What’s The “NSOL” In My Remedies All About?

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All of us are under stress.  Regularly we can suffer feelings of disappointment, frustration, anxiety, and guilt.  It’s pretty much a function of being alive just as having air in our lungs and a beating heart in our chest. The NSOL combination is designed to mitigate these stronger feelings and reactions.

At Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, we supply our patients with supportive dropper bottles (and timeline remedies) to help lap away at both emotional and physical distortions as a preventative measure.  These are generally prescribed on a daily basis in your NSOL (Emotional Support Dropper Bottle) with instructions to sip on as needed in your water to help mitigate issues as they present in your daily life.

2017 © by Allyson McQuinn

This is a big part of the ‘wholistic’ aspect of your treatment plan, as you go through sequential therapy using Heilkunst principles.  NSOL addresses the most common emotions that we can experience regularly as human beings, that can skew our healthy life experience.  Sometimes these emotions are also more intense during the healing reactions of certain timeline events.

This remedy helps to also soften and release of any of these accumulated feelings, in addition to events that occur in the present,  making it easier for the individual to bear the emotional load more expediently, by speeding healing.  The secondary action of this combination helps to mobilize these strong feelings for release on the curative law of nature, “like cures like”, which is homeopathic law; preventing more trauma from being incurred in the present.  

Here’s the breakdown to each rx in our NSOL combo and the links for you to read about each remedy separately if you wish:

N – Natrum Muriaticum is for grief, loss, disappointment and abandonment

S – Staphysagria is for frustration, anger, humiliation, betrayal, and feelings of being victimized.

O – Opium * or Papaver is for feelings of fear, anxiety, and lack of initiative.

L – Lachesis is for guilt, shame, resentment (violations of trust) and jealousy.

It is important to note that by taking your emotional support dropper with “NSOL”, you won’t become numb or complacent to life; they don’t stop you from feeling the richness of life’s offerings.  The height and breadth of feeling will remain intact. However, folks often tell us that they have better dominion and choice over how they want to act on those feelings after having the remedy at hand.

2017© by Allyson McQuinn

We also hear from our clients that the remedies have helped them to burn off much of the past grief, anger, fear, guilt, and resentment so that reacting to issues in the present feels more appropriate to the moment, instead of dredging up a myriad of unresolved content from their lives.  Internally, they become more self-reliant and emotionally stable, an internal beacon to one’s own self.  We know this ourselves to be true as NSOL offers a kind of liberty to be able to discern how we want to react in the present without all the historical baggage.

*Note: Just a reminder that no remedy has chemical residue from any of these bio-energetic remedies.  If they were sent off to a chemist’s lab, they’d deem them “placebo.”  We know that the high attenuations are actually effective, which speaks to the millions of patients worldwide seeking homeopathic treatment.

4 thoughts on “What’s The “NSOL” In My Remedies All About?

  1. Leslie

    Hi. I live in Boston. Do you know of a clinic whop specializes in NSOL? Can I make it at home?? I am unable to pay he fees but I’m desperately searching for alternative healing. I hope you can help. Thank you.

  2. reception

    Hi Leslie,
    Thank you for your inquiry. I will send you some information via email.
    Regards, – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager

  3. reception

    Hi Valerie,
    Thank you for commenting on our blog, “What’s The “NSOL” In My Remedies All About?”.
    The NSOL droppers that are prescribed to patients are a custom rx, with additional supports and fine tuned potencies, based on each patient’s needs. You will find this is the case with all Heilkunst practitioners. You may be able to find the individual homeopathic components of NSOL at a specialty health store, however the benefits would be somewhat different to a custom blend made just for you.
    If you find yourself in a position to start treatment, we serve patients all over North America, and even world wide, by phone and computer. Our pharmacist mails the custom remedies to your home address.
    You can learn more about our clinic and treatment here: https://arcanum.ca/faq/
    Please let me know if you have any additional questions by emailing reception@arcanum.ca .
    Regards, – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager

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