easily  flushed, without surgery using Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocols restoring your digestion and overall health.

The spleen, as per Rudolf Steiner, is a mediating organ between our biological humanness and our spiritual consciousness.  In order to eat food harvested from the earth and have that foodstuff convert into thought, you need a spleen on board to transmute these physical processes into thinking. The spleen is also an organ that promotes our individuality. This is why many mechanistic thinking Allopathic Physicians will say that the purpose of the spleen has not be determined.  Just because they don’t know the reason for why we have a spleen does not make it conscionable to remove it without first addressing the root cause without causing harm.  This is where Heilkunst principles come in.

The same goes for our wisdom teeth.  Curiously they’re named thusly due to the fact that they emerge in our wisdom years,  later in life around our late teens or early 20’s; long after the tooth fairy has retired her crown, wand and purse.  According to Chinese Medicine, all teeth have a function, including our wisdom teeth, and if you just extract them without the knowledge of their deeper function you could cause major issues in the body’s circulation, more specifically the heart, middle ear, shoulder, pituitary functioning, nervous system, tongue and tonsils (another organ often declared surplus but is the first gate for our proper immune functioning).




 Dental Chart courtesy of François Jooste, Wholistic Pharmacist


The belief is that wisdom teeth are superfluous, that they should be extracted at a younger age before they cause issues later on.  The thing is that they don’t generally cause issues later on in healthy individuals even if they are so called “impacted” or lying on an angle like one of my own patients as illustrated in this x-ray here:













Mental note: Those gamma x-rays will need to be addressed for that patient at their next appointment.


When we think more wholistic-ally, we realize that practices like filling teeth with composite before the person gets fillings, or extracting wisdom teeth when they’re clearly not bothering the patient is unethical.  This is not preventative medicine at it’s best, as it is clear that harm is being caused by breaking the flow in the acupuncture meridians in the body.

Dr. Brand, a holistic dentist in New York who still has her own wisdom teeth, cites,”Wisdom teeth, specifically, are connected to the heart and intestine meridians. Is it no wonder that chronic illness in both of these organs are on the rise? Of course there may be other contributing factors to these chronic health issues, such as diet, but wisdom teeth extractions, as well as the residual cavitations at the extraction site, may also be contributing to these systemic health conditions.  It is also not uncommon to have some ear issues (hearing problems, vertigo) or even nerve damage (paraesthesia) after wisdom tooth extraction.”

This is why we’re fairly adamant that if you’re not suffering pain, there is no reason to just randomly remove your wisdom teeth.  If you’re unsure, just get a second opinion from a biological dentist who is highly recommended and only acts out of ethical necessity.

If you feel it absolutely necessary to have those Wisdom teeth removed, then be sure to clear the multi-layered trauma with homeopathic nosodes for the physical, including the nerve damage, anaesthetic, and mental trauma.   It would also be best to also clear the timeline traumas and Genetic Miams to prevent the issues cited above from becoming issues in future.

14 thoughts on “The Wisdom In Your Wisdom Teeth!

  1. mark rounds

    What about people who have had all their teeth removed to get dentures? What can be done now to help?

  2. Vishnu Prabhu S

    I have done Root Canal treatment on my right front teeth(8), I have nasal septum deviation and Sinus and retinal hole after that, how to overcome this problem.

  3. amcquinn Post author

    Hi Vishnu, What you’re describing goes beyond the scope of an email discussion. To compensate for root canals, septum deviation, sinus and a retinal hole would take more advanced medical treatment by one of our Physicians in our international clinic. Please write to us at and we can get you in for an initial assessment. Warmly Regards.

  4. Frances

    My daughter is 19 and the dentist tells us her wisdom teeth are impacted and all four should be removed.
    She had some trouble a year ago with a bit of pain but nothing since then not sure what to do?

    Kind regards

  5. amcquinn Post author

    If she were my daughter,Frances, I would not act on the suggestion until I’d gathered all the necessary pieces (just as you’re doing) to make an informed decision. I would suggest the book, ‘Breathe’ by James Nestor as this will help you to discern why the allopaths are on the bandwagon to diminish the size of our palates and why in whole health, actually, we want to widen them. Following your instincts is key. You’re on the right track.

  6. Lyla

    I have one infected wisdom tooth, and am looking to get all 4 out, as I’ve had a history of tooth infections and don’t really want to worry about the extra 4 back there, especially since I have dentaphobia. I am 28 and left them in for about a decade, trying to be as holistic as possible, but I’m not sure it’s worth the added trauma of having to get them removed separately if they become infected. I’m just very tired of battling tooth infections.

  7. reception

    Hi Lyla,

    Thank you for commenting on our blog!

    While the therapeutic principles of Heilkunst are universal, their application needs to be individualized on a case by case basis.
    We’d be happy to discuss a treatment plan with you to tackle your dental issues.

    Whenever you’re ready, we can set up an individualized assessment of your case. Just send an email to with the subject “Treatment Assessment”, and we’ll get you started right away.

    Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

  8. Rani

    Hi. Since March 2020 at a regular dental visit. I was told I had cavity in my bottom wisdom tooth and top I have since been holding back to have them removed as they don’t hurt me. I went last week and was told my hole has gotten bigger. My cavity is sitting on the bottom near the nerve. I am at a loss what to do. Again I’m not feeling any pain. I am 53. I have noticed ringing in my ears. Any advice would be appreciated

  9. Rani T

    Hi. Since March 2020 at a regular dental visit. I was told I had cavity in my bottom wisdom tooth and top I have since been holding back to have them removed as they don’t hurt me. I went last week and was told my hole has gotten bigger. My cavity is sitting on the bottom near the nerve. I am at a loss what to do. Again I’m not feeling any pain. I am 53. I have noticed ringing in my ears. Any advice would be appreciated

  10. amcquinn Post author

    Hi Rani T, Have you removed all glycerine toothpaste and gone to tooth soap (coconut oil, bentonite clay, peppermint oil, baking soda)? If you don’t want to make it, you can buy ‘Earthpaste’ online from California. Also make sure that you’re getting plenty of bone broth in your diet weekly. Tissue salts and solé brine (see article on our website) can also help. It also depends on your health and your capacity to absorb minerals, etc. Also, there is an emotional aspect as well. Michael J. Lincoln wrote a book called, “Messages From the Body” where he wrote about cavities/tooth caries as being: CARIES (Cavities)
    “”Violation issues.” They are having to deal with multiple life issues that they theretofore
    haven’t been able to handle that must bc handled now around boundaries and responsibilities. They are having real trouble discriminating what to let in and what not to allow in, and they feel very vulnerable and intensely irritated. There is much suppressed anger, frustrated resentment and emotional conflict involved here. They had to shove things under the rug and put things off when they were coming up in their dysfunction family, and it is now coming to roost.”

  11. Maya


    I have sided wisdom teeth at bottom. I have asked to remove before it does damage. I never felt pain.

    Doctor told me my wisdom could be possible already hurted my teeth which is next front of wisdom teeth. Now what should i do? Please help me

  12. reception

    Hi Maya,

    Thank you for your comment! Please look in your inbox for a reply from practitioner, Allyson McQuinn.


    – Diane Nowlan
    Office Manager

  13. sara

    i have 2 teeth extracted on my left lower jaw (the 2 molars after the left wisdom tooth)
    i had no choice as both of them were broken all the way to the base, rotting black and hurting very much, my jaw was swollen and i had high fever

    i got dental implants. thankfully I am doing great.
    but i got one top right canine tooth broken to its base and the adjacent tooth on the bottom jaw has hole on its side and gum infection. what can be done? I don’t want to do root canals! and the gap between my teeth really bother me.

  14. amcquinn Post author

    We need to remineralize that tooth and find out what relationship your specific teeth are also having with the corresponding organs in your body. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well with the implants. The sepsis/infection needs to be dealt with using specific remedies under our Heilkunst protocols. We don’t recommend root canals under any circumstances.

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