“I Like Your Happiness!”

Patriarchy can attempt to divide us; however, I know for a fact that folks can not be so easily broken apart by walls and borders. We’re lovers of the international state of mind.

I’m thinking of the Airbnb couple in Victoria, BC, who took us to brunch and wanted to know more about what we do here at Arcanum. I’m thinking of the woman who cut my hair in Guanajuato, MX, who hugged and kissed me as I left her shop because we’d become instant friends in an hour.

I’m thinking of the young fellow at the MacStore in León, MX, who said, “I like your happiness” and hugged both of us and took our pictures for their Customers Of The Month wall. I’m thinking of the couple in Cottonwood, CA, who worked in medicine and shared pictures of their beautiful children before making us breakfast at their Airbnb. She also shared her magnificent permaculture garden and koi-filled ponds so I could take pictures. I gave remedies to their dog and did some Bowen on his sore hip, and he was feeling fine by the next morning.

Jessica and Rosie, our lovely Airbnb hosts. She is into permaculture, mom of five grown kids, and an aquafit instructor. We loved her!

I’m thinking of the cab driver in Guanajuato, MX, who told me that my Spanish is excellent and to keep practicing as my best education is out talking with people like him. I’m thinking of the couple in San Diego, CA, who rescue exotic birds and rehabilitate them out of the goodness of their hearts. I’m thinking of the mother and son in Eureka, CA, who run an Airbnb and also take in elderly folk who can’t afford nursing homes and how we all ate breakfast in their living room and laughed at the news on the big screen TV.

I’m thinking of how quickly folks rush in to help give us directions, help us with translation, and just simply make our lives easier all of the time. My heart is swollen to her brim with all these experiences and nothing in the news or television can erase what I know is the steeped kindness of others. Their wide, open smiles and caring eyes swim in my veins.

Put the remote down, shut the lid of your computer, and go on a walk-about to far off places that you’ve never been to before. Perhaps study a new language on Duolingo so that you can communicate better. You’ll no doubt find what we’ve found in our travels to be true; love and human kindness is a thing, and it prevails beyond borders and walls. It is something you can lean into and allow yourself to be carried along with for awhile. It’s what is going on all around the world in everyday lives.


5 thoughts on ““I Like Your Happiness!”

  1. Linda Ferreyra

    Awesome as usual….love your happiness and also love that I’m getting there with your help…. peeling off the layers!

  2. amcquinn Post author

    I’m so excited that I get to witness your layers peeling. I love watching your happiness unfold more and more all the time. xoxo Ally

  3. Suzanne

    I love your joy Ally!! This weekend I experienced that level of joy which too me by surprise, because my father passed away just 10 days ago today. This past weekend was his wake and funeral. Instead of experiencing grief like I thought I might when I would lose a parent, instead I found myself completely submerged in a place of complete peace, joy and happiness. What an incredible way of experiencing the loss of a parent. It’s thanks to Heilkunst and these years of being treated that I was able to be in this place of peace. I’m so grateful!! xo

  4. amcquinn Post author

    I totally hear you. When my father transitioned I felt sad, but on another level, it felt like I’d been been waiting for him to jump that cosmic divide for some higher functioning purpose that I did not wholly comprehend. It was almost like all the pieces fit together and that we’d somehow released each other from some karmic limitation. That place of “peace, joy and happiness” that you describe also hit me like a crazy epiphany as I kind of watched myself going through the process of releasing him from this earthly domain. There was no moral quarrel with his sudden demise and I could move on much more liberated to be my whole self, with his guidance better served from the other side of the veil. Much Love from here, Ally

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