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Why would we call Heilkunst Medicine Romantic Science?  Have you ever watched a couple on the dance floor who are perfectly coordinated with impeccable timing and grace?  It’s hard to actually tell who is leading isn’t it?  They can actually appear to be in perfect unity, although, they’re clearly two individuals.  I’ve had the pleasure of learning to dance with skilled dancers a couple of times who I could actually trust to lead me. It is one of the most “romantic” feelings there is, knowing that you will be purveyed safely to your destination with skill, knowledge, strength and determination.  Having both trust and faith in the principles of Heilkunst can feel precisely the same way.













Our minds and physiologies are full of polarities.  We blink because of a polarity in our autonomic nervous system called the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  Our hearts speed up when we’re frightened to ready us for flight or fight and we can also harness the parasympathetic nervous system to completely slow them down during sleep or meditation.  The fact that we’re awake by day and asleep by night is yet another polarity.  You don’t even have to make these rhythms happen, but you have perfect faith that they will.

Our individual biology is fundamentally connected to nature.  We’re full of sea water called the mesenchymal layer.  We’re also about 25 percent minerals which make up our bones, enabling us to stand erect.  We’re also being breathed.  Inspiration and expiration is another kind of polarity occurring below the level of our consciousness several times a minute.  We’re entirely derived from the natural world.  We’re so dynamically imbued with the natural forces of nature and in health we trust that these functions will operate in perfect harmony below our capacity, or need, to control them.

All of this polarity and function is happening below your level of consciousness for a fundamental reason.  That orchestrated concert going on in your physical (mineral, etheric (watery domain/mesenchymal), astral (airy), and ontological (warmth) bodies is so that you can do one thing; fulfill one job.  I bet you want to know what that is don’t you?!  It is to utterly fulfill your true desire function through your ontic (otological) in perfect unification with nature (God, Yahweh, Allah, The Universe, etc.) out of LOVE (romanticism).

That’s it!  You have one job; to know the fullness (Pleroma) of God through your inner nature by resolving the schizophrenic split between the neurotic (upper) and psychotic (lower) elements of your being.  Easy right?!  How we get there can be different for everyone, however, we will remain separate from this Viennese waltz as long as those unresolved issues remain on your timeline and those genetic miasms are spawning symptoms.  It is hard to enter the dance when you feel depressed with a migraine headache or you’re feeling stuck relying on allopathic chemical drugs.

This is why patients of Heilkunst Medicine will often find their right creative work through treatment, fall in love with their resonant dance partner and also become profoundly connected to their spiritual nature.  If you’re seeking a dance instructor so that you can off-load what you feel is keeping you from your unification with nature, we’re ready to help you get there.  This is the function of the three jurisdictions of Heilkunst treatment; regimen (nutrition, dormition, recreation and hydration), medicine (timeline and Miasmic treatment with homeopathic medicine) and therapeutic education (karma default vs true volitional resonance).













Caduceus Chart for Jurisdictions in Heilkunst 


Perhaps lace up your dance shoes and in no time, you’ll be proffered through the threshold of the romanticism of science, and before you know it, you’ll be carrying the wisdom of sophia yourself through the doorway without whacking her head on the doorframe or stepping on his toes!   What you choose to do when you arrive in your unified home is entirely up to you and your desire function.  For now, take my hand.




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