Maverick’s Eczema Before and After Heilkunst Treatment; A Success Story

“I have been meaning to send you (Ally) and Jeff photos of Maverick’s eczema healing for months now. I was astounded at how quickly his skin cleared up. He had been covered from head to toe in eczema for the first year of his life that would go through phases of cracking and bleeding through his clothing a few times a day. We could not use any products on his skin or clothing for washing except for coconut oil which only seemed to help the wounds from becoming infected. After 2 months of the eczema dropper it was gone and has never come back since. And furthermore, he is not sensitive to products anymore.”



Before Heilkunst Treatment:

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After Heilkunst Treatment:

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2 thoughts on “Maverick’s Eczema Before and After Heilkunst Treatment; A Success Story

  1. Sheena Clarke

    The second photo above is actually a few weeks after we started treatment. That is why it looks a bit better.

  2. amcquinn Post author

    Thanks for weighing in, Sheena, and giving us permission to share Maverick’s progress with Heilkunst. We always appreciate your comments every step of the way.

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