Medhorrinum; Bursting Forth In Manic Extremes!









My Medhorrinum story from this morning!

I was on my way to my fitness class this morning and the instructor and I bumped into each other in the hall. She cited that she felt frazzled after visiting her adult daughter. She raced on to tell me that her daughter has a very large pocket of fat on her upper arm that is currently inflamed, bleeding and draining pus (sorry). She cited that she guesses that her daughter will need to go for surgery to have the mass removed. I just stood quietly as she went on to describe how her daughter is often all over the place, living from a “place of extremes” as she is frantically searching for a new home.

At this point, I explained how she’d dropped a number of very clear clues as to the root cause of her daughter’s physical and mental ills.  I let her know that the Genetic Miasm, Medhorrinum, corresponds to Spring where you’ll see eruptions like tumours, fatty deposits, ganglions, warts, right sided earaches, etc. I went on to describe the individual as hurried and often operating manically, out of gestures of extremes. Their highs and lows range from mania to depression. The problem is that if you mechanistically cut out the abscessing fatty deposit, you do nothing to address the underlying cause; the state of mind. It will just be a matter of time before the symptoms find another way to express themselves in more raucous displays of sycosis. I also let her know that, over time, the issues can show up as glaucoma, arthritis, asthma, sinusitis, heart disease and stroke.

I then let it go and joined the others in the class. I had a copy of my book, “The Path To Cure,” in the car and I left this with her. Perhaps I’ll have the pleasure of meeting her daughter and helping to start to shrink that fatty deposit on her arm after we address the weeping (Pyrogenium, Phosphorous, Calendula). Simultaneously, I know that she will also begin to feel calmer, executing her desires with more ease and grace. The other great thing is that we’d shut down the predisposition for the disease to exhibit multiple pathic off-shoots that could sadly arrest her longevity over time.

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