Regulating “Homeopathic” Practices in Ontario as of April 2nd, 2015




 ” All joined in an absolute war of extermination, and they were not ashamed to use the most reprehensible weapons.

It was a time of the greatest depression and persecution of Homoeopathy.”  ~ Dr. Marenzeller


From our colleague, Ati Petrov, in Ontario:

“Today, the province of Ontario regulated homeopathy. This means that to practice homeopathy in Ontario we need to buy a license and liability insurance. We must also practice in a way acceptable to the regulating body.

Due to this new development, I have quit practicing homeopathy officially.

Only 35 homeopaths have registered out of the hundreds of practicing trained homeopaths in Ontario. Most reasonable homeopaths want nothing to do with this new step created to bury homeopathy. I agree with their position and I hope the College will collapse for lack of funding or members.
After repeated attacks against the profession on national tv (CBC)* we now have regulation. Seemingly the opposite to discreditation, but not quite. When you regulate a profession you also limit its ability to evolve and expand.
In the case of homeopathy, you also make it expensive to practice.
And worst of all, since regulation implies a need for protection for the public, homeopathy can now be perceived as potentially dangerous for your health.
So on the one side we have mainstream media calling homeopaths quacks and the remedies just water, while on the other side, Ontario health authorities are “protecting the public” from this dangerous water, by regulating the profession.
Of course, any thinking person can see the idiocy of on the one hand, calling homeopaths snake oil pedlars, while on the other – creating the Ontario College of Homeopaths and acknowledging homeopathy as a medical profession. Hah!
Any real professional would want nothing to do with this farce.” ~ Ati Petrov

*Canadian Broadcasting Corporation



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