The Anatomy of Stress … How We Use All 3 Jurisdictions of Heilkunst Medicine to Solve It

Stress is feeling impotent to execute a plan or desire.  It is the ultimate in feeling thwarted against the capacity to discharge an expectation into a state of realization.  In health, it feels like, “Ah, I did it!  I put the effort in and there it is, a big beautiful bouncing baby project, isn’t she lovely?!  I’m so proud!  Now I can finally bask in the glory of utter fulfillment!”  As a healthy person, I will have perfect trust and faith that my effort will ultimately lead to fulfillment of a desire; it is just a matter of time and it will.  I can trust in my healthy will and wisdom to get me to this state of full actualization.  Right?!

However, if your history with stress indicates that the arrival point never seems to come to fruition, it’s outside your reach, some insidious force seems to pervade that sabotages the whole damn thing, leaving you feeling like a bloody failure.  This cyclical pattern is just playing itself out yet AGAIN!!  Guilt, victimization, and self-hatred mounts and you do your very best not to take it out on those you love.  It is so hard, though, as the frustration seems to leak from your nostrils and ears.  You feel yourself seething with it below decks.


Also, you notice that weird things are starting to occur in your body; you haven’t slept through the night in months, your hair may be falling out in the shower, you’ve been having mild gallbladder attacks or kidney stones , your sex drive is dried up and mostly gone, you’re suffering heartburn, and your craving for sweets is off the charts, you’re peeing like a racehorse way too frequently. What the heck is going on?


You feel the anger and frustration mounting.  Perhaps it is a pattern around finances, the full realization of one’s inner value in the external ambient.  Perhaps your inner milieu wants that juicy job sailing tourists around the world, but for now you’re stuck as a palliative care nurse (true story, btw).  The prevailing feeling being that you trained for that job and you’re resigned to remaining at it until you can magically conjure the readies to make the transition. Perhaps you’re still living out of your parents’ expectations.  On paper, though, it feels like you may never garner the gumption or resources to make the leap.  For now, your feet are stuck in cement.  Argghhhhhh!

Although you have the pictures of sailboats plastered to your walls at home, it still feels like a far-off pipe dream.  What about all those affirmations, “I am sailing the world, I feel the ocean breeze on my face, I am cutting the jib!”  And then, the reality of waking at winter’s dawn to catch the bus in the dark and cold invades your spirit with the most brutal of realities.  You feel raw, sore, and jagged inside.  What happened to that wee kid in you that used to race with the wind on your bike, build forts, and dream about becoming a rock star?!

You ask yourself, over and over again, what am I missing?  How come everyone else seems to be realizing their dreams, but I can’t seem to get past token actions of having bought the organic sunscreen?  Am I not deserving enough?  Haven’t I done my time?  When is it my turn to fully actualize my essential self and my dreams?  Does this sound familiar to you?  Are you tired of hearing the tirades of angst in your head?

We’ve got you!  We lived this matrix prior as well.  We know that stress is the #2 killer (just after allopathic drugs) in North America.  We’re going to help you get out of the pain and suffering that has you secretly rocking back and forth, sucking on your thumb in that broom closet or bathroom stall when you think no one’s looking.  We see you and we also have the tools to help.


There are 3 jurisdictions of Heilkunst Medicine.  The first is Regimen (nutrition, hydration, dormition, recreation, coition).  Basically, you must stop messing around!  Cut out the refined sugars and carbs, and eat more for your blood type.  This is really critical.  We have other blogs (3 Streams in Heilkunst) on why this is, so go read those if you need further justification.  Start drinking 2.5 – 3 litres of pure spring water per day (ABC’s of Healthy Regimen).  


Start exercising for your blood type (Exercise for my Blood Type) and playing at a sport you love.  I’m a “B” blood type and I love weekly hikes up into the hills where I live, yoga several times per week, and my meditation practice. Also, start winding down earlier in the evening, reading that self-help book or perhaps a novel about 45-50 minutes before bedtime and lights out.  It is really important that you kill the lights and computer stimulation so that your autonomic nervous system can depart gracefully into sleep.

Sex is brilliant!  If you’re not thusly conjoint with a resonant beloved partner, sex on your own is pretty delicious too.  Love on yourself in the same way, using the same gestures that you would have your supreme lover engage with you.  The idea being that you can’t wholly plumb love in your ambient until you’ve nailed down those delicious romantic gestures from inside.  Love and romance is fostered from the inside out.


Also, the crazy thing is that while fever invokes a healthy immune function in a child, sex actually is the healthy expression of rage, anger, and stress in an adult.  The more you teach your body, through pleasure, how to feel tension, charge, discharge, and then relaxation in its cells and the autonomic nervous system, the more it will recall this same gesture in everyday life.  If you’re having trouble, though, executing through intimacy we can help with character analysis and resonant remediation.

The second jurisdiction of Heilkunst Medicine, is medicine proper.  It’s peeling back the timeline onion of your stress-riddled adulthood, which no doubt stemmed from how you were raised as a child (Sigmunda would agree).  In many cases, it is also anchored in your childhood, the genetic miasms, chthonic fears and ideogenic beliefs.  It can take a bit of time, in conjunction with pathic remedies like lycopodium (key rx for impotence), aurum metallicum (working with little reward), sepia (‘if someone asks me for one more thing …’), staphysagria (repeated patterns of victimization), lachesis (guilt, resentment, shame) and ignatia (long term grief and disappointment).  

We also employ brilliant flower essences like cherry plum (where your back is seemingly against the proverbial wall), white chestnut (for you cycling through the same old patterns over and over again), larch (for a lack of confidence), etc.


The third jurisdiction is therapeutic education, or Anthroposophical (study of man) Orgonomy (addressing armour/beliefs).  This is the area where we help you to stop reinfecting yourself with the old states of mind that no longer serve you.  This occurs more in tandem, or after, the diseases are mostly cured and your timeline resolved. Going after your character structure for why you felt you needed to live feeling thwarted and impotent in the first place is part of an illusion of belief.  Poverty consciousness (not just about money) is, after all just a state of mind, albeit a powerful one.  It can be cured just like the others.

Start, perhaps, by taking a look, at the following resources and see how they impact on you:

Florence Scovel Shinn –

Emilie Cady –

Neville Goddard –


Conscious creation plays a very big part in replacing the subconscious program of feeling victimized by stress-filled circumstances.  You are ordained with the capacity to self-rescue yourself from the habitual armouring, perpetuating chronic beliefs that you’re not enough.  It is not about more doing or effort!  It IS about having the health to identify where you’re wrong thinking patterns exist and having a deep desire to change them.


The final frontier of Heilkunst Medicine (or Romantic Science), the complete medical system, is the realm of using your very own God-imbued wisdom to excavate you from your mired beliefs.  This is not the illusory or superficial “law of attraction,” although the gesture came from same roots, with medicine and regimen, you can more permanently exact the life that you’ve always wanted for yourself by “BEING” the answer you want to “BE” in the world starting now, right this minute, impressing this new data onto your subconscious and employing it as the change agent on your behalf.  Your ambient will buck up to this new expectation, it is the LAW of RESONANCE.  The thing is, do you have to strengthen your muscles of FAITH to hold the charge?  Are you ready?

Here’s a testimonial from a  patient who was suffering with chronic stress and anxiety.  Here’s one who suffered from performance anxiety.

My new book, soon to be released on Amazon, speaks more liberally to this process:


Book Review; The Art Of Falling Apart

The Art Of Falling Apart
Thank-you for sharing your book with me!
This is your most intimate, and illuminating, piece of work so far- it was a baptism by fire for sure!
You drew me into your inner world- taking me through the dark recesses of our primal fears, self-doubt, and the dying away of the false ego, to emerge, renewed and more wholly in relationship, with your Self and your life. It’s heartfelt, terrifying, beautiful, and inspiring.
Often practitioners are placed on a pedestal (or we falsely place ourselves on one). Because our work is to guide others towards ousting the false ego, resolving trauma and aiding in their trajectory towards claiming the essential self- we must, to a degree, be able to do this ourselves. Therefore, it is humbling when find that we still have a lot of personal work to do, and I think sometimes, we feel shame when we falter. We need to confront that fear of revealing, that we too, are still in a process of becoming. It is a vulnerable position, and yet, it is the very thing that is necessary.
With this book you have illustrated the darkest part of our unfoldment, where we enter into the recesses of our fears and assume, with full consciousness, who we are meant to be. Many of us turn away at this point, because it requires that we acknowledge, and act, on our truth. This is not easy, requiring that we stay with the chaos, and have faith, surrendering, and allowing, the facade to burn away. It can be wholly life-altering if we have built our relationships, and our lives, on who we thought we were (or felt we needed to be).  It’s seemingly easier to suppress symptoms and dis-ease, disassociate from our truth, and stay in our delusions, that is, until we are faced with our ultimatum. You have illustrated this so beautifully. I felt your fear, your brokenness, your self-doubt, your bravery.
Then you take us into the warm embrace of self-care, and the traversing of this passage, with tenderness and self-love. This is one of the toughest things for most of us to do. “What? Am I actually going to ask for, and do, what I need to get well? What about XYZ? I can’t.” Your false ego was flat-lined, and you did. I felt like I was there with you, building up your relationship with your self, acknowledging and acting on your desires. It was tender at first, and then I could feel your energy build. I felt the enthusiasm as your love function became activated, and celebrated, when you found yourself with your kin, wholly in love.
Your book felt like an intimate, resonant conversation; these are the conversations that I crave. It could only have been achieved if you allowed yourself to truly be seen, and to speak, from your heart, and from your truth. It is a remedy, truly, for those that are still pursuing this passage. With the sharing of your story, you become a maverick, and give others a hope, and faith in their capacity, to become who they are meant to be.
Thank-you Ally.
Let me know if you need anything else.

The Art of Diagnosis


Picture courtesy of Diane Nowlan

Today I woke up slightly giddy.  We had a real bonafide artist in the house.   It is how she makes her living! My best friend’s cousin had come to visit at the home where we are also staying.  Nat Perry was planning on teaching us string art.  After tea and breakfast had been served and cleaned up, we all sat poised over clean, white, watercolour paper, with varying lengths of thread dangling from our expectant fingers.

We all spoke a prayer of intention, to become a conduit to our Divine Selves in order to allow the pure essence of being to be illuminated in our work.  I could feel the tickle of excitement ascend my spine as I regarded the untouched inks and paints still housed in the cold vessels of potential.  What would they become through me?  What raw feelings would they invoke?

As I picked up the first piece of black thread, to dip it into the black indian ink, I consciously gave a liberal shove to my intellect to get it out of the way.

Art and babies are born more easily the more I can get my ego to take a hike.  What glee ensued as I allowed the thread to titillate and caress the page.  The rounded curves and draggy lines spun me completely into the delightful realm of play; no illusion of control here.  Just a properly bridled warmth.

Black bled into the twilight of cobalt blue, kissed with the yellow of a thousand lemons, peppered with neon pink of plastic rain boots; iridescent!  My friend’s piece quickly resembled Haida art, rich in a tapestry of burgeoning beaks and totems, skidded with threads of  black and royal blues.  My other friend found the darkness of chaos bleed liberally into the rainforest of her illuminated self.  Her heart clamouring to pass through the borderland.

As one of the many sun-curled cats snored on the couch in the next room, I regarded my daughter sitting to my right.  At almost 18, she was raised with Waldorf Pedagogy.  She’s been wholly allowed to unfold her essential self through art, music, and the sweat of horses.  Later, as a homeschooler, I realized that she’s never been forced to be anything other than who she is.  She’s not had to to battle against the forces of obedient resignation.  She’s always been healthy, suffering the fewest of meagre symptoms her whole life.

I so have to work at bucking the years of conditioning from allopathic schools and parenting, where the insidious message to be a puppet of conformity held me pinioned from my creativity.  Through years of Heilkunst Sequential Treatment and Character Analysis, I’ve fought to re-enliven that innocent, child-like, playful being that I am, in order to re-excavate the writer, the artist, the voice musician, and the poet.

These juicy aspects of myself were long buried under curriculums of expectations and government jobs that had bled me dry, to be impaled on the spike of dental benefits and a ridiculous pension.  Who wants something to fall back on when you can fall forward on your generative capacity instead?!

As a result,  I was riddled with chronic fatigue, sinus infections, paralysed with fibromyalgia pain in all 19 quadrants of my body, migraine headaches, and bone sucking depression.  Thankfully, I’m not defined by an ounce of that pain and suffering anymore.  I am an artist!

Picture courtesy of Diane Nowlan

I recall, from when I finally got to the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst all those years back now, that the founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, had defined the whole system of curative medicine in his book, “The Organon of the Medical Art.”  I remember hearing, for the first time, Rudi Verspoor, the Dean of Philosophy, talk about how you have to shelve the intellect, and everything you knew previously in the allopathic world, to properly ascertain the true nature of the patient’s suffering.  

At that time, as I was getting healthier and healthier due to my own Heilkunst treatment, the raw, dormant, artistic impressions shuddered and kicked anew.  I intuited an almost cold, leached ember sputtering suddenly with new life, licking the air and space clean with a kindled fire where my old tawdry symptoms had been.

Over time,  I re-learned how to diagnose (through knowing) from this same art-filled place that had been walled off in me.  Now, I wait quietly to feel what picture the individual will paint through their accumulated symptoms on the totality of their state of mind. Their own Divinely imbued words filling the blank canvas with themes and nuances of tone, that break with the colour of feeling, arcing an overall impression. The whole phenomenon bleeds onto the blank white page.  I see the kaleidoscope of intention rendered richly in their striving to also know themselves.  It is the art and science of a true medical system; the gesture of self-romance in the pursuit of freedom.


18 Reasons Why Folks Are Already Using Heilkunst Medicine To Cure Their Ills

The Principles:

Heilkunst is fast becoming the principled medicine of choice of families who are sick and tired of temporary band aid solutions or promised cures that don’t yield results.  More and more individuals are steering away from chemical drugs and toxic allopathic vaccines as a mode of treatment, either preventatively or otherwise.  Dr. Mercola cited a few years back that drugs are the number one killer in North America.  

Now that Tylenol and ibuprofen have more recently been proven to increase the likelihood of heart disease in regular users by more than 50%, folks are turning to simple, cost efficient, effective Heilkunst treatment.  By using the principle “like cures like,” on the sound basis of homeopathic law, folks are finding that sequential treatment, in addition to addressing the Genetic roots, provides few or no symptoms to hyper manage down the road in their children or themselves.

For those incessant earaches, Heilkunst treats dynamically the presentation of the symptoms.  For example, a right-sided earache with a high fever, red glistening face, and a quick onset around midnight, is easily resolved with the homeopathic remedy “Belladonna.”  However, if the tonic disease, “Tuberculosis”, is not cured outright, in the proper sequential order, the symptoms will keep flaring again and again.  It takes a well-trained Heilkunst Practitioner to help you and your family gain its liberty and freedom from chronic illness.  

Once we’ve exacted this art and science based on Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s 225 year old principles, you can wholly get on with your life, with few impingements on your healthy life force physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Here’s 20 reasons why we’ve chosen Heilkunst Medicine as our treatment of choice for ourselves, our family, and our patients for the last few decades:

  1. Heilkunst has no side effects.  
  2. Heilkunst, and the remediation used, can’t cause harm (homeopathy is approved by the FDA  and unlike modern drugs, has never had a history of being pulled from the shelves due to adverse reactions).
  3. Heilkunst is relatively inexpensive in that you pay now -play later, without all the uncertainty, medical bills, or drugs to be purchased long-term.  At the time of this writing, the family rate can keep treatment below $100 US per hour per follow up when 3 family members are in treatment.
  4. There are no geographic limitations and no waiting room line-ups.  We treat patients internationally by phone, Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts.

  1. Grow your resourcefulness at home.  Bee Stings and Bruises: Homeopathic First Aid For At Home Or At The Cottage. Have you ever wanted to know what homeopathic remedy will resolve a bee sting for your horse? Have you wondered what to do when your babe falls and scrapes her knee? Have you ever asked yourself what can be done to resolve sunstroke? We can teach you what to do in our Beestings and Bruises homeopathic First Aid course, available here:
  2. Heilkunst and homeopathy have over 200 years of success to supports its curative claims. Much of the research has been published in conventional medical and homeopathic journals. (See here: Also here’s a list of testimonials from our own patients .
  3. Heilkunst principles work safely on infants, children, the elderly, pets, olympic jumpers, race horses, and livestock.  (  Here’s a link to our book for dogs and cats:

8) International countries, such as Europe, India, South America, Australia, and Cuba use homeopathic principles.  The latter has had great success rate treating a bacterial issue.  Politically and financially, the folks in this country don’t qualify for Big Pharma solutions to a bacterial infection such as leptospirosis, which can be problematic after flooding, so they have to find more creative and cost-effective solutions. One homeopathic nosode (which is a remedy prepared from a product of disease such as infected tissues or the exact microbe), was provided to 2.5 million people as a safe and effective form of homeopathic immunization.  See here: .

9) Heilkunst has a cure rate up into the high 90th percentile in chronic and acute cases.  When peeling the onion through sequential treatment and then addressing the chronic Genetic Miasms, we’re able to absolve you of your disease matrices consistently with clear, realizable principles. That’s so much better than having to keep taking chemical drugs and dealing with the side effects of those drugs.

10) Heilkunst treats the root cause of your diseases so that your lifeforce is free to avail itself of its higher functioning purpose. Lots of folks we work with find their soulmate, find their perfect work, successfully have a baby, resolve chronic depression, etc., so that they can be the fully self-actualized being they were intended to be.

11) Historically, Heilkunst has saved many lives by curing cholera, dengue fever, malaria, scarlet fever, autism, cancer, etc..  With regards to the latter two in the list, you can listen to my own story here:

12) Your Heilkünstler is just a phone call away at 1-877-233-0779.  We can often serve you within several hours from the comfort of your own home, while you stay in your pyjamas under warm blankets with some hot water with lemon and honey.  We’ve broadcasted remedies from our CoRe Bioresonance Feedback system to patients all over the world, who report feeling better within minutes:

13) The laws of nature are not plastic or malleable.  They’ve remained tried and true for over 225 years since they were founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.  Think about it, the laws of gravity never take the day off … neither does the law of cure, “like cures like”.

14) Homeopathic remedies found over 200 years ago in pharmacy rubble are still as efficacious as they are today which means you don’t have to keep purchasing more given their indefinite shelf-life.  Also, you can put one drop of the mother tincture, or globule, into a dropper bottle and use indefinitely or share it with a friend or family member in need.

15)  Homeopathic remedies are easy to dispense and kids and animals love taking them too.  Watch wee Willow take her dose here:

16) Heilkunst teaches the art of self-mastery.  Over time, the patient takes the reins of their health into their own hands, gaining autonomy and independence.  You will never feel put down or condescended by any member of our staff or the Practitioners.  In fact, we’re here to serve you, not the other way around.

17)  We can treat children preventatively for childhood diseases with the highest rate of efficacy.  We’ve been successfully preventing diseases in children and adults for measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, flu, hep. A, B, C, dengue and yellow fever, and malaria for over several decades now, with not one reported case of the incidence of disease:

18)  We can help with individuals suffering the ill effects of vaccine damage through detoxification protocols here:

Here’s a testimonial of a wee babe who suffered autism spectrum issues after her Hep B vaccine:


There you have it;  incentive for you to make a deeper commitment to this God-imbued system of  medicine for yourself and your family.  I know it turned out to be “The Path To Cure” for myself and my son.  Feel free to comment with your own testimonial as to why Heilkunst is the best choice for you and your family.

Others Who’ve Also Chosen Homeopathy and Heilkunst:

While not a reason to choose Heilkunst Medicine, it is fun to know that others in our popular culture have also chosen to use its principles.  Famous and privileged folk, even though they could well afford allopathic treatments, have chosen to use homeopathic medicine instead, such as  Dizzy Gillespie, Muriel Hemingway, The British Royal Family, The Beatles, Mother Teresa, several Catholic Popes, Mahatma Gandhi, John D. Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, and Tony Blair.  If you want more on this, you can read, The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy, by Dana Ullman.


More Resources: 

If you’re seeking out more resources on why more and more folks are departing from allopathy (a term coined by Dr. Hahnemann) here’s a start:

The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It, Marcia Angell, MD

Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks, Ben Goldacre, MD

Confessions of a Medical Heretic (Tells you how to guard yourself against the harmful impact upon your life of doctors, drugs and hospitals), Robert Mendelsohn, MD

Politics in Healing: The Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine, Daniel Haley

There’s Gold in Them Thar Pills: An Enquiry into the Medical-Industrial Complex, Alan Klass

Reclaiming Our Health: Exploding the Medical Myth and Embracing the Source of True Healing, John Robbins with forward by Marianne Williamson

Physician; Medicine and the Unsuspected Battle For Human Freedom, Richard Leviton





Have You Taken Your Probiotic Yet Today?   If Not, Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should



Why all this fuss about probiotics?  Well, there are 400 – 500 species of bacteria living in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract and gut.  If you opened up your abdomen, you’d find that your gut would weigh between 3-5 lbs, stretching the length of a tennis court if laid out flat.  

This probiotic bacteria is the root of your physical and mental health, and if compromised, can affect more than just your digestive function.  Your whole immune system is dependent on the healthy maintenance of 85% of good probiotic intestinal flora; sparking into action T-cells if or when the other 15% of pathogenic issues harboured in your belly begin to get out of line.

Probiotics have been credited with saving modern man from a variety of scourges.  If you think about it, our ancestors had to survive without refrigeration so they learned how to use natural preservatives, like salt water brine, to preserve their foods.  These ferments would bubble with carbon dioxide and create a fermentation process, inducing positive bacteria to maintain the health of the comestible.  When we in turn ate that provision, the positive bacteria helped to maintain and restore health.  It speaks much to the longevity of many remote dwellers.


Yogurt and kefir have been known to promote health in many European and Tibetan cultures with their fermentation of goat and cow milk.  Kimchi, of Asian cuisine, is a ferment made from hot chillis, garlic, asian cabbage, daikon radish, ginger, green onion, fish sauce, kelp powder, and red pepper. Recipe here:

A few years back, I took a course to learn the art of fermentation.  A young gal who termed herself, “Farmpunk” (, from Nova Scotia, Canada, taught me how to use a 2% salt brine to ferment sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, dill pickles, ketchup, and red onions, without vinegar, to maximize the probiotic production.  My healthy digestion and well-being depends on them.

You can order starter grains online from the Weston Price Association for raw goat or cow milk kefir.  Another on-line, more international source for Kombucha Scobys or Kefir Grains is: I’ve also had a patient provide me with a scoby when I started to ferment kombucha, a fizzy tea drink that can be traced back to the first travellers of the Silk Road in China.  They would subsist during their travels on ‘booch’!  Here’s a great link to learn more about it: .When I’ve moved to a new city, I’ve found folks on Kijiji selling water kefir and milk kefir grains to supply my needs.

When I can’t get my ferments in on a given day, due to travelling or other challenges, I will use a probiotic capsule instead.  I am quite picky about my probiotics for myself and my patients, especially if they’ve suffered due to having had radiation, been on antibiotics for a time, or been big sugar or carbohydrate abusers.  The idea is to wholly compensate for the destruction of any of the 85% healthy gut bacteria in order to restore their health and equilibrium.

I’d NEVER use probiotics or supplements found in a drugstore, ever.  Most of them are made by Big Pharma companies and have been found to contain chemicals and undesirable ingredients like caramel color and propyl gallate, controversial additives linked to cancer in animal testing.  I will only use a refrigerated probiotic bought at my local health food store.  A comprehensive list of third party listed probiotics can be found here:

Ten Really Good Reasons to Make Probiotics Part of Your Daily Regimen:

1. Maintain or enhance your immunity – a double-blind clinical test involving patients in intensive care proved that viable (alive) probiotics prevented multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), the number one cause of mortality among intensive care patients. If probiotics can do this, what can they do to prevent chronic flus, colds, and allergies?

2. If you’re pregnant or thinking of conceiving, increase your probiotics for gut flora health and also to increase your milk supply.  We’ve found with patients that raw goat or cow milk, along with increased probiotics, will cause a mom’s dwindling supply to be greatly enhanced.  See my book, The Raw Milk Cleanse, for more information, here: .

Please avoid formula and refer to the Weston Price Formula here: , if absolutely necessary.

3. Probiotics can help with the healing of Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel issues, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), while en route to the cause using Heilkunst principles.  See article here for more information:

4.  Gluten intolerances and celiac symptoms can be helped substantially with the introduction of probiotics and digestive enzymes.  For the difference between probiotics and digestive enzymes see here:

5.  Refined sugar, grains, and processed foods can seriously increase the pathogenic bacteria beyond the more healthy 15%, upsetting the homeostatic balance in your gut.

6. When candida, yeast, ringworm, and thrush proliferate, much can be down with probiotics while we also address the underlying cause with Heilkunst principles.

7. Cancer needs an acidic, anaerobic environment in which to proliferate.  An alkaline diet along with probiotics can diminish the predisposition for this disease to flourish, along with the curative treatment of the Genetic Miasm coming down your family line.  See here: and

8. Probiotics are very helpful for maintaining intestinal health prior to surgery, childbirth, or when taking a direct hit in compromised flora health from radiation, due to CT scans or x-rays.

9.  I serve lots of farmers in North America, and because they’re exposed to GMOs, Round-up, Glyphosate, and other chemicals, I always recommend the use of probiotics to counteract the deleterious effects of these chemicals.  Also, if you eat processed foods, non-organic dairy, or meat products, a daily probiotic, along with fermented foods, would serve you well.

10.  Many autistic babes, including my own (you can find out more about my son’s autism recovery here:, have benefitted from probiotics.  In fact, the whole GAPS movement founded by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, is based on the gut and psychology syndrome connection between mental health and gut dysbiosis.

If you’rer looking for more ways to improve your general health and immune function, including the use of probiotics, you can check out our best-selling book, The Natural Home Pharmacy, here:

Sources for this article include:










Look Ma, No Glasses! How To Correct Your Vision Dynamically

Just like any topic in Heilkunst medicine, solving vision issues is wholly dynamic.  Right out of the gate, I typically tell patients that those cones, rods, and lenses found in your eyes are really just the most advanced optic camera fashioned by the most masterful craftsman imaginable.   To study the eye, and our capacity to see, is to behold with wonder the full majesty of nature encapsulated in our own nature.

Doctor William Horatio Bates (1860 – 1930), New York ophthalmologist, and author of the book, “The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses,” cited that the accepted way that we view the function of vision is inherently skewed.  The indoctrinated thought that still prevails today can be sourced from Helmholtz theory that the ciliary muscles deep within the eye actually control the thickness of the lens, merely accommodating vision.

Doctor William Horatio Bates (1860 – 1930)

Bates recognized that the lens being the main “accommodation” for the enabling of vision is in fact not accurate.  In fact, folks with cataracts and people born without a lens can still unexplainedly see clearly.  He further deduced that the external eyeball muscles were actually responsible for the lengthening and shortening of the whole eye in its front-rear axle.  If you think of the mode of action of a  camera or set of binoculars, you’ll be closer to the truth of the eye’s true functioning.


Rudolf Steiner actually surmised that you don’t in fact “see” with your eyes.  He went on to state that you also don’t actually “see” with your brain either.  He suggested digging deeper into vision as a soul function.  The reason he came to this conclusion is that you could have two identical twins who grew up in the same family who witnessed precisely the same events, but perceived colours, light, and actions totally differently.  

Our experiences go through many emotional lenses to arrive at proprioception based on feelings, functions, and sensations.  This is why it is so difficult to get consistent details from “eye”witnesses.  So much of our human experience is brought to bear on “how” we see as a function of how we’ve been ensouled.

Wilhelm Reich spoke about health and our capacity to see truths, not as a function of our armouring or sexual stasis, but our truer healthy ability to remain wholly relaxed in our bodies.  Through the liberation of rage, grief, fear, guilt, and resentment, we can “see” our lives more clearly.  We can in turn also navigate others from this more relaxed state with kindness, love, compassion, and devotion.

Dr. Bates also spoke about how important a relaxed state is in seeing appropriately. “In Bates method, the ability of passive and dynamic relaxation is the first and basic technique improving the vision. By relaxation, I mean not only the general ability to relax the muscles, but also the relaxation of mind which is a condition for the process of vision to occur. In many cases, the relaxation techniques used by Bates turned out to be sufficient for the improvement of sight.”

Source: Ibid.

The need for glasses indicates ocular armouring as per Wilhelm Reich.  Armouring can be sourced from our conditioning, past traumas, Genetic Miasms, and/or belief structure.  I know this is true as my own grandmother is 89 and has never worn glasses.  Her pragmatic, appropriate, down to earth, and relaxed way of being has enabled her to retain 20/20 vision throughout her life thus far.  It is a state of true balance and grace to be able to see clearly well into our advanced years.

I recall when I first came to Heilkunst treatment, I was sitting in the passenger seat being driven to work along a parkway that ran along the Ottawa river.  It was fall and the leaves were first starting to change.   There was a first hoar frost etching the leaves as the pink of dawn rose over the car behind me.  I recall that I was suddenly impressed with the breadth and depth of hues and tones of the foliage of the trees.

Had I never seen such distinctions in colour before?  Why was the vibrancy hitting me so profoundly?  How had I not noticed the depth of gradation in each individual leaf and tree that made up this kaleidoscope in majesty of colour before?  It felt like I was seeing nature in her ultimate glory for the first time.  I was literally moved to tears with a deep love and compassion for this vision and the feeling of grace it conjured in me.  That moment changed the trajectory of my life.

Since this time, we’ve helped many patients have the eyes to see.  Based on all of the pieces above, we’re able to suss out a treatment protocol sourced from principle.  In some individuals, it will be that they can solve much of their vision challenges by drinking 2.5 litres of water per day and increasing sleep (with blackout blinds), ease, rest, and relaxation.  

Others do best from a combination of Dr. Bate’s exercises including palming – eye calisthenics using an eye chart by covering one eye at a time and reading the letters just as you would during an eye exam, and my favourite; looking way out into the vista to the farthest point possible and then back to a specific word in a book.  

Most folks work on a computer, looking predominantly close up which means that over time, the muscles in the eyes will shorten.  Although I am working with patients over long spans of time, I always work in front of a window with a phenomenal view of nature and water.  I will look up from the Skype screen, periodically, to enable my eyes to look far out at the furthest point allowing my eyes to be flooded with natural light and impressions.  

When I met my fellow Heilkünstler husband, Jeff Korentayer, he wore thick glasses like the bottom of Coke bottles.  His eyes were magnified by his lens at least 3 fold.  Dr. Estelle Saunders, a Bates Method supporting opthamologist in Ottawa, where we lived, suggested Jeff use the above exercises while also going through his own Heilkunst treatment to address the Genetic Miasms that had severely affected the vision of much of his ancestral family.

Through diligent work, using the Bates Method, breathable contact lenses (glasses actually inhibit the range and scope of one’s vision), and the decrease in lens prescription strength every 6 months, Jeff obtained an increase in vision by over 6 points. He can now wake at night without an ounce of concern for tripping over the cat enroute to the washroom.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a natural therapy modality that speaks to neurological patterning, touts how our eyes will access memory by looking up to the left or down to the right, for example.  This is a necessary function for our capacity for recall.  If one is limited by bifocals or small framed glasses, memory will be inhibited as eyes won’t generally cross the barrier outside the frames to see more clearly.  They’ll remain restricted within these parameters.  

So many of our patients will cite how much better their recall and memory function has increased when they strengthen their capacity to see.  Like me, their vision will be greatly enhanced in the most dynamic of ways, soaking up a broader spectrum of impressions through the capacity for this ensouled function.  My goal is to be just as ocularly able at 89 as my beloved Nan!



Sleep Baby Sleep

Practical Tips for Helping Baby to Sleep


Attachment Parenting: is the latest buzz-term amongst natural parenting advocates.  At Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, we’re big proponents of attachment parenting which includes wearing baby in a sling by day and, by night, nursing on demand and co-sleeping or bed-sharing.  Parents of various native tribes around the world raise their babies this natural way. When baby is born, it takes months (possibly even a year or more) for him to realize that he’s actually a separate entity from you and so he prefers as much of a womb-like existence as possible in order to thrive,  with constant doses of warmth, comfort, nurturance, sustenance, and a clean habitat.

Bowen, Massage, or Chiropractic: are great modalities to help with sleep.  I’m a Bowen Practitioner and can attest to how many babes lose sleep due to a misalignment from the birth trauma, affecting literally the way their head is screwed onto their neck and shoulders.  I’ve done minor soft tissue releases on babies and had parents report that baby sleeps soundly from then on.  At home, you can rub your baby’s feet with coconut oil before bed, helping baby to relax and promote digestion, along with releasing any withheld gas that can cause baby to have a sleepless night.

Aromatherapy: is very helpful as mentioned in prior sections.  One drop of lavender oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil (such as coconut oil) works well for massaging baby’s feet.  You can also use the same ratio for a humidifier, vaporizer, or diffuser.

Cherry Pit Pillow/Pack: is an old European household remedy for colic and sleep.  You can buy these small pillows from eBay or look for them at a reputable eco baby supply store, where more natural methods of healing are promoted.  Simply heat it on a pan in the toaster oven for 10 minutes to heat up the cherry pits.  When placed on baby’s belly, the cherry pits release a soothing, moist heat, helping bubbles of gas to diffuse.

A Wool Soaker: is a great way to help baby stay dry from a leaky diaper during the night.  Sheep’s wool is designed to keep the rain from permeating to the animal’s skin through absorption, while the lanolin closer to the skin prevents the water from reaching the epidermis level, acting like a natural rain repellant.  The company “Pooters Diapers” states, “When baby’s diaper becomes wet, the wool soaker wicks the moisture away from the diaper by absorbing it.  Lanolin … keeps the urine from leaking back out of the wool …”.  Baby is more likely to sleep through the night if her clothes stay dry and more comfortable.


Homeopathic Remedies for Sleep

There is typically a reason for baby to wake during the night.  As his parents, it is up to you to go through a mental checklist to determine why this is.  Co-sleeping babes do best with an easily accessible breast for nourishment and comfort.  Most moms learn to sleep through baby’s latching on to the breast and subsequent drifting back off to sleep.  Occasionally, baby will be wet and need to have a diaper change before sleep can be restored.  

When baby is 4-7 months, teething can be the issue as he matures.  A nightmare or night terror can be the cause for his waking.  At other times, it can be due to the fact that there is a full moon!  Here are some safe homeopathic remedies to use for specific issues.  If this doesn’t help, it’s because there is a deeper issue, like vaccines or a genetic miasm (inherited predisposition to disease) in the way, preventing baby from getting a deep, restorative sleep.  Let us know if the latter scenario is the case as we bring years of training to be able to solve the root cause of baby’s ills, so that you can all sleep like babies!

Aconite: is a great remedy for when baby has been exposed to a dry northeast wind during winter, aggravating a high fever of even 105 degrees Fahrenheit, along with an earache.  Baby might be just fine upon going to bed, however, he wakes shrieking around midnight, clearly in pain.  Look for restlessness, dry body heat, and increased thirst.  Baby may be writhing in pain with extreme sensitivity to touch, suffering burning or even violent pain.

Arnica: is a good remedy for when baby seems to have his internal clock mixed up; drowsy without being able to nap during the day, but able to sleep during early evening and then wakens with a hot head at night, with fear that he will suffer pain again.  Older children will complain of feeling exhausted upon waking with terrible dreams about animals, death, and even mutilated bodies.  During sleep, children who need Arnica will groan, murmur, talk, snore, and pass stool and urine involuntarily after having toilet trained.  

Belladonna: is one of our chief remedies for right sided earaches and for waking violently with pain and high fever at midnight, as mentioned in the prior section.  Baby will be restless, agitated, and typically screeching in pain.  Belladonna with solve this state outright.

Chamomilla: is a great remedy for fussy babies who need to be constantly rocked or nursed to sleep.  Look for right-sided earaches, red face, a more low-grade fever, around 102 or 103 degrees Fahrenheit.  In a Cham. state, baby will give you the impression that there is absolutely nothing you can do to appease her as she’ll reject absolutely everything that you offer, pushing it and you away.

Coffea: is derived from coffee.  In homeopathic terms (like cures like), an over-stimulated baby needs a stimulant to calm down.  I used to keep a tin of organic coffee in the freezer for my own children to take a wee sniff from.  Actually, I still have the same tin at my office (I don’t drink coffee) for babes I see in person who are suffering an over-stimulated melt-down.  All I do is open the lid of the tin of coffee in my office and watch for baby, and mom or dad too, to take a couple of whiffs of the aroma. Within a couple of minutes, baby is completely calm, gurgling, and usually drifting off to sleep.  If you’re nursing, you can take the homeopathic remedy to promote sleep for your baby as it transfers through the breast milk.  We will never recommend drinking coffee while breastfeeding as in this volume, you’ll actually create the opposite result by aggravating baby’s delicate nervous system and making them wired on caffeine with disastrous sleep results.

Nux Vomica: is for what I call the jack in the box syndrome.  It will seem that you just get baby off to sleep and he keeps popping awake all night long for no rhyme or reason, like he’s woken by the least noise or movement.  In proper ascending potencies, Nux. will also help detox baby’s organ system of any prior medications or antibiotics should the situation arise, helping baby sleep more soundly.  

Medications, and vaccines, administered at birth can play havoc with baby’s central nervous system and digestive organs, making it difficult for him to settle properly into sleep.  Nux. is one of the remedies we use when clearing the actual drug nosodes from baby’s system based on natural homeopathic law. A nosode is the homeopathic term for the remedy made from the exact drug administered, taking “like cures like”, or the similimum, up to “exact cures exact”.

Pulsatilla: is a great remedy for right-sided ear infections, as mentioned above, with a more low-grade temperature around 103 degrees Fahrenheit.  Your baby will be profoundly clingy and needy with a desire to be carried everywhere, consoled, and kissed, but is less capricious and contrary than the Chamomilla state described above.


Flower Essences for Sleep

To help yourself and baby to sleep, we recommend Bach’s “Rescue Sleep” and “Rescue Sleep Liquid Melt”.  I recall certain stressful days with my own baby where I was still measuring my own sense of self by how many things I was able to tick off my list.  Being attached to certain outcomes with an infant or toddler creates a sure disaster.  When children out number the parent or parents, you’re bound to be pinioned under your children’s expectations over and above your own.  This is just how it is, for now.  It will get easier, but for now, you answer solely to your child’s needs, dropping most of what you desire to do or find fulfilling.  You’ll get back there.  

Often, when I had a yearning to do something, or I had a deadline, or place to be by a certain time, I would be rendered a high-strung anxious mess by the time bedtime came around with unresolved feelings of failure that turned up as left-over anxiety, resentment, or even anger from the day.  I learned first hand that this is a disastrous state of mind to try and put a baby down to sleep, when I was feeling electrified with unresolved impatience.  I’ve often referred to infants, babies, and toddlers as being the canary in our adult coal mines, picking up on every miniscule bit of angst, mirroring every bit of it for our not so pleasurable viewing.  They will literally torture you with your own mirror.  

Bach’s Flower Essences, including Walnut, in the case I just described above, in addition to the remedies below, can help you and your child calm, relax, and let go to sleep; enabling you both to face another day with refreshed eyes, letting go the unnecessaries, focusing more on simply “being” than “doing.”

Here are the remedies contained in “Bach’s Rescue Sleep” Remedy, captured right from their website:

White Chestnut: To help ease restless mind.

Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock.

Clematis: For the tendency to “pass out”, and unconsciousness, being ‘far away’ and not present mentally.

Cherry Plum: Fear of mind giving way, verge of breakdown, anger.

Impatiens: For irritability, tension, and fidgety.

Rock Rose: For frozen terror and panic.



Essential Oils for Sleep

Essential oils, or aromatherapy, for baby is safe provided you stick to the oils recommended in this book and use them according to the dilution that we’ve suggested.  In the early evening, I used to prepare a warm bath for my baby (be sure to use only natural cleansers for baby’s tub!) with a drop of lavender.  Usually their dad did the bathing as this was their time to connect and give me a moment to clean up the kitchen after supper, or to just sit and have a moment to orient myself in the world, to make note of some grocery items needed, or to just ponder my own feelings with some chamomile tea and my journal.

After baby was out of the bath, their dad would give them a baby gentle massage over their little bodies, putting them on the floor while they lay on a cotton receiving blanket or on their changing table.  I taught him how to always massage baby’s belly in a clockwise motion to encourage the release of gas bubbles and good digestion, by following the large intestines natural route to the rectum.  When massaging baby, the pressure should be about the same as you would use to rub your eye-ball when your lid is closed.  This is a good way to remind our stronger, more burly hubbys what the pressure should be.   Baby will love the wonderful time to bond and relax through touch with their daddy.  

Massage Oil Blend

1 drop of Lavender

1 drop Geranium

1 drop Roman Chamomile

and 30 ml of Sweet Almond, Olive, or Coconut Oil

Blend all of the ingredients together well, using on babies 3 months and older.  As mentioned above, you can use a drop of lavender or chamomile in their bath with some raw goat’s or cow’s milk to help promote sleep.  I would also wear lavender oil on my own clothing or skin while nursing baby before bed.  I still do this when a cranky baby comes in for a consultation with their mom, to promote comfort and security for both of them.

I’ve always used essential oils in a room diffuser, vaporizer, or even a pot of steaming water that a child can not reach.  One drop of lavender, Roman chamomile, or geranium in about 3 cups of water works well.

Excerpted in part from our new bestselling book on Amazon: