“My Partner Just Doesn’t Get Me!”









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I had a woman express openly at the recent Womyn’s Summit I attended that her partner, “just doesn’t get her; that he’s just so opposite.”

Our chosen lovers can feel like dissonant others over time if we don’t develop a deep, loving and abiding relationship with our own nether being. Our gut will haunt us openly with our own harboured fears of abandonment if we’re in fact abandoning ourselves.

We will think that it is the fault of the other, however, he’s only operating out of resonance. Most folks don’t know that their outer ambient is a direct reflection of their inner milieux.

If we’re broadcasting a radio station of personal disregard, the only individuals that can pick that up and tune into us in that way are those with the same radio frequency on their dial.

To resolve the underlying cause means taking responsibility ourselves for what is being mirrored back to us. Once that schism is addressed then we can actually change our relationship with ourselves to a deep inner regard, then based on the laws of resonance we will see that behaviour mirrored directly back to us.

This is not a superficial changing of one’s mind, though, a bunch of affirmations on our bedroom mirror or some intellectual gymnastics. This is the deep work of those facing beliefs coming from timeline traumas, Miasmic (inherited diseases), Chthonic (fear and ignorance) and Ideogenic (Spiritual beliefs) sources.

Out the other side, though, you will own the pure grace you seek. After that work is done, you’ll feel such fulfilment, you’ll barely noticed what others are up to, except that they keep bestowing gifts of love and regard on you!  I know as I was once living the belief that “he just doesn’t get me.”

It was a cop out, an excuse, for not facing what I knew was mine.  Now, I have the love I deserve mirrored back to me and I’m able to wholly receive it and mirror it back to my beloved.  All the dissonance simply melted away with the utter reverence I’m now able to hold for my self.

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