Spring Cleanse for Mind and Body

What baggage are you holding onto? No, really–I’m speaking to you.

If you aim your gaze down into your belly, what is it that you’re feeling? Are you harbouring grief and sadness down there? What about loss or disappointment? Are you feeling pissed that you thought you’d be in such a better place in your life by now? Perhaps you’re afraid that you’re never going to get to your goals.

What if there was a way to dump all this physical and emotional content overboard without having to hash it out verbally. What if we could give you homeopathic remedies to lighten your load while also helping you detox from all that digestive, bloating, gassy stuff going on in your belly at the same time.

Perhaps you’ve been having more congestion and headaches than usual and you’re wondering if it has to do with the toxicity you’ve been carrying. Are you ready to let that go too?

Spring is a wonderful time to purge both physically and emotionally. Herbs come back at your local market, bitter herbs are growing like weeds and we’ve got homeopathic remedies to help you achieve your goals and obtain better health within a week of taking them.

Read our articles in this month’s Newsletter to find out more or contact us to set up an individualized detox protocol for you.




2 thoughts on “Spring Cleanse for Mind and Body

  1. Sophie

    Do you have more info on how to cleanse with bitter herbs etc? I am not seeing other articles? Thanks.

  2. reception

    Hi Sophie,
    Thank you for your comment. We don’t have any blogs specifically regarding cleansing with bitter herbs.
    Our practitioners assist patients with customized cleansing protocols based on their specific needs.
    Feel free to contact our clinic at reception@arcanum.ca is you would like more information on becoming a patient.
    Thanks so much,
    – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager/Reception Desk

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