Are you ready for a map so that you can artfully fall apart?

The Art Of Falling ApartRaw Honesty

“Five Stars” to Allyson McQuinn for having the courage to write about how disease and failing to follow one’s own passions are irrevocably connected. Using her own life as an example, she describes with raw honesty the journey from “doing” for everyone else in stereotypical mother/wife-style, to the health crisis of a serious debilitating skin condition, and then on to remarkably attaining her health again after much soul-searching and life changes.
Well worth the read! ~ Kim White


“I purchased your new kindle book “The Art of Falling Apart”. I have really appreciated you writing it. I read it within a few days. I really loved learning how you processed and found your way through and out to the other side, and all the things you shifted and changed during that time. Very enlightening. It helped me to see how I have processed things myself. What you went through is certainly not for the faint at heart, and I can certainly relate to so much of what you shared. But it’s how we get to the best parts of who we truly are underneath all those layers that are not us. So thank you for sharing your experiences. All the best!!” ~ S.M.

“I’m almost done with your new book.  I’ll write a review soon!  Wow, it is brilliant!   Thank you so much for baring your soul!  I felt like it mirrored so many things that I’ve been feeling, and it was validating to read someone else’s experiences.  You know, that “I’m not alone” (aka crazy) feeling!  Thank you for everything, Allyson! ” ~ S.T

“Thank you for sending me the note about your book. I downloaded it and couldn’t put it down-even going cross eyed reading it on my phone lol.

The Art of Falling Apart is resonating with me deeply, I found my self going yes, yes, yes, and oh that’s why. I definitely feel that I am in the falling apart process, and instead of allowing it to take over with grace, I am resisting it with all my might, even though the voice in my head is say just let go and ride the wave. I too put others before myself quite often, and feel guilty  when I don’t, and try to do everything myself so no one feels they need to look after me-but I am at a point where I need to step down a little and let someone…hubby…care for me too ( I have shut him out from that, because I never wanted to be the needy girl), no I am understanding that being cared for is not a needy…sorry I went off on a tangent…

I also enjoyed hearing about your experience with Christ and Mary. For the longest time I have avoided and felt repelled by, I don’t want to say Christ, but by Religion factor-but I find that since painting with Shiloh (whom has a very deep connection with Christ and especially Mary and the goddess) I find my self drawn more the stories, teachings and history. I am learning that I don’t have to be in organized religion to enjoy them, and be inspired by them. I wrote down each book you recommended on this topic…hope that made sense. ~ J.R.


Real, Raw and Amazing!

“This is by far one of the most honest, raw, emotional books that I have ever read. Allyson shares her relevant lifetime history and how it led her to the ‘baptism’ encounter. Most importantly, she gives a firsthand account of how she sought the true meaning behind her suffering and took it upon herself to dig into the depths of her soul to cure her disease outright – which is her heart’s calling for herself and others.
Aside from the raw account of understanding her truth, Allyson’s writing style has once again left me unable to put her book down until I was finished reading!” ~ Kassie Ehler


“This is your most intimate, and illuminating, piece of work so far- it was a baptism by fire for sure!

You drew me into your inner world-taking me through the dark recesses of our primal fears, self-doubt, and the dying away of the false ego, to emerge, renewed and more wholly in relationship, with your Self and your life. It’s heartfelt, terrifying, beautiful, and inspiring.

Often practitioners are placed on a pedestal (or we falsely place ourselves on one). Because our work is to guide others towards ousting the false ego, resolving trauma and aiding in their trajectory towards claiming the essential self- we must, to a degree, be able to do this ourselves. Therefore, it is humbling when find that we still have a lot of personal work to do, and I think sometimes, we feel shame when we falter. We need to confront that fear of revealing, that we too, are still in a process of becoming. It is a vulnerable position, and yet, it is the very thing that is necessary.

With this book you have illustrated the darkest part of our unfoldment, where we enter into the recesses of our fears and assume, with full consciousness, who we are meant to be. Many of us turn away at this point, because it requires that we acknowledge, and act, on our truth. This is not easy, requiring that we stay with the chaos, and have faith, surrendering, and allowing, the facade to burn away. It can be wholly life-altering if we have built our relationships, and our lives, on who we thought we were (or felt we needed to be). It’s seemingly easier to suppress symptoms and dis-ease, disassociate from our truth, and stay in our delusions, that is, until we are faced with our ultimatum. You have illustrated this so beautifully. I felt your fear, your brokenness, your self-doubt, your bravery.

Then you take us into the warm embrace of self-care, and the traversing of this passage, with tenderness and self-love. This is one of the toughest things for most of us to do. “What? Am I actually going to ask for, and do, what I need to get well? What about XYZ? I can’t.” Your false ego was flat-lined, and you did. I felt like I was there with you, building up your relationship with your self, acknowledging and acting on your desires. It was tender at first, and then I could feel your energy build. I felt the enthusiasm as your love function became activated, and celebrated, when you found yourself with your kin, wholly in love.

Your book felt like an intimate, resonant conversation; these are the conversations that I crave. It could only have been achieved if you allowed yourself to truly be seen, and to speak, from your heart, and from your truth. It is a remedy, truly, for those that are still pursuing this passage. With the sharing of your story, you become a maverick, and give others a hope, and faith in their capacity, to become who they are meant to be.” ~ Sara Dubeau, DHHP, DMH



“”The Art of Falling Apart” was in my hands as soon as it was hot off the press. I knew that there would be many gems in this book, and I was totally right. In reading Allyson’s personal healing journey it felt so raw, real, painful and inspiring all at the same time. There were many aspects of her healing journey that have resembled mine in some ways over the course of the last few years. In reading her book it helped me acknowledge to myself that I’m on the right path. Allyson wrote a very enlightening book filled with incredible wisdom and courage. Thank you for showing us that it’s possible to arrive at who we truly are underneath the many layers that need healing. I appreciate you sharing your very personal experience with us. Highly recommended book!!” ~ Suzanne McRae



“I very much enjoyed reading this book, so much so that I finished in a couple days. It spoke deeply to my current state of mind, and gave me hope that it is okay to just let go, and that I will find my path.
Allyson has a captivating way of capturing her experiences in writing-such a personal story but also filled with much knowledge and direction to other resources if you so choose to go deeper.” ~ Jennifer Slader 


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