Organon of the Medical Art by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (interlinear version)

organon-of-the-medical-art-by-dr-samuel-hahnemann-edited-and-original-imadyvu45tvgvfmkThe 6th edition is the bible for Heilkunst Medicine. Dr. Hahnemann clearly laid down the tenants for curative medicine in the pages of his “Organon der Heilkunst” here.
However, you might be very surprised at how many homeopaths have actually never read it. It’s not even on the curriculum at many colleges! We know because many individuals coming from other institutions cited never seeing a copy of it until they studied at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst.
Secondary texts, or even other editions, are watered down versions with mis-translations key to understanding this curative art. Steven Decker, scholar par excellence of 200 year old German from the Romantic Period, went back and re-translated every word and concept fresh.
Decker and Wenda Brewster O’Reilly illuminated much of Hahnemann’s true intentions. For example, Hahnemann never said, “One remedy per person,” in fact he said, “One remedy per disease” which changes the game entirely. This edition has become the blueprint for healing and curing, both art and science for us Heilkünstlers.
You can see Decker’s translated interlinear version on EBookMall, if you like. You can also then study his rational with regards to every word/concept painstakingly converted from the old German to modern English, with all the inherent meaning finally intact. In itself, it is a work of art.
Humanity finally has this dynamic, spirited piece of knowledge as the foundational underpinnings for addressing chronic disease. There is not an ounce of ambiguity contained within it’s pages. It will further cement for you that “homeopathy” is a principle, not a system of medicine which is a tenant of the whole of this medical art.

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