The Cancer Connection – Genetics, Infertility, and You

There’s a close relationship between the factors of infertility, and a predisposition to cancer. We all have cancer cells in our body. It’s a normal part of our physiology.

Your body is in a constant state of recreating itself. Old cells are constantly being replacing by new ones. Your body’s cell factory is busier than Santa’s workshop on December 23rd.

But even in a state of perfect health, some newly created cells are defective. This is to be expected with such high speed production. A healthy immune system disposes of these defective cells immediately.

These cancer cells only become a health problem when chronic stress or illness prevents your immune system from doing its job. Defective cells can start to accumulate. If this trend continues, you cross a biological threshold, and “cancer” is now a pathology. Your inner “PacMan” can’t gobble up the defective cells as fast as they’re being created.

Eat well, get plenty of sleep, minimize toxins – I think we all got this memo on cancer prevention. But perfect diet and lifestyle aren’t enough for cancer prevention. What if there’s an underlying predisposition to cancer in your family tree? What if you’ve been dealt a stacked deck of genetic cards?

This is where cancer meets infertility. The genetic predisposition to cancer also shares many elements with infertility. The big underlying pattern is what we could call “reversal”.  That is, the natural flow of life is reversed, and starts flowing in the wrong direction. In a state of natural health, your life energy flows from the inside out. This is true at both levels – biological and psychological. In cancer and infertility, it’s like the flow is going the wrong way down a one-way street. You can imagine what that would feel like!

“Stress” is part of life, but how we handle it makes the difference. The cancer state of mind tends to internalize stress. It’s a “grin and bear it” attitude. Life energy is flowing more in than out. Sadness, anxiety, or disappointment all get stored up rather than expressed.

This same pattern is mirrored at the cellular level. It disrupts the all-important fertility factor of pH balance. If cancer is in your family tree, pH balance will be an uphill battle for you. Even with a “perfect” diet, your cells will struggle to function naturally.

This pattern goes opposite to natural fertility. While the state of mind internalizes stress, the cells become acidic. Natural flow is from the inside out, but it’s reversed here. The state of mind reinforces the acidic cellular physiology, and vice versa. It’s a vicious circle.

How can you tell if the tendency to cancer is in your family tree? There are subtle signs, beyond an obvious medical history of cancer. Conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, or anxiety may exist. Trouble with sugar metabolism, diabetes – or even an extreme “sweet tooth” counts.

The underlying state of mind is one of “resignation”. It’s a stance of reacting to external forces, rather than having a self-directed posture in life. A state of over-sensitivity may display physically or emotionally.

These are just hints, but they all illustrate the underlying reversed flow of life energy. Your body does everything it can to reverse this pattern. It chews through a lot of your resources along the way, including procreativity.

This is not a part of cancer we usually hear about. It’s the very early part of the disease which begins with a reversal in some of the most basic life functions.

What’s the importance of this to your fertility plan? It’s to realize that there are non-lifestyle reasons your pH level may seem more acidic than you’d expect. Promise me you won’t reach for strong fertility hormone prescriptions out of panic! Start by restoring your basic life and health functions first.


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