What Is the Meaning of Autism and Why Is It Suddenly So Prevalent?

I recall back in the 3rd year of medical school at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst this discussion being raised in class.  We talked about how diseases of a microbiological nature are naturally declining.  How many of your peers or family members have suffering recently from cholera or scarlet fever?  Even cancer is on a 25% lessening trajectory and with less than 3% therapeutic efficacy in conventional medicine, this certainly is not due to surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Autism will become the scourge of our modern times.  It is a condition of a lack of a healthy ontic (ontological, individuality or sense of one’s self) and on the biological level, physical and emotional armouring.  There is a reason that autism is coming up on the tail end of cancer, a disease so prevalent in the 60s and 70s.  That is because many of these babes are being born to professional mothers who’ve been subjected not only to a whole host of  environmental toxicity, vaccines, mercury fillings, and expectations to be as intellectually adept by matching their male counterparts a full 50% in global boardrooms.

However, this all is coming at a cost.  Our autistic children are being born to mothers bourn out of of the state of mind of cancer.  They’re mostly armoured in their natural functioning and unfoldment, they rescue others to the exclusion of themselves, and suffer feelings of the un-lived life.  This is the definition for the state of mind of cancer and they are prey to the education system and the corporate infrastructure, needing a false authority to tell them what to do.  I know, because they attempt to put me on the same pedestal.

“Supplemental Feeding” by Edwin & Kelly Tofslie https://flic.kr/p/mA8wb

No, I’m not saying that stay at home moms are preferable to working moms for raising our babies.  The intellect will attempt to categorize what I’m saying here with a big wad of guilt and a knee jerk reflective desire to distill the whole phenomenon down to the simplest terms.  It doesn’t work like that.  We can’t fix this phenomenon without the proper rumination or consideration.  It’s precisely THIS way of intellectualizing that is part of the problem.  The intellect despises phenomenology as it prefers uni-dimensional thinking.

What I am saying is that we’re transitioning more and more into intellectual automatons, which is leaving our wombs and bubba-kins bereft of feeling, love, grace, ease, naturalness, surrender, and the capacity for true wisdom properly ensouled and incarnated in our physical bodies.  We’ve lost much of our inherent ataraxia and it is impacting on the health of our children.

Our babes are being ravaged as a side-line project, an intellectual side-bar, because most people seem to “think” that they should spawn at least one child.  It is part of the social construct, an offshoot of our armoured beliefs, it is something we just do.  Isn’t it?! We’ve lost much of the modus operandi to want to wholly realize a love so profound with our partner, that we’re overflowing with generosity and feeling by extending this to another human being for the whole of their childhood and beyond.  We’re having children and then resenting parenting them so we give them to others to parent and educate them for us.

"Amelia and Reese Terrorizing the Village by Donnie Ray Jones https://flic.kr/p/qqEUX1

“Amelia and Reese Terrorizing the Village by Donnie Ray Jones https://flic.kr/p/qqEUX1

I once served a female lawyer who clearly never loved her husband in that luscious, full throttle kind of orgastic way, and had really used him as a donor to spawn a son and daughter.  Her hate for him and her circumstances was palatable.  Her focus was on fixing her children in a loveless marriage.  She even slept with the kids and never him!  Can you imagine?!  It was sad and pathetic and frustrating for all involved, including me, as the practitioner.

You can have the greatest regimen and throw remedies at a situation like that, but until the individual chooses love and resonance, that broken wheel is never going to turn out right, and neither are the kids.  I’ve written another article on why love and intimacy are critical for the health and well-being of our children, regardless of whether they’re in the spectrum or not here.

We’re, sadly, seeing giving birth more as an intellectual milestone of achieving just one more more rung in the accomplishment factory of our driven natures through false expectations.  Add to that state of mind, or lack thereof, our genetics, toxic loads in the way of GMO’s, vaccines, DNA complications, circumcision, mental anguish, and intellectual robotics, and you have a dynamic recipe for creating a child suffering ASD issues; vaccinated or not!

We’ve forgotten how to simply be, postured more as widgets to false authority and the expectations of others than on fulfilling our own true desire programs through love and a full embodied sense of our individual selves, which can at times include love for another human being, but not necessarily.  I know plenty of women, and men too, who ignore their artistic or musical abilities for a law or medical degree instead, but try a side order of parenthood with disastrous consequences.  We diminish the wisdom in the arts (or other more personal fulfillments) and herald the capacity to sort intellectually in the most mechanistic and materialistic of ways.

"Tears" by Thomas Leuthard https://flic.kr/p/dkvRJ9

“Tears” by Thomas Leuthard https://flic.kr/p/dkvRJ9

Years ago, I served a writer mom of two autistic boys (a rare case of non-vaxxed children) who made herself go to university for pharmacy, working dispensing pills while wearing her Birkenstocks.  She was a full-fledged granola momma, working a socially expected paradigm that was totally incongruent with her values.  She wasn’t even close enough to the cash register to guide patients to the more resonant homeopathic medicines that she loved and used at home; her true personal preference, as she hated Big Pharma and pill pushing doctors.  She lived from a state of utter incongruence and she had the symptoms to prove it.  She wrote poetry on her off-hours while totally exhausted from 12 hour shifts.  She despised her life and believed that she must settle for her present existence in order to clothe and feed her sons.  Her husband was an artist too.

By systematically procreating, without an ensouled thought for the outcome of this choice, we starve our babes of a becoming functionally whole.  This is why, as a function of evolution, we’re seeing less diseases of the physical body, like cholera, and more conditions related to our armoured beliefs, minds, spirit devoid of a true embodied wisdom.  Spiritual diseases like autism, schizophrenia and drug abuse (recreational and pharmaceuticals) are on the rise.  The trajectory indicates that ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) will become epidemic.   At the time of this writing 1 in 45 children will be diagnosed as autistic.


I know this phenomenon to be true; I suffered this dynamic myself and I wrote a book, entitled, “The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Healing Autism“, for the same reasons I’ve cited above.  In the book, I cite my own son’s exodus from the autism spectrum due to Heilkunst treatment, but not to the exclusion of my former gestures of feeling prey to the expectations of others.  I was a broken, bereft automaton, educated by a traditional university and working in public enterprise that did not give a rat’s hiney whether I ever had an individual thought in my head or not.

I was a Financial Advisor working for government with a dental plan and a pension, an armoured cog in a very big unfeeling wheel.  I was a widget, a contrivance of cloned cyborgs, working in 8 x 12 blue felt cubicles next to other cyborgs.  I hated it and my armoured hate produced a replicate of my intellectual stimming, a babe, who mimicked my chronic fears and anxieties, devoid of speech with chronic rocking back and forth, with little eye contact.  Are you starting to feel the connection?  Jordan had no way of being cured until I addressed the lack of connection to my true essential self … the false ego had to go!

Michael J. Lincoln, in his book “Messages From The Body,”  illustrates Autism as:

“Who’s the parent here?” There is childish behaviour by the adults going on around them, resulting in the individual’s feeling unprotected and vulnerable to invasive influences. In particular, the child is likely to be responding to their mother’s situation, feelings, and disrupted functioning. There is an experience of being helpless to cope with their situation, and it indicates that their emotional needs are not being met. They feel like they and their needs are being relegated to the back burner, and that they are being pushed aside by their family (mother in particular). It undermines their immune system and their ability to take care of themselves. It arises when the adults are more concerned about their own immediate comforts and convenience than they are about the welfare of the child, or when they operate with beliefs that teach the child that the child or they don’t have what it takes for the child to be perfectly safe and healthy.

“Out there.” They are an autistic or schizophrenic who is incapable of dealing with the demands of life. They live in constant fearfulness and overwhelm experiences. It is a “re-evaluation” of their life purpose, in which the essence processes the last several lives while not being in a position where they have to take care of themselves or anything else. Whatever family and/or genetic processes were involved in the precipitation of the disorder were part of the destiny design.

“Feeling-phobia.” They were so devastatingly but super-subtly trained to avoid awareness of the emotions as a child that it has resulted in a breakdown of the physical system for doing so. They come from a severely denial-dominated and or repressive dysfunctional family in which any contact with what people were really feeling would have resulted in a calamitous collapse of the whole family.


Here’s a video based on Wilhelm Reich’s book, “Children Of The Future“, that may explain the gist of this article an how we produce, and alternatively prevent, armouring and gestures of autism more clearly:

In summation, the microbiological diseases were designed to furnish the physical and etheric bodies with enough challenges to help along their incarnate capacities for this next phase of evolution.  We’re at the precipice of fully integrating the self, our ontic organization (as per Rudolf Steiner), or individuality.  Think iPhone, iPad, iMovie, etc.  Perhaps you’ll also find it interesting that autistic children generally demand an iEducation based on individual mentorship rather than conforming to the expectation of a one size fits all educational approach most of us were subjected to.


"Start 'em Young" by JL! https://flic.kr/p/37iZdB

“Start ’em Young” by JL! https://flic.kr/p/37iZdB

We used to all, more or less, do the same thing in the post industrial age, working in offices, wearing the same suits.  Now we’re striving for autonomy and sovereignty.  The challenge, now, becomes ontological and the condition most associated with this task is autism.  It is said that we’re all in the spectrum to a degree.  The genetic miasms most associated with autism are Syphilis and Lyme which, as mentioned prior, follows on the heels of Cancer as per timeline treatment under the Heilkunst umbrella of protocol.

51j1c6tSfTL._UY250_If you’re looking for additional resources, regarding this whole phenomenon, I wrote a second book on this topic entitled, “Unfolding The Essential Self; From Rage to Orgastic Potency.”  It is my postgraduate thesis and also a culmination of my own personal functional purpose.  I’ve spent the latter 20 years working to unravel the mess that society, my diseases, armouring, and my unwitting familial construct hemmed me into.  Perhaps you are ready to take the blue pill and step out of The Matrix too.

Trinity: Neo… nobody has ever done this before.

Neo: I know. That’s why it’s going to work.




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Unfolding The Essential Self; From Rage to Orgastic Potency by Allyson McQuinn: https://arcanum.ca/unfolding



Looking at the Autism Spectrum in Light of the Health of the Parent’s Relationship

There is often a common theme in Autism Spectrum children that is missed — that is, the resonance, romance and love between the parents as a couple. In a high number of cases we serve, the Autistic child becomes the “pet project,” more specifically for the mother, making the child the more alpha relationship in their lives. This misplaced focal point is often to the serious detriment of the partnership. Very often, the Father will describe feeling reduced more to a “donor” than a lover or husband, a second class citizen in the whole family matrix.imgres-1

The reason, mostly, for this can be that we Mothers are the ones to have taken the child to the Paediatrician in the first place where the vaccine injury first occurred.  We’re the ones that innocently allowed ourselves to be coerced into having those oh so damaging shots.  It’s our fault!

So like the dutiful and guilt-ridden beings we are, it’s now our job to fix it.  This can takes days, weeks and even years of research.  I know as my attitude was, as my son’s Autism momma bear, I would not rest until I fixed this thing that I had seriously broke.  My life became a perpetual confession of Autism damage shame.

I, like other Autism parents, created a sympathetic storming that my intellect felt helped to discharge the guilt, but it never did.  It was like every practitioner I tried, was the hope that I’d be alleviating just a little bit more of the life-long mortgage of guilt.  These payments in time, energy and money levied for having caused this diabolical nightmare to my son was an attempt to discharge a much bigger load … my hate.

The game became, “How to let go and relax into love and romance when my whole autonomic nervous system was in fright flight.”  I on high alert and all I secretly wanted more than anything was for some sweet, knowledgeable Prince to appear on a fine white steed with the answers and rescue me and my child from this dungeon prison.  When his Father only added to the confusion, he often became the target of my hate and confusion.  As the man, wasn’t he supposed to rescue us from our plight?!

The sad part is that if you’re not properly discharging through the orgasm function, as a couple, the rage is building in your own organism.  You will be caught in a loop of guilt, grief, fear and hate otherwise termed medically as sympathetic storming, burning out your adrenal glands over time.

In truth, if you think about it, it is a type of stimming.  As you no doubt have already suspected, this dynamic is worsening the behaviours in your child.   I know, I know, now I’ve just piled one more thing for you to feel guilty about on top of everything else.  Try and hear me out as I will help you find your Prince and the route out, but you will need to know what you’re dealing with first.  Try to hang on for a sec. while I explain.

Way back, before I fully actualized myself through full orgastic potency (The Fountain of Youth)  I’d became this crazed, self-blaming, condemned/condemning, woman hell-bent on fixing Jordan’s issues as a means to attempting to rescue myself from my own neurotic (stimming) plight. It was a recipe for disaster! I was not properly threaded through my own sexual function and was suffering my own chronic diseases (cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, psoriasis, hypoglycaemia, etc.) as a result.

No capacity for orgasm means islets of organization or what we term in psychological terms as stasis neurosis.  The inch and a half tumour in my left breast (feminine side, the right being more masculine) represented my stasis, a collection of matter, an islet of unexpressed toxicity.  Breasts are emblems of self-nurturing, or lack there of.

The problem was that by making Jordan the alpha-pup in the family matrix, instead of my intimate relationship with his Father, I was jumping the queue with regards to natural love and grace. We all know what happens if a human being makes a dog the alpha relationship in the home. They will start chasing their own tail, smearing (or eating) their own stool, scooting with parasites (parasites victimize hosts due to undischarged anger), and acting aggressively.  Sound familiar? Watch reruns of Cesar Milan if you’re not sure of what I’m suggesting here.51j1c6tSfTL._UY250_

I bet you’re scratching your head in wonder around this phenomenon and asking yourself why. While I’d love nothing more to discuss this with you after you’ve read my second book, “Unfolding The Essential Self; From Rage to Orgastic potency”, or to spend days lecturing about these relationship dynamics, here’s a short version of the reason: Basically, the model of healthy family dynamics must be upheld for children to naturally unfold their essential selves.

We hold the healthy container for them but if we’re constantly losing our own #$%^ due to rage, we can’t really be wholly available to them, ourselves or our spouse. (See also Bert Hellinger’s work on family constellations).  We also need love, affection, attention and nurturing that we trust, and have faith in, to help us relax and unfold into healthy humans otherwise we turn to secondary drives like shopping, modalities of treatment, video games, gambling, drinking pornography etc. to try and discharge the accumulated hate and anger.

A child needs to know that they are the result of a loving, intimate, sexually potent, and fully generative union. It is a vessel, a chamber that creates safety, equilibrium, ease, grace and the natural capacity to unfuld their natural selves within. What happens a lot in Spectrum kids is that this fully bonded and unified front breaks down and the child becomes the object of all the mother’s affection, fears, and misplaced and broken sexuality (skewed Oedipal complex). It is a projection of the crippled relationship with the spouse and it is part of what needs to be addressed in Heilkunst treatment.

I know because this dynamic shows up in the relationship of the patient’s I serve, a lot.  It is also why many of these hobbled relationships in the cases of Autistic children often don’t last before we get to them. While the divorce rate in families with healthy parents average about 13 percent, families with Autistic kids tends to be almost double.  If we’re going to be solving the Autism Matrix, we’ve got to address the root causes … all of them, including Mom and Dad’s love relationship.  In Heilkunst, there is no stone left unturned.


If you’re listening to, or have read my book,  The Path To Cure  and recall the moment when my son Jordan peeled all of his clothes off in my Heilkünstler’s office?  Can you imagine my shock when I turned around in my chair to see him standing there bare, buck naked?  He’d never done anything like this before!

Do you also recall my m12247100_890535787711130_3858598402880162532_noment of surprise and that I innocently asked my own Heilkunst Practitioner, “Um, What? Why is he completely stripped down naked?” Do you remember her reply to me? It went something like this, “Jordan will put his clothes back on when his parents relearn how to take theirs off.” I’ll never forget the feeling or the impact her words had on me that day. My life since then has been about sussing out the reason for why this was (and is) an aspect to be treated to solve the Autism Matrix outright. I’ve explored this both experientially as well as in my postgraduate research.

I know, as this was what I had to do for myself.  It is also what I do for my patients as we’re working on the root cause of their child’s issues.  Gut dysbiosis, detoxification, vaccine trauma, and Genetic Miasm therapy for the spectrum babe and big lovin’ on the Momma and Poppa to get them back in the game of romance and juicy intimacy.

Really, boil it down, why else are we here but to love and be loved …. not to be perpetually scared to death, living out of fright flight because Big Pharma, and our genetic predisposition, stole my child’s health.  The whole Autism matrix (including Big Pharma) also preferring my head down in shame as I march my already over-stimm-ulated child to a hundred different practitioners for treatments that don’t resolve the underlying cause or the parents PTSD suffering outright.

The gut doctor, the speech pathologist, the physical therapist, the behaviour therapist, the naturotherapist, the camel’s milk therapist and the list goes on and on.  We’ve heard it all.  Yes, I was once caught in the “try everything” web too.  Can you see how the intellect (patriarchy) shredded it’s self into a whole bunch of fragments?

You may notice how government and hospital departments are also carved up the same way, with no fundamental guiding principles or wholistic plan or approach.  It’s designed to keep giving you the run around as you’ll eventually figure out, they don’t know … it’s just trial and error and while you get a little ways, the majority of symptoms come back.  I know, I lived this too and wrote about all of it in my book, “The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Healing Autism.”

This is not a coalescing wholism, it’s fragmented all over the place with no organizing idea or set of principles.  Also, where’s the romance in running your kid all over Hell’s half acre?  You hate it and he hates it too.  I know, I hated it and my son also did too. So stop for a second and ask yourself, how can I solve this outright without killing myself, while also addressing the underlying cause using a map, a set of true, realizable principles with good proven results?

Perhaps read some of our testimonials here will cause you to relax:

Full Autism Recovery; With Thanks To Heilkunst Medicine

Finlea’s Love Grandma; Autism Cures, Love and Karmic Closure

Autistic Babe Restored

Alexandre (6 years) Making His Way Out Of The Autism Spectrum

Micah’s Own Path To Cure; Out of The Autism Spectrum

Most of us don’t realized it, but the pervasive guilt we Autism parents feel is actually rage turned in on oneself as opposed to aimed at the patriarchal, Big Pharma/Government matrix that actually stole my own son’s health.  When aimed appropriately, untangling our essential selves from the blame, we can get yourself properly postured at the target.  Once I got my feet under me and my health back, I began writing books explaining how to resolve suffering using homeopathic and Heilkunst principles to anyone who’d listen.

If your child is severely damaged, I am sorry.  My son was severely speech challenged, stimming, with no eye contact, with severe OCD and gut issues.  He was still wearing a pull-up diaper at four and a half, wouldn’t let me lay him on his back, kicking, hitting and biting without mercy each time I had to change the smelly, leaking bolus.  If not for Heilkunst resolving his ills,  I was getting ready to look for part-time care.  My own marriage was in a shambles.

Yes, even Firefighters get several days off in a week and you need the same just to recall that you’re a woman, or a man, (not a lame attempt at a full-time super hero).  You also deserve to feel a whole lot of lovin’ on your romantic heart and in your bones otherwise the risk is that you become secretly suicidal.  Yes, I know, you rarely admit your true feelings at your core to hardly anyone.  Remember, I once lived this insidious matrix too!

Undischarged self-blame and hate becomes part of a looping OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) pattern that is so intrinsic to the same gesturing found in the Autism Spectrum. It is a form of this neurotic rerunning program that never discharges through the orgasm function that also keeps the child pinioned in his own repeating patterns.  It is related!  I know, because in order for my son to get better, really better, I had to look at my own fundamental issues, including the lack of love, relaxation, romance, sex and intimacy.  Back then, I was barely surviving let alone able to engaging in loving!


The more neurotically I looped with the thoughts, “gotta fix this, can’t rest until I fix the damage I’ve done, gotta fix this, can’t rest until I fix the damage I’ve done …” over and over again, the more my child also gestured the same like a canary in my severely off-gassing coal mine.  I write about this relationship more robustly in my first (FREE Audiobook) book, “The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Healing Autism.”

You see as long as you’re not in your creative, generative (read sexual) seat, the more easily Big Pharma continues to go about the insidious business of poisoning people without being held accountable.  It’s a stimming Catch 22.  If I think I’m to blame, I won’t aim my weaponry of knowledge appropriately. As a now strong, potent, generative, self-reliant, creative and sexually empowered individual, I don’t take their perpetuating smoke and mirrors lying down.

We will not be suppressed by their lying, drugging matrix anymore.  Right now, our editors have the manuscript for our next book “The Vaccination Myth.”

Resonant sex and intimacy has a natural capacity for discharging neurosis, anger, resentment, grief and fear. Dr. Wilhelm Reich called the results of this healthy communion the four beat cycle; tension, charge, discharge and relaxation. When it is not occurring with appropriate regularity, the child will feel the charge and tension loops as incomplete in their own organism, and will show up as OCD cycles — charge and then tension, charge and then tension, charge and then tension with no logical discharge or relaxation achieved.

The parents will unknowingly drive this ill-patterned dysfunction, with their own looping rage and guilt.  The discharge becomes on lock-down and the tension/charge builds until the hate tries to break the dams instead of a properly directly, empowered love.  Which would you rather?!  Our children can only be as healthy as we are, for the most part. Where we’re limited, and feeling thwarted, they will also mirror the same gestures of trying, giving up, trying, giving up over and over again.

Once I’d discharged a goodly chunk of my own rage, through Heilkunst Medicine and the sexual function with my Beloved, I became a writing force to be reckoned with.  No more was I pinioned in self-blame.  I came out fighting mad and my son’s health improved as well.  This is the fullest application of Heilkunst Medicine through regimen, medicine proper and therapeutic education.  It’s a dynamic approach.

As a result, of gaining my essential self’s dowry, I’ve spent the last twenty years bolstering the knowledge and health of Autism Momma’s just like me.  It’s why my son is whole and healthy.  It’s also why we’ve written almost fifteen books on the subject of health and empowerment.  There is love and romance after Autism.  I know, again, because I lived it and if it is also your true desire function, you can too!

So, what does a healthy, resonant relationship look like you ask? And which pairings of homeopathic constitutional types tend to have a natural affinity for a resonant relationship? Find out by joining me in listening to chapter 14 from The Path To Cure on The Constitutions and Love.

The Path To Cure is available to listen to in its entirety for FREE here.




Maverick’s Eczema Before and After Heilkunst Treatment; A Success Story

“I have been meaning to send you (Ally) and Jeff photos of Maverick’s eczema healing for months now. I was astounded at how quickly his skin cleared up. He had been covered from head to toe in eczema for the first year of his life that would go through phases of cracking and bleeding through his clothing a few times a day. We could not use any products on his skin or clothing for washing except for coconut oil which only seemed to help the wounds from becoming infected. After 2 months of the eczema dropper it was gone and has never come back since. And furthermore, he is not sensitive to products anymore.”



Before Heilkunst Treatment:

8889779c-1991-45c6-8665-b3b6b61cd34407d73eb5-f185-40e1-acc5-414894b4cc5a 6cbce225-67b0-4c97-bc52-2fe46353b1f6




















After Heilkunst Treatment:

7ed1a7e0-edb8-460d-90ff-e5981fef6ee1 1e0f9a36-f295-49a4-8efa-03f6ef1a4503

Viewing the 6 Genotypes Through the Lens of the Autism Spectrum

“Autism” by Hepingting https://flic.kr/p/95h8gu


I’d like to lay out for you the Constitutional Genotypes from the Autism perspective to make it easier for you to see them through the lens this condition. Let’s look at the spectrum of typology from the quiet Silicea at the top of the equation, as the quietest, most insular in comparison to the bottom of the spectrum with Sulphur being the most loud and verbose.

I will do my best, then to fill in the middle parts for you so that you can see how the typical autism child is reflected within Heilkunst. Perhaps that way, you will see how giving that child their Constitutional Remedy would help to round out their Autistic edges while en route to curing the cause of their ills.

  • Silicea – is well behaved, morally sound, quiet, homebody preferring his own company to being with others. He can suffer OCD patterns to the extreme if faced with new circumstances that he does not feel comfortable with. Siliceas can feel lost in their own little world and parents will say that they’re almost invisible.


    “sanda-child-silhouette-cutout-1936” by Fabrice Florin https://flic.kr/p/iF29mc

  • Lycopodium – are described as ruling the roost. They’re persuasive, sneaky, manipulative and bossy. They’ll generally be obsessed with money. Deep inside, they fear that they’re not smart enough for the task before them and will wangle you with excuses why they can’t step up.
  • Calcarea Carbonica – love their rituals and systems. They will drive their parents crazy with their stubborn rituals, routines and systematic methodologies. They’re detail-oriented to the extreme, rarely letting things go, and will seemingly create more obstacles, roadblocks and reasons for making things as difficult as possible for themselves and others.

    “drenched in starlight.” by Charlotte McKnight https://flic.kr/p/9YNGAd

  • Phosphorous – have an overactive imagination, creating a life of fancy and mysticism that is entirely ungrounded. They can feel like a floaty kite without a string. They will speak constantly of fairies and mystical pets and seem to have two feet in an entirely made up world where things are much better than reality. They’re beyond talkative and their constant expressions might try the patience of any parent, if they weren’t so delightfully charming!
  • Pulsatilla – are needy, clingy and constantly hiding behind Mom’s or Dad’s trousers if in the Spectrum. They have a difficult time mustering the confidence to engage with others, preferring to play with their dolls or find sweets to eat. They want others to conform to playing house with them to the exclusion of all other play. They tend to be puffy and swollen.
  • Sulphur – are the most aggressive, enraged and “radial” of all the Genotypes. They will smear feces on the wall, aggressively hit, kick, bite and suffer screaming tantrums that will cause the most patient parent to lose it. Sulphurs only want their way and are almost impossible to appeal to with reason when they get all wound up.

“012|365” by Steven Worster https://flic.kr/p/bwT92L

My hope is that this is a help to you. Are you able to see more clearly which Genotype might be a best fit for your child?  Let us know if you want to clarify anything mentioned here.

To learn more by listening to my whole audiobook for FREE (including the Chapter on Constitutions) click here: The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Curing Autism