How to Identify and Correct Mineral Deficiencies

[This post is from the September 2018 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Let’s take a look at mineral deficiencies. If you suffer leg cramps, issues with your hair breaking or falling out, PMS, menstrual cramps, headaches, hot flashes, restless legs, joint stiffness, musculoskeletal soreness, trouble sleeping, cavities, poor fingernail growth, or infertility, you could be in significant need for mineral supplementation.

You may ask, “how can I know for sure?” We recommend live blood analysis with a highly trained analyst or a CoRe Bioresonance Session with our Jeff Korentayer, in order to discern if you’re ‘minerally’ challenged.

We have great tools for helping you to replenish the minerals not available in your foods. Years of Big Agriculture (Big Ag) spraying bio-chemicals and improper crop rotation has leached the soil of its mineral stores.

With our patients, we often recommend homeopathic tissue salts, bone broth, and solé brine which can be both cost-efficient and a solid way to supplement your mineral health. If for some reason, you’re not absorbing your minerals, we can help on that score as well.

There are ways to first ascertain and then treat your mineral deficiencies. Don’t suffer unnecessarily or just settle for your suffering. Often, it’s quite easy to address when you know what you’re looking for.

Jeff Korentayer and Allyson McQuinn have been working by phone and Skype with patients around the world since 2001. You can reach their office at to set up an initial consultation.

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