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Thank goodness that there are no worms in Ringworm! Otherwise patients would need Chthonic remedies for fear and terror, let alone remedies for tinea (skin issues). Ringworm is the root cause for many fungal issues in the body, showing up as thrush, yellow/white patches under toe and fingernails, as well as blistery lesions or round, red scaly patches on the skin.

Some patients will call in reporting itchy burning rash, termed athlete’s foot, between their toes, under the breasts, or with embarrassing jock itch. Some patients will also lose clumps of hair in spots on the scalp when suffering Ringworm; other individuals will report chronic vaginitis. Unfortunately, probiotics alone (which are sustentive) won’t resolve it outright, as it is virulent and must be cured on the law of cure like cures like (on the generative side).



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On the Heilkunst map, the symptoms will often show up to be treated between Tuberculinum and Medhorrinum  around February 7th or thereabouts. The state of mind is one like the movie, Ground Hog Day; the feeling is trying and trying to succeed, wanting so much to get out of the grinding loop, but feeling trapped with repeating struggle, then more struggle, and then just giving up. It can be a very demoralizing state to be in.

imagesI once had a patient who had a Ringworm dream where they were trying to catch a bus to New York City. They were in a hotel room and they couldn’t find any of their personal effects to put in their suitcase; they searched under the bed, finding their shoes, shoving them in the bag, they then go on a further tirade trying to locate their clothes and shampoo. Finally, they get everything into the suitcase, slam it shut, and head down the hall, a corridor with door after door, where they describe the hall getting longer and longer like a rat in a maze.

Finally, they find the right exit, reach the bus station, just as the ruddy bus is pulling out of the station. In their dream there is no other bus for over a week!  It is futile until they think to get a cab to the train station. Then the dream starts its shenanigans all over again, until they finally arrive to find that they left their wallet in the room at the hotel. It is so frustrating!

The thing is that folks caught in the Ringworm loop will actually be living this state out in their lives. I served a mom years ago who was suffering circular rashes on her elbows and knees. She rarely left home, her grown children still lived at home as well, also stuck in the same hereditary loop. Every time it looked like her kids might move out and gain autonomy and independence, they’d move back in again. She also kept going from one Heilkunst Practitioner to another, until the underlying cause was finally cured. Thankfully, today, I’ve heard that her, and her children’s, circumstances are much resolved.

If you would like to research Ringworm further, here’s a blog by Jeff Korentayer regarding Punxsutawney Phil and Ground Hog Day:






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