Healthy Natural Cleaning Products and Skincare Without ANY Chemicals; No Really!

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Guest Post By Kassie Ehler, Mom to Graham and Finlea, Doula and Arcanum’s U.S. Pharmacist


Back a few years ago, if you were to peek into my bathroom cabinet in my college apartment you’d find shelves lined with perfumes, name-brand lotions and soaps, and bright purple shampoo for highlighted hair. Under the sink, perhaps you’d also see a bottle of pure bleach and one glove for scrubbing my bathtub.  Actually, the truth is I didn’t clean much those days. Certainly toxic ingredients and the deleterious health effects of personal care products weren’t remotely on my radar back then.


Fast forward ten years later and my shelves have gotten a complete makeover.  It wasn’t until my children were in their early infant and toddler years that I transformed our healthcare and nutrition.  At a result, I started to spend a good amount of time making our own shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, soaps and cleaners.  I was a DIY maven! 


As my kids got older and busier, I stuck to this regimen but would casually eye the ‘non-toxic’ body and home care products on store shelves thinking they might give me back some more personal time. The labeling was catchy…’organic, all natural.’ 

However,  when I read the actual ingredients, I was never impressed.  There was always glycerine, dye or Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), as an anionic detergent and surfactant snuck in.  It was quite disheartening.


Our family chiropractor who was just as adamant about sustaining pristine health as I, had asked if I wanted to try some products that she was really impressed with. As per usual, I started investigating the label.  I was thinking that I’d find the usual cloaked chemical spill but, instead, I was delighted with what met my critical eye . Actually, I felt MORE than impressed!


My first purchase was a face moisturizer with an ingredient label that looked a little something like this:

aloe barbadensis (organic aloe leaf) extract, rosa damscena (organic rose) flower extract, olea europaea (olive wax), oryza sativa (organic rice bran) oil, helianthus annuus (organic sunflower) seed oil, camellia sinensis (organic green leaf tea) extract, royal jelly extract, persea gratissima (organic avocado) oil, raphanus sativus (radish root) extract, medica limonum (organic lemon) essential oil, citrus sinensis (organic sweet orange) essential oil, citrus paradisi (organic pink

grapefruit) and essential oil. 

You see what I’m saying?  Not a surfactant, paraben or laureth in the bunch!


A few weeks later when it was time to replenish our empty bottles of healthy household items, I decided to order nearly every one of everything that Ava Anderson had to offer for my beloved family – household cleaners, skin care, pet supplies and even plant-care!


When I was first researching this line of products, as compared to others, I was really surprised at some of the statistics that

I found, including…

  • Europe bans 1,371 toxic chemicals from their personal care products and the US bans only 11.Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 1.45.51 PM
  • Recent scientific studies in the UK found a strong link between the use of parabens and the increasing rate of breast cancer in women. Researchers found a high concentration of parabens in 90% of breast tumors tested.
  • Triclosan, the active ingredient in “anti-bacterial” products, is registered with the government as a pesticide, and is a known endocrine disruptor, disrupting thyroid function and contributing to liver and inhalation toxicity.
  • Fragrance can be legally hidden, labeled as ‘parfum.’ More than 75% of the time if you have fragrance, you have legally hidden phthalates, known endocrine disruptors, that are linked with birth defects, breast cancer, infertility, liver, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and now with autism and ADHD in pregnancy by Dr. Philip Landrigan, Mt Sinai, Children’s Environmental Health Center.
  • Many popular body washes and shampoos contain 1,4 dioxane, which the EPA has classified as a group B2 carcinogen.
  • The $35 billion cosmetics industry is so powerful they’ve kept themselves unregulated for decades.

If you’re like me and are wanting to find out more, I’d recommend two very informative books as per Ava Anderson herself:

  • ‘Not Just a Pretty Face’ by Stacy Malkan and
  • ‘Toxic Beauty’ by Samuel Epstein.


When you’re ready to re-think your cosmetic and household choices, I recommend doing so with enthusiasm, knowing that you’re protecting yourself and your family, as you ditch the toxins.  Yes, even the ones promised to be healthy, whole and natural.  

Like me, you’ve got to learn to be a savvy consumer in order to escape the chemical matrix entirely.  If buying all natural products doesn’t  resonate with you and you have the time, it can be a wonderful hobby to create your own preparations with different essential oils and safe, even beneficial ingredients!



If, however, you are looking for a complete line of products that you can feel 100% safe and confident in using, based on my research, I encourage you to visit my page Here you can also learn how Ava began this wonderful company to spread the non-toxic message. If you decide to shop, enter my code, which is 14466.  This will enable the company to know that I sent you and help reward me for sharing the good news!


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Also hop on over to the Ava Anderson blog, if you like, where you can find several testimonials on their wonderful products!



You can find me on Facebook and message me with any questions you might have – or let me know if you might like to join my wonderful Ava Anderson team and help spread the message of health!

Cheers to health, happiness and a new vision of your bathroom cabinet!

Kassie Ehler, CBI Labor and Birth Doula

Pharmacist, Arcanum Wholistic Clinic








The Genetic Miasm Ringworm









Thank goodness that there are no worms in Ringworm! Otherwise patients would need Chthonic remedies for fear and terror, let alone remedies for tinea (skin issues). Ringworm is the root cause for many fungal issues in the body, showing up as thrush, yellow/white patches under toe and fingernails, as well as blistery lesions or round, red scaly patches on the skin.

Some patients will call in reporting itchy burning rash, termed athlete’s foot, between their toes, under the breasts, or with embarrassing jock itch. Some patients will also lose clumps of hair in spots on the scalp when suffering Ringworm; other individuals will report chronic vaginitis. Unfortunately, probiotics alone (which are sustentive) won’t resolve it outright, as it is virulent and must be cured on the law of cure like cures like (on the generative side).



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On the Heilkunst map, the symptoms will often show up to be treated between Tuberculinum and Medhorrinum  around February 7th or thereabouts. The state of mind is one like the movie, Ground Hog Day; the feeling is trying and trying to succeed, wanting so much to get out of the grinding loop, but feeling trapped with repeating struggle, then more struggle, and then just giving up. It can be a very demoralizing state to be in.

imagesI once had a patient who had a Ringworm dream where they were trying to catch a bus to New York City. They were in a hotel room and they couldn’t find any of their personal effects to put in their suitcase; they searched under the bed, finding their shoes, shoving them in the bag, they then go on a further tirade trying to locate their clothes and shampoo. Finally, they get everything into the suitcase, slam it shut, and head down the hall, a corridor with door after door, where they describe the hall getting longer and longer like a rat in a maze.

Finally, they find the right exit, reach the bus station, just as the ruddy bus is pulling out of the station. In their dream there is no other bus for over a week!  It is futile until they think to get a cab to the train station. Then the dream starts its shenanigans all over again, until they finally arrive to find that they left their wallet in the room at the hotel. It is so frustrating!

The thing is that folks caught in the Ringworm loop will actually be living this state out in their lives. I served a mom years ago who was suffering circular rashes on her elbows and knees. She rarely left home, her grown children still lived at home as well, also stuck in the same hereditary loop. Every time it looked like her kids might move out and gain autonomy and independence, they’d move back in again. She also kept going from one Heilkunst Practitioner to another, until the underlying cause was finally cured. Thankfully, today, I’ve heard that her, and her children’s, circumstances are much resolved.

If you would like to research Ringworm further, here’s a blog by Jeff Korentayer regarding Punxsutawney Phil and Ground Hog Day:






The Genetic Miasm Tuberculinum


“Cough, hack, wheeze, cough …”  It can start like this, or with a sore throat, or with a sniffling nose.  No, it doesn’t show up in July, it comes right around December 21st just when your buying your free range turkey for the holidays.  The telltale sign that Tuberculinum has you, or your family, in it’s grips with it’s gripe is that the fever will be high at about 103.8, with a sudden onset.  It may be accompanied by sore throat, shivering, persistent headache deep in the forehead, yellow/green mucus from the nose, dizziness and significant constipation.  The ears may be ringing with tinnitis and the pain will be acute with a sticking pain that radiates right down into the teeth.

Dr. John Henry Clarke, M.D. described the bronchial symptoms in depth as:

Chest. Sensation of pressure in chest.?Heat in chest (M).?Sticking pain in chest, esp. at the apex of l. lung.?Sensation of constriction in the præcordial region.?Pains in both sides of chest going to back.?Pains in l. side.?Sticking in side.?Nightly pains on chest.?Sticking pains: in lungs; in l. side, pains between scapulæ.?Aching in side in night.?Sticking pain in chest, on r. and l. side.?Sticking pain in l. side in morning and afternoon.?Sticking pain in lungs when laughing.?Pain in axilla, esp. when elevating arm.?Sticking pain: in lungs with cough and palpitation.?Pressure in chest, sticking pain an both sides of chest, in back.?Palpitation, caused by deep inspirations, aching in back with pains under ribs.?Pains in subclavicular region with cough.?Sticking pain in l. lung.?Pain from clavicles to throat.?Pain in apex pulmonis radiating to axilla and arm.?Sticking pain in chest and in back, < from every movement.?Pain in l. lung to axilla.?Pain on l. side going to back.?Pain in l. apex and in region of the spleen.?Severe pain in back, in axilla and arms.?Pains in l. side, must take deep inspiration.?Bronchitic sounds in both lungs (W C).?Dulness r, apex (L B).

As you can see a lot of bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma can be wrongly diagnosed, prescribed antibiotics, just to come back the following year with a more virulent expression.  Tuberculinum must be cured on the sound basis of natural law to be eradicated outright.  My daughter’s riding coach used to suffer annually in precisely this way until we addressed it once and for all by using Heilkunst principles.

It is interesting to note that the patient always feels better up in the mountains in a pine or cedar forest as this helps to clear their lungs so that they can breath more easily.  If you lived a few hundred years ago, when Tuberculosis was an even more prevalent infectious disease, you might be sent to a sanatorium up in the mountains in Europe in order to recuperate.


There is also another aspect to this Genetic Miasmic disease that produces chronic constant symptoms and that is “the state of mind.”  They will be the type of person who is yearning; yearning to travel, yearning to fall in love, yearning for fulfilment in some way or another.  The movie “Amelie” is a great rendering of a Tubercular state of mind.  Also, your child may exhibit unusual bouts of rage, vindictiveness, and belligerence towards yourself and others while in a Tuberculinum state.  In our Materia Medica, it is written that the child may break the mother’s favourite vase or other article of value right in front of her out of defiance.

ADHD-like symptoms are also frequently anchored to Tuberculinum.  They can’t keep their mind on one subject for more than a few moments.  They will drive their parents and educators crazy as they’re seemingly ill focussed in every sense imaginable, sabotaging every effort at a defined trajectory.

When Jeff Korentayer was speaking to his patients this week about some of the historical aspects regarding Tuberculinum  he brought up the point the this disease was often referred to as “consumption” a couple hundred years ago. Interesting as the state of mind of the Tub. sufferer will often over consume, yearning for another gadget, article of clothing, cell phone or car.  They’ve let go more of their spiritual nature and replaced it with many golden calves termed consumptive consumerism.

Of even further interest, Jeff describes how Tuberculinum was the prevalent disease at the turn of the 19th century when the industrial age set in.  Think of London and all the coal burning, smog and fog.  It was hard to breath, folks had a lot of lung-related afflictions.  Also, moving into the city meant a profound separation, a definite cutting off from nature with a deep longing for open vistas and fresh air.  This was also the dawn of the romantic period when humanity was longing to connect to her inner nature through art, poetry and romantic science.








This also happens to be the time when Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered the principles of Heilkunst, researching and writing about this romantic science in his groundbreaking book the “Organon Der Heilkunst” which literally means the “The Whole Medical Art.”  In there he describes the physicians highest and only calling and the true participation of the nature of the patient, the state of mind in illness, true participatory discernment and the eradication of disease.  He also defined the qualities for health as not only the eradication of symptoms, but that the healthy individual will avail themselves of their spiritual life’s purpose when whole and hale.  Hahnemann moved countless times with his many children, sometimes more than once in a year which leads us to believe he might have nimageseeded the nosode himself.

In the clinical portion of my studies back in 2003, my mentor, Patty Smith told a story of serving patients in the States who also moved annually.  It was a real bone of contention with their children.  After giving them the Tubercular nosode, they never moved again, finally feeling satisfaction with their current domain and geography.

I also served a woman years ago in 2004 for chronic headaches.  As per usual, we went through her sequential timeline and then started hitting each of her Genetic Miasms.  When we hit Tub., her headaches completely dissipated.  However, the other surprising part was that she also suddenly quit her very successful job as a head hunter, went to Paris, France and attended Cordon Bleu Chef School.  She came back home to open her own cooking school.  She’s felt utterly fulfilled in her work every since.

My hope is that we’ve depicted more clearly for you the symptoms and state of mind for Tuberculinum. Here are two other Blogs on the same if your interest is piqued:

A Different Kind of Love Story by Jeff Korentayer

Heilkunst Diagnosing; Where’s That Bloody Off-Switch? by Allyson McQuinn


How Couples Counselling Can Give A Better Understanding Of the Positive Role of Conflict


Most folks in committed relationships feel that conflict is a bad thing.  The shadow side of the self is often suppressed with tactics like “anger management” or palliated with the “power of positive thinking.”  The subconscious will always leverage the shadow content for your “not so viewing pleasure” if you choose to keep it falsely couched behind an over active intellect.  The intellect thrives falsely anchored in the past or projected into the future and true health can be achieved as long as this is the pattern.  Relationships demand connection to our true feelings and it is best if we know what they are before negative conflict arises.  


By offering yourself as a more explored whole to your partner, you risk less destabilization and demoralization on both sides.  If you choose to use the the relationship as the primary vehicle for raising negative content from the subconscious, you risk destroying your relationship with your partner and over time, with yourself.  You’ve heard how an abused man or women will enter into a similar relationship a second time.  When the conflict arises, you often get taken by the thrust of stored negative emotions that leave you mystified and trapped in a “he says, she says” mode of negative communication.  Really, no one ever benefits from a battle of wills.  This primal loop of negativity just loops tirelessly around and around.





Most art and film, for example, reveals our suppressed feelings “in the now” that allow us to see who we are in the light of day.  It will even expose our bad bits in a very positive medium.  The movie The Matrix is a very good example how art can render just how unconscious we’ve become to the forces of  evil that puppet us. In order to convert the shadow side of our being, and live outside our own Matrix, we need to shed some light on this nether aspect of the self.  Our grief, fear, anger and guilt are not going anywhere, and as you may already suspect, they do despise positive thinking and will sabotage it constantly.  If we commit to harnessing them correctly, however, we can know a greater self-powered consciousness than ever before.  By first embracing what is, in the moment, our emotions will convert, offering themselves up as a fount of creativity.  Safe expression of our feelings can become a vehicle to our greater creativity and ultimate healthy connectivity with others.


41GHEtLdJfL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_The parts of your relationships that you despise, or even abhor, is a good indication of what you need to wrestle with in your own shadow side.  That emotion, then needs expression.  Using safe modalities such as a punching bag, Judo, art therapy, journaling, and poetry can allow you to safely see what is hidden at the level of your sub-conscious.  You can do this first, on your own, safely illuminating negative emotions positively.  Shedding light on your dark side raises your knowledge of yourself, in a more positive light, ultimately building self-confidence.  This allows the relationship to benefit from your conversion of the negative into the positive.  No individual finds anything more sexy than a partner who already lives a fully examined life.  By the time you get to the commitment stage, you are already starting most of your sentences with, “I feel …” breeding confidence and self-esteem even when the emotions are of a negative breed.  This full engagement with your feelings, relieves you of the negative matrix, allowing you to embrace positive conflict in all aspects of your life.  It begins with the self and your marriage can only benefit from it.



The Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms of Menopause




Just what is menopause?  It is a natural phenomenon occurring in women between approximately ages 45 and 55, when there is an anticipated cessation of eggs produced by the ovaries for the purpose of the reproduction of children.  Actually, it is the opportunity to convert the forces meant for procreation more into a relationship with “co-creation” and greater wisdom.  As a result, the body will generally produce less estrogen and progesterone, which are two of the primary hormones regulating a woman’s monthly cycle.  The hormonal imbalance symptoms of menopause will affect a women’s capacity to transition easily into her “wisdom years.”

If there are unresolved emotions, such as disappointment, anger, guilt, fear, or resentment amassed from a woman’s life leaving her feeling like she’s lived the “un-lived” life, she may suffer the effects of hormonal imbalance symptoms of menopause.  Also, allopathic chemical drugs can exacerbate hormonal symptoms due to the fact that as the human recipe of hormones and chemicals changes, the former drugs can begin to act unfavorably with additional side-effects.  It is best to speak to your health care provider should this arise.  The other aspect that can  negatively affect a woman’s hormones is any sexual dysfunction.  Generally, if a women loves her work, her home-life, is vitally engaged in her life and deeply committed to her sexual relationship with a partner she deeply loves, we see very few incidences of the following hormonal imbalance symptoms of menopause:


      • hot flashes
      • excessive sweating / night sweats
      • migraines
      • irritability
      • mood swings
      • depression
      • overactive bladder
      • diminished libido
      • insomnia
      • forgetfulness
      • headaches
      • uncomfortable intercourse



If you think about it, a young girl at puberty will start her period, hopefully, without too much incidence or commotion.  The medical community has really orchestrated a ruse if a women is under the impression that she can’t just as easily transition from being a menstruating woman to a non-menstruating woman.  Often, women are unnecessarily led to take chemical drugs due to the Big Pharma’s push to make us think we’re suffering the symptoms of some disease, instead simply of hormonal imbalance systems of menopause.  You may notice that the character structure of healthy women is generally not studied by the medical model in order to induce more women to be connected to their own zest for life and love, avoiding menopausal symptoms qualifying them for any drug protocol.


Weaning; When It’s Time To Let Go of Breastfeeding Your Babe


There can be a variety of reasons that a mom will orchestrate the timing of stopping breastfeeding.  In some cases, she will feel that it is “just time,” or that she needs to reduce feedings in order to head back to work, or the babe is now deriving more and more nourishment from sippy cup and solids.  In the best case scenario, baby initiates the cessation process.  My own time to wean came when my daughter could systematically undo my blouse buttons and I just intuitively felt that she had everything she’d needed from me in the way of physical and emotional nurturing.  It was instinctual.  It was time to let go.

Sometimes the transition to stopping breastfeeding can occur earlier under less desirable circumstances such as chronic mastitis  (although we have remedies for this!) or because not enough milk is being produced (we have remedies for this too!) and mom has to supplement baby’s feeding from other sources like raw goat’s milk (goat’s milk has a smaller molecular structure than cow’s milk and can be easier to digest for baby) from a reliable source or implement Weston Price formula.  Trying to get pregnant may be another reason that a mom will commit to the process of stopping breastfeeding.

Rudolf Steiner modelled Waldorf education after an organic unfolding of the human spirit illustrated by his pedagogy that allows for the teaching of human history at the time our human physiology is ready for it.  For example, before a child’s milk teeth fall out, their abilities to conceptualize can be harmed with forced reading, math or science.  Also, children at the age of ten are ready to unfold the Greek epoch in their microcosmic cellular memory of our human consciousness.  He also suggests that babes who are breast-fed beyond fifteen months also start to pick up on the mother’s karma and disease heritage to a degree that may limit their capacity for full autonomy, freedom and sovereignty later on.  This is derived from his extensive medical lectures for young Doctors.

All that being said, when your baby is ready to wean, stopping breastfeeding, is really an intimate decision taken between mom and babe.  As your beloved child starts to sit up on his own he may develop an interest in other people’s solid food as early as six – eight months or not until closer to a year or even more.  Slowly introducing cooked egg yolk, liver, avocados, puréed fruits and vegetables and salmon and a sippy cup with healthy raw goat’s milk (pasteurized milk has been linked to allergies and can contain unwanted pathogens and antibiotics) can be a good way to start transitioning your babe off the breast and gradually stopping breastfeeding.  

Ideally, with ample time and support from our partners, you can slowly scale down feeding slowly by 1-2 per week depending on your baby’s individual needs.  At 14 months, I was still able to lovingly provide my babe’s nursings first thing in the morning upon waking, evening when I got home and dropped the groceries on the kitchen floor while Dad prepared supper and then again at night-time before bed.  Cold turkey weaning is never recommended due to the emotional and physical shock for both mom and babe.  It takes time for your milk supply to abate and for baby to adjust to solid foods without promoting digestive colic, constipation or emotional distress.  

Also, moms have found it best to provide that new sippy cup in a new location like a high chair or on demand from the floor, or a low-level coffee table, so that babe doesn’t confuse the usual rocking chair, where the nursing position would have been assumed for nursing, with the new regime of stopping breastfeeding.  If you need a leg up, we have homeopathic remedies that can help with weaning naturally.




  • Usual reasons for transitioning:
    • Mom going back to wor
    • “It’s time”, in terms of maximum benefit being achieved
    • Sometimes the transition is forced before desired, due to reasons of employment, or sometimes other reasons the mother is having a hard time breastfeeding (chronic mastitis, for example)
    • Trying to get pregnant – There is evidence that breastfeeding does decrease a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant
  • Signs the baby maybe ready for transitioning
    • teeth
    • can sit up on their own
    • a growing interest or curiosity in other people’s food
    • satisfied and not asking to nurse
  • Transition methods
    • Gradual elimination of number of feedings per day, without reducing the amount of cuddling/emotional connection
    • Don’t give the new sippy cup (or whatever) in the same location that the breastfeeding was normally done
    • no cold turkey (shocking)

From Infant Constipation to Healthy Potty Training


Most folks don’t know this but if a child is potty trained under duress, it can cause a whole host of mental/emotional issues later on.  Holding the breath, contacting muscles, unexplainable fears and terrors later on are some of the negative effects of forced potty training.  It is best if you can allow your child to self-initiate this process naturally as much as possible.  I knew an awesome caregiver who allowed all the little boys in her care to pee outside or in a big aluminum juice can set in the middle of the kitchen.  Most of them would be running around freely, naked from the waist down and they loved the sound their urine stream would make on the sides of the juice can.  She would praise them lovingly for a joy that they already owned for their accomplishment.

Kids don’t moralize that “pee or poo” is considered dirty, bad or awful.  In fact they don’t have the maturity of the ego to understand why something that was naturally inside their body, part of them, is suddenly deemed yucky just because it is now in a diaper, in the tub or on the floor.  The best parents I know don’t shove their limited way of looking at the world onto their babes prematurely.  Kids work on the model of “ownership” and success so it is best if you can make this a win-win process for them as it will pay off in the long run.




If you get down on your hands and knees and imagine what it would be like to be a sixth of your present size and what it would be like to fall into the toilet, potentially not being able to get out, you’ll be off to the store to buy a suitable potty.  Babes do best if they are permitted to wander and explore at their own pace around their own potty.  Allow them to follow both parents into the washroom when you have to go, too.  Special books with images of little kids making “poo poo” or “pee pee” in the potty can have a wonderful effect on cultivating the idea in your child.  Allow them to choose whether or not the book resonates with them, as this is a safe indication of whether or not they are ready for the idea.  If they seem inclined to sit on the potty while reading to themselves or while watching a favorite movie, provide them with praise and loving attentions such as, “What a big boy you are!  Good job, buddy!” It is a mighty big decision for a child to separate from their own urine or stool.  We rarely understand the magnitude of this decision. A consistent approach between the parents and caregivers is crucial.


If things are not going well and you suspect your caregiver may be forcing the issue, you will notice potty training anxiety such as:


        • being scared of the flush of the toilet when you use it.
        • Feeling pushed, or having been punished for a previous potty attempt will be illustrated as shame.
        • A history of painful bowel movements from constipation.
        • holding of breath / tightening of muscles.


I was shocked and upset to see my own son spontaneous stop using the potty after a DPTP (Diptheria, Polio, Tetanus, and Pertussis) shot.  He would go behind a large plant in the hall screaming out, “Don’t look at me!”  He would clench every muscle in his body, which seemed very counter-productive to the aim, as he attempted to “hold on” to his excrement.  Although he was wearing a pull-up and encouraged to “let go” using any means that pleased him, it was the beginning of a nightmare so extreme that he was hospitalized 7 times for constipation, once being put under general anaesthetic to have the impacted stool manually removed.  Later my son was labelled as “ADD” and then “Autistic.”  Thankfully, we were able to resolve the underlying cause with a systematic approach called Heilkunst medicine.  At the time of writing this, he is a thriving 21 year old man without an ounce of residue from this nightmare we lived when he was just a babe.




    • Potty training anxiety summary
      • general tips about healthy potty training
        • follow the timing and rhythm of the child (they usually start showing an interest anywhere between 18 months and 30 years; tends to be on the earlier side for girls); Will also vary with different personality types of children
        • allow the child to feel “ownership” about the process – have their own potty (rather than the large scary toilet).
        • Special toys or books that are only used when sitting on the potty
        • Encourage feeling of pride in accomplishment (“big boy / girl”)
      • Potential causes of anxiety about toilet training:
        • Scared of the flush of the toilet
        • Feeling pushed, or having been punished for a previous potty attempt
        • Inconsistency from the parent or caregivers
        • If the child has a history of painful bowel movements from constipation
      • explore this with an orgonomic lens
        • parents who need the child to be “pleasing” and follow expectations of potty training
        • holding of breath / tightening of muscles
      • nat-m in parents / family ambient
        • example of a couple who lost a previous baby, and were still carrying the grief into the next pregnancy
      • PTC (The Path to Cure; The Whole Art Of Healing Autism) example of Jordan / DPTP vaccine and then withholding
      • General developmental stages of potty training
        • learning how to use various muscles to have a bowel movement is a process and takes time, related to overall health of child and successfully moving through each stage of development without other blockages or interferences (emotions, miasms, etc.)

Panic Attacks Basic Symptoms



If you’ve located this site on the Internet, it may be to discern if you qualify for panic attacks treatment.  You’ve come to the right place.   First of all, we would like to extend our warmth and compassion to you as suffering panic attacks can be devastating.  This is not an easy place to find yourself in and we are hoping that the description of each of the escalating symptoms below helps alleviate your anxiety and fears by replacing them with knowledge and self-acceptance.  We’ve also suffered acute panic attacks symptoms ourselves and in the resolution of our suffering, we offer not just a description of the symptoms but if you follow the links to our other related sites, we’ll also help educate you on principled solutions that may resonant with you.  Just know that there are long-term solutions that don’t require a whole host of drugs or protocols that can cause you harm.


The good thing to note is that while profoundly uncomfortable, acute panic attacks are generally just that, “acute;” short-lived and while severe in effect at the time, the longest the effects can last is about 10-20 minutes.  While this may be little comfort while in the throes of an acute panic attack, at least it isn’t chronic inflammation of a joint lasting weeks or even months requiring long-term management or surgery.  Acute panic attacks can be easily resolvable with principled panic attacks treatment.  While panic attacks can have a sudden onset, which is what most folk find so destabilizing, they generally run their course in short order. 


Panic attacks can come out of anywhere and are usually the polarity of trying to control the “uncontrollable” in our lives.  I suffered several of these bouts myself en route to my in-laws before my marriage to my first husband.  His family was orthodox Jewish and I was orphaned with little religious construct and I was being strongly advised to convert over a lengthy three years.  I felt, unaccepted for my natural self and inundated with criticism.  Over time these fears of being un-loved and accepted for who I was worsened. You may be able to sympathize with the psychic cause of my panic attacks which materialized for me physically as suffocating asthma attacks.  I felt that I had little room to breath.  I perceived that I was given no choice in the matter.  If I chose not to convert, my fiance would be forced to leave me.  It was awful.




Most folks, like myself, become filled with dread and worry regarding the onset of the next panic attack.  This state of vexation, fear and anxiety can be enough to provoke the fright or flight state of an acute panic attack.  In either the absence or presence of physical symptoms, the person can start to feel prey to their psychological stress, uneasiness and dread.  Emotional discomfort may start to appear as distress, mild phobias around the next attack or even hypochondria; a deprivation of emotional ease.


Over time, the acute spikes of panic attacks may become anticipatory anxiety which is a multi-system response on the level of your central nervous system that begins to hold the body in a tightly wound sympathetic state.  It may feel like you are too tightly wound, perceiving innocuous stimulus like the phone ringing as a perceived threat.  This contracted state will loop in fright or flight without the ability to let go spiritually, emotionally or physically into a desired state of relaxation defined as a more parasympathetic state.  Eventually the adrenals suffer exhaustion from pumping adrenaline into the system because your mind is telling your body that there is a lion bearing down on it, even though your innocent house-cat may have just hopped onto your bed in the night.


Folks suffering anticipatory anxiety over a period of time may begin to suffer mental or nervous breakdowns as the adrenals throw up major white flags of distress.  The individual can feel a constant sense of foreboding as if he is dying, going crazy or that he is destined for a sojourn at “Shady Acres.”  This is a frightening state to find yourself in as your behavior will feel inappropriate to relatively benign stimulus, you’ll generally stop trusting your inner intuition and wisdom, suffering depression and avoiding people, work or situations that may provoke anxious feelings.  We’ve worked with folk who have sadly become “shut-ins” due to the deleterious effects of long-term panic attacks.  Thankfully, they’ve been able to resume normal lives.

Over time, you may notice that the emotional aspects of your suffering show up more and more on the physical level of your being.  Feeling faint from a temporary lack of oxygen in the brain due to a temporary constriction in the breathing apparatus, nausea, or numbness can be symptoms qualifying you for panic attacks treatment.  Alternatively, some individuals will suffer the opposite symptoms such as heavy breathing or even hyperventilation, which is abnormally fast or deep respiration, which results in the loss of carbon dioxide from the blood, thereby causing a fall in blood pressure, tingling of the extremities, and sometimes fainting.


If your breathing does shift into this mode, if you feel faint, or your vision begins to tunnel to an extremely narrow point of view, it is best to sit down in a chair or on the floor with your head between your knees.  If you do faint, it is best not to topple from a standing position, hitting your head on the way down, so try to get down safely to a low position at the earliest onset.  On occasion, you may have the urge to strike out or flee which is just your instinct to flight or fright where your bodily resources funnel into your limbs, away from the more noble organs, in an attempt to safely try to eliminate the adversary or run like the dickens to get away from it.





Your body is an amazing system releasing bursts of adrenaline, increasing heart rate, arterial blood pressure, upping blood glucose levels all spawned by your sympathetic nervous system’s response to stress.  It is truly amazing when you think about the dynamic nature of the panic attack and what your body has to go through in it’s efforts to protect you.  Some folks will also report heart palpitations, tightness in the chest, asthma attacks, and then trembling all over the body as the panic attack ebbs.  You may also notice burning sensations with a quick burst of heat, uncontrollable sweating, hot flashes and then cold chills as the body restores normalcy, releasing the flow of adrenaline.  The body will temporarily short circuit it’s thermostat in an effort to pump you up for the impending sprint or wrestling match with that perceived lion and then try to restore equilibrium once the threat has disappeared. 

The other aspect to effective panic attacks treatment is to restore your capacity to think and feel clearly.  Otherwise, in the face of acute panic attacks you can feel impotent of your inner fear and terror to make any decisions emotionally or mentally until you’ve resolved your state.  During an acute episode, your thinking may become muddled, confused and your feelings jumbled, like a very undesirable orgasm.  The trick is how to use the pleasurable orgasm function to discharge the “little-kid” fears and terrors that provokes your panic attacks in the first place.  You may only be noticing symptoms now, but in our experience, the situation has been mounting for longer than your perception of them allows for. 

A Heilkunst trained Physician is an experienced therapist trained in emotional release, preventing the symptoms of panic attacks.  Also, you’ll be armed with an Emotional Support Dropper, filled with natural homeopathic remedies that have no capacity to harm.  Folks tell us that their sequential therapy sessions feel like productive emotional midwifery helping them to birth the negative emotions allowing for the blessed release into healthy reflection, complete relaxation and restorative rest.


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The Anatomy of Panic Attacks 


acute – sharp or severe in effect; intense: acute sorrow; an acutepain.


sudden onset – In medicine, the first appearance of the signs or symptoms of an illness


fear and anxiety – root meaning of the word anxiety is ‘to vex or trouble’; in either the absence or presence of psychological stress, anxiety can create feelings of fear, worry, uneasiness and dread.


discomfort – an inconvenience, distress, or mild pain, something that disturbs or deprives of ease


anticipatory anxiety – Anxiety is a multisystem response to a perceived threat or danger


a sense of dying, going crazy, or having a nervous breakdown – Mental breakdown (also known as a nervous breakdown) is a non-medical term used to describe an acute, time-limited phase of a specific disorder that presents primarily with features of depression or anxiety.


feeling faint or nauseated – Fainting is loss of consciousness caused by a temporary lack of oxygen to the brain


numbness – Deprived of the power to feel or move normally


heavy breathing or hyperventilation – Abnormally fast or deep respiration, which results in the loss of carbon dioxide from the blood, thereby causing a fall in blood pressure, tingling of the extremities, and sometimes fainting.


tunnel vision – Vision in which the visual field is severely constricted, as from within a tunnel looking out. An extremely narrow point of view


urge to flee or escape – run quickly away  ( could not find a better definition ) 


fight or flight response – A set of physiological changes, such as increases in heart rate, arterial blood pressure, and blood glucose, initiated by the sympathetic nervous system to mobilize body systems in response to stress.


burst of adrenaline – a sudden burst of energy from an increase in the hormone and neurotransmitter adrenaline, esp. increased heart rate and blood pressure, perspiration, blood sugar, and metabolism                      


trembling – To shake involuntarily, as from excitement or anger; quake. To feel fear or anxiety. To vibrate or quiver


shortness of breath – Shortness of breath, or dyspnea, is a feeling of difficult or labored breathing that is out of proportion to the patient’s level of physical activity. It is a symptom of a variety of different diseases or disorders and may be either acute or chronic.


heart palpitations – Palpitations are heartbeat sensations that feel like your heart is pounding or racing.


chest tightness – This is one of the main symptoms of asthma. Chest tightness is often described as a feeling of ‘congestion’ in the chest or a heaviness. Less commonly it can be felt as chest pain.


hot or cold flashes –The more your anxiety rises the more sweaty and hot you feel. The adrenalin rush is a factor as well. With the increase of anxiety you become pumped up just like you were running in a race. Your heart rate may increase. Your brain is in overdrive, causing the sweating. Cold flashes sometimes appear more after the panic attack. The sudden rushes of anxiety causes the sweatiness, and by calming down you may feel cold, and have chilling feelings overcome you. 


burning sensations – Burning sensation is an abnormal feeling of burning in the absence of heat.


sweating – To excrete perspiration through the pores in the skin; perspire.


The Myths and Misconceptions of Couples Counselling



Healthy relationships are a function of Love, commitment and a mature consciousness  It can be tough to enter into our imaginations to look into the future with regards to the dynamics of the relationship with clear, honest eyes.  Most folks know, unequivocally, at the altar whether or not they are making a mistake and due to social pressures, will go through with it anyway while the pulse races and the mind screams in protest.  Pre-Marriage Counselling can be the most intelligent and Love-imbued activity you can engage with on behalf of yourself in order to shed a conscious light on the myths and misconceptions of a prospective union with another.


A popular but mistaken belief is that the main factors contributing to a long marriage are luck and love; instead, commitment and companionship actually play a more important role.  In fact, one has to be committed to being their own intimate companion first!  What this means, simply, is that I can only be as intimately connected to another as I am already committed to myself and my own feelings first.  For example, when you are feeling anxious, ask yourself how you are really feeling?  Sink down, below the anxiety into the pit of your stomach.  What is the feeling?  Generally, it is a deep seated and more deeply rooted fear.  If you are able to connect to “the feeling” the crux of the anxiety, and name it out loud, watch the shifts that occur in your body as the breath deepens and you relax.  If you are able to execute these connections to yourself, first, then you simply can offer this same capacity to connect to yourself to your beloved.  It actual fact, I can only connect to another human being to the degree that I am already connected to all aspects of myself; especially my deeper feelings.





Conflict is not unusual or abnormal in a relationship; actually it can be the most illuminating tool to know the self if used constructively.  Freud called this phenomenon “transference.”  If I am displaying blame, criticism, or a false desire to fix someone else, what I am actually attempting to leverage from my subconscious is my fear, grief, anger, guilt and resentment by projecting onto the other person.  If I can train myself to read these projections before they are projected inappropriately onto my beloved, I convert lead into gold!  This is the secret behind Paracelus’ Alchemy. Alternatively, if someone chooses to live an unconscious life, they will keep projecting the same content over and over again based on deep seated karmic patterns and harbored diseases that keep one sadly puppeted by their unconscious; or neurotic and psychotic material.  Once we learn to hold the charge of a deeper inner consciousness with the realization that I’m about to project it onto someone else, I can illuminate the unconscious into consciousness.  Pre-marriage counselling, by an illuminated and trusted mentor can help us to face the content we harbor, poised to projected onto the tableau of an innocent marriage.  For example, if I notice I’m jealous, for example, rather than anxiously blaming or accusing my beloved, I can thoughtfully engage in the root cause which is my utter insecurity and fear that I may be abandoned.  In fact, in the case of jealousy, it is typically a sub-conscious projection of your little kid-fears that your are not worth being wholly committed to that was illustrated to you in early childhood by Mommy or Daddy.  Most of this content has been harbored before the tender age of three.


imagesPrincipled counselling is only to be used to avoid a negative situation like an imminent divorce; rather than a positive goal of consciously building a healthy, fulfilling relationship.  All negative self-perceptions have the capacity to be transmuted into a benefit for yourself and subsequently the relationship.  It takes courage to sink into the muck and mire of your deepest fears and hatred.  Once down in the content of the demiurge at your core, you realize that as you clear the brambles with your sword of truth, it is just the whining and little kid fears of your early childhood still holding you prey.  If you can pick up this side of yourself, the abandoned toddler, and purvey her/him out of the darkness with compassion and love, you will see that the positive goal of consciously building a healthy, fulfilling relationship, actually begins in your own loins!  If you can rescue yourself first, you don’t project your insecurities and demands to be rescued by your partner day after day.  This is the most liberating, mature and whole way of being in relationship.  Can you imagine what our relationships could look like if we are both already rescued and whole; our salvation completely bagged and intact?  There would be no end to the love, abundance and creativity we could explore.


Another myth is that “mature” or “smart” couples don’t need outside help to solve any conflicts or issues.  Self-intelligence does not necessarily come from having a PHd. or from living a long time.  Wisdom or as the Greeks spouted, “Know thyself” is a function of courage, the true capacity to face all your feelings in an honest, forthright, way and allowing your fears to convert into hope, hate into love, jealousy into faith, and grief into compassion and tenderness.  The intellect is not “smart” or “mature,” in fact it is a child barely out of diapers, living out of the past or projected into the future.  It is a moralizing junky that only knows how to compartmentalize, or analyze, trying to shove every feeling into filing drawers of the mind too small and contracted to fit them.  Feelings just don’t fit the intellectual construct and will spew onto the outer landscape, generally projected wrongly onto others.  It is a hot-flash of unconscious emotion.  When we walk it down into the nether part of our being, face our truer base emotions, they will naturally convert into right thinking, informed and imbued with heat, enthusiasm and orgastic love.  This is a more righteous definition for the state of maturity bourn out of a deep self-knowledge.  This way of being connected to he self is sexy beyond words!  Being the mature, realized, conscious being that you are naturally destroys the myths and misconceptions of the victim, prey-like self.


images-2One misconception with far reaching implications is that having children will bring a couple closer together or patch up existing problems.  What fears, anger, grief and resentment we can’t raise into consciousness out of love, actually becomes the prison projected onto the next generation.  What we bear from our loins carries the same limitations, or alternatively, the love and hope we’ve consciously become. Our babes are a mirror of our limitations or the triumphs of our celebrated lives.  The myths and misconceptions of pre-marriage counselling are that it can’t help.  That is true if I’m hell-bent on self-destruction.  Sadly, folks poised on remaining unconscious, perilously lost in the darkness, puppeted by unconscious acts that keep them, their partners and their off-spring trapped in karmic and disease patterns will perpetuate out of  law; the law of resonance.  

Appropriate pre-marriage counselling with a an inspirational mentor trained in the principles of Character Analysis and Orgone Therapies (enabling to access the pre-verbal ages from pre-womb to about 3 or 4 years where most patterning started) can help the individuals seeking coupledom as a function of their personal evolution be the most illuminating journey imaginable.  This is not for the faint of heart and few will own the courage to plunge into these depths, however, a mentor who has journeyed the same route before you, fully conscious, trained and illuminated can be a God-send.  It is time for us to cure ourselves, our relationships, our marriages and then only foster our children out of this deep abiding knowledge and love.  A whole, healthy, sovereign and autonomous self will create the opposite qualities in a partner.  Work on yourself first, or in conjunction with your relationship, as individual wholeness will burn off the predisposition for dysfunction and co-dependency.

10 Things You Can Do Easily to Better Your Health










At Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, there are certain questions we go through at the initial consultation with patients to discern whether or not they qualify for homeopathic medicine.  Here is a brief outline of some of the things we typically discuss.  You can test yourself to see if these are 10 Things that you do at home in order to better your health.  If you still suffer symptoms, give us a call, we’re here to help.


Number 1  


Drink, drink, drink enough pure pH balanced water!  If you can’t drink water from a well or mountain stream, then you will need to properly filter, and re-mineralize, the water you have.  Pure water alone can cure symptoms such as asthma, allergies, arthritis, angina, migraine headaches, hypertension, raised cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, depression, and diabetes.  If you are ever thirsty during the day, you are actually suffering the effects of dehydration and need to increase your water intake to approximately 2.5 to 3.5 litres of well-water (avoid chlorinated or fluoridated water as much as possible).




Number 2


Nutrition is totally individualized based on certain typologies.  A healthy individual will do well to stick close to their Blood Type Diet based on Dr. D’Adamo’s research, Eat Right For Your Type.  While there has been controversy over his research, we can affirm his findings based on 30 years of live blood analysis.  If you are perpetually fatigued, 10-20 pounds overweight and suffering some mild symptoms, we will recommend further approaches that will balance glandular imbalances, cravings, and addictions.


Number 3


Dormition, or sleep, is also indownloadstrumental to our health and well-being.  Babies need about 12 hours of sleep per night.  Adults, in the summer,  need 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep and in the winter 9-10 hours in a completely darkened environment. We know that the hormones Melatonin and Serotonin need complete darkness and a good deal of time to fully complete the cycle of restoring our bodies and minds for waking consciousness.  




Number 4


Recreation, which also includes exercise, is as critical as any other aspect of regimen.  Our spiritual, emotional and physical health is dependent on our capacity to simply be at play!  If you think about it, we’ve worked in the fields, ridden horses, or travelled long distances by foot for almost 6,000 years of human history.  At no time have we been so sedentary and our physical bodies are not abiding easily to this new way of life.  Diseases related to obesity like diabetes, heart, and hyper-tension are at an all-time high!


Number 5


Another area we work in is a principled detoxification of your organism.  Most of us suffer the effects, unknowingly, from heavy metals, including mercury.  When we think of mercury, we tend to think of metal amalgams in teeth that have been used barbarically since the American War of 1812.  For example, mercury is contained in everyday things such as:  adhesives, air conditioning filters, antiseptics, batteries, body powders, burning newspaper, building materials, calomel lotions, commercial cereals, fabric softeners, insecticides, laxatives, lumber, paints, paper products, Preparation H, and some soft contact lens solutions.  Mercury can cause adrenal dysfunction, allergies, hair loss, birth defects, Autism, Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy, anorexia, brain damage, dizziness, drowsiness, eczema, abscesses in the gums, hearing loss, hyperactivity, immune dysfunction, hypothyroidism, kidney damage, migraines, anxiety, nerve-fibre degeneration, rashes, tremors and suicidal tendencies.   In both Canada and the U.S. the allopathic flu-shot contains toxic levels of the preservative Thimerosal which contains mercury.  Mercury is just one of 15 heavy metals that we will safely detoxify our patients from using homeopathic chelation therapy.


Number 6


Geopathic stress affects us all.  The word is derived from the Greek words geo (of the earth) and pathos (suffering).  Most individuals have felt a sense of uneasiness when walking into someone’s home, place of work, store or even a tract of land.  While a location can be altered with decorations or Feng Shui, other aspects are not always as easily alterable.  Fault lines, electromagnetic fields, underwater veins, mines, man-made foundations, public utilities (sewage) and certain mineral deposits can contribute to unhealthy sleep patterns, as well as emotional and physical symptoms.  If you notice irritability, stiffness, soreness, depression, restlessness and a lack of tolerance, you may need to test your home for Geopathic stress.


Number 7


Using principled supplementation based on your individual needs can be a powerful aid.  Did you know that you would need to eat 45 bowls of spinach to equal the nutrition of one bowl in 1945?  Also, our soils are so deplete, you would need to eat 200 loaves of bread to equal one made at the turn of the last century.  Again, keep in mind that you are a very finely mechanized, spiritualized being and that you want to base your self-prescriptions on principle also in this realm.  After seeing results from 30 years of research in Live Blood Analysis, I know that herbs and even vitamins can create the illusion of health, or in some cases, even cause harm.  It is best if you can derive as much of your nutrition from whole, live, and organic foods as you can.  


Number 8


Most folks are surprised when I say the true cause of all diseases start in the mind.  Our hearts and minds carry a significant burden of unresolved emotions which, over time, produces armoring and rigidification in the body similar to rigamortis.  Physical symptoms are really the last phase of the process of emotional and spiritual disturbances that have not been wholly discharged.  When we use the homeopathic remedies to walk a person logically back through their timeline of emotional or physical shocks and traumas, they are amazed at how much content still prevails at their core needing to be expunged.  The law of cure does not mess around, it will raise for your viewing pleasure, all that still has you puppeted on a set of unconscious strings!



Number 9


Resonant relationships are critical to our emotional health and ecology.  In our system of medicine, we define health as being orgastically potent in all aspects of one’s life.  Whether that is through resonant union with your Beloved or through the work that reflects your soul’s yearning to know its self, it is critical to surround yourself with loving and nourishing friends and family.  False precepts like dogmatic religion that keep a person tied to a toxic marriage bonds only breeds symptoms and disease which happiness and fulfillment do not.  As a Physician, I have to conclude that if unhappiness breeds symptoms, that God doesn’t want you to live in abject misery.


Number 10


quotes-destress-dr-wayne-w-dyer-600x411Relax!  Take time off and release yourself from the constant lure of work! Sidney J. Harris said, “The time to relax is when you don’t have the time for it.”  He was right! Find a contemplative hobby like strolling by the ocean or in the woods, writing poetry, painting or photography so that you can access your muse and the more delicate meanderings of your heart and soul, or just nap or meditate on it!


Ok, that wraps up our 10 health tips.  Which ones are you going to start to work on?  Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below as we’d love to hear from you!