Ok, so you’re “broadcasting a remedy,” wait what?!

Many of you who’ve been working with us have called in needing treatment for an acute flare-up. As you go through your traumatic timeline or Chronic Miasms, 10-15% of the time, you just don’t get through the gate clean. You get your t-shirt snagged on a nail and the next thing, you’re calling or e-mailing us looking for a leg up.

That’s what we’re here for. We’re happy to help and yes – who wouldn’t prefer to help their feverish babe back to sleep with a dose of Belladonna? It sure beats pacing back and forth with them in your arms at midnight! We hear you – we were once parents of wee ones too.

And who wants to sit in an emergency waiting room with a restless babe in arms for an indeterminate number of hours? Especially when it is most likely a healing reaction to the previous timeline or miasmatic remedy. A quick email or call to us is usually a much better choice!

When clearing a prior use of antibiotics on your timeline, you will show signs and symptoms of the suppressed disease matrix coming up from just below the decks. Now the original disease re-emerges from underneath the masking effect of the drug. This is what we mean by the drug being suppressive or palliative only, as the original underlying natural disease is still at large.

When you call in, your Heilkunst Practitioner will listen carefully to what you say. Funny about Strep Throat, as patients will have about 10 different ways of describing sore throats. It is actually rarely the actual Streptococcus strain of bacteria. We will pour over our Repertories (fancy reference book for finding the right remedies) and then reference our Materia Medicas (corresponding reference book which is a catalogue of all homeopathic remedies and their laundry list of symptoms).

Once we have the best matching remedy (or in some cases, remedies), we’re not about to leave you in the lurch just hanging there in pain at the other end of the phone! Nope, we have a computerized “radionics device” called “CoRe Bioresonance Feedback”. We can dial in your name, place of birth and date of birth and pick up your unique frequency in nature and broadcast that rx right to you! (If you want to learn more about the dousing aspect of the CoRe Inergetix System you can check out the link here.)

Crazy I know! Please recall that I was a financial advisor before I was a Heilkunst Practitioner and if you’d explained this to me 20 years ago, I’d think you were talking out your behind. Also, read our other blog entitled “What’s in a Remedy?” for more on how we’re able to effectively broadcast bio-energetically across the divide.


The other thing that we can do is provide you with a “paper remedy.” Yes, you heard right. Paper rx are the remedies that we tell you to write down on a piece of paper and then stuck in your pocket or shoved under your pillow while you sleep. Yes, I know, you’re thinking I’m completely bonkers, however, don’t judge until you’ve tried it.

As prayer has been proven effective in physics terms, we can also cure disease from afar. Think of it like this. I make up a remedy, put it in a bottle, you add the water, and then you take said remedy and it biodynamically cures the disease in your etheric body. If you were to take that dropper to the chemist for testing, they’d tell you it contains nothing but water.

Shape of Love

By broadcasting OR using paper rx, we’re simply skipping the bottle or rice paper step and sending the bioenergy straight to its source. In fact, we have more advanced patients that never receive anything in the mail. Ever! We broadcast both their dropper bottle info. and timeline rx every month. And yes, they have the same degree of  healing reaction that you do mid-month.

Thoughts and Words

It was back in first year of medical school when I came down with one of the worst headaches that I’d ever had. I was just starting to feel nauseous and get a white aura at the periphery of my vision when the Instructor noticed my very pale face and wincing eyes. After a few poignant questions, she gave me a paper remedy of “Bryonia” with a fairly high potency. I was totally skeptical! However, within 20 minutes I was more than improved with just a ghost of  pain behind my eyes that was abating in the background. What a relief.

So for the last 15 years, Arcanum Practitioners have been broadcasting remedies all over the world. Flu rx for a patient in Cape Town, nausea rx for a fellow in Ottawa, bruising rx for lassie who fell from a horse in Fredericton and Strep. Throat for a young lad in Nebraska. The list is so long, we probably need to check with air traffic control before all these rx hit the airways. We’re sending out so many cures, we should be clocking the miles like an airline!


2 thoughts on “Ok, so you’re “broadcasting a remedy,” wait what?!

  1. Suzanne McRae

    I absolutely love when we get paper rx remedies broadcasted to us acute flare-ups. My son and I have both had remedies prescribed this way a number of times. I’ve always been thrilled to get an opportunity to do this to be quite honest because it’s proved to me over and over again just how effective this way of prescribing remedies truly is. Not that I have ever doubted any of this, even early on in our treatment with Arcanum/Heilkunst when I didn’t understand what it meant, there was somewhere inside of me I just knew it worked. Powerful stuff!!

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