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[This post is from the November 2018 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Ever wonder why we peel your onion sequentially? Did you know that your shocks and traumas are what invite the roots of your chronic diseases to surface in a specific order? One patient I served called Heilkunst the most elegant system of medicine known to man or woman. We have to agree!

I used to be a financial advisor in a former incarnation. That was before my son was cured of his autism spectrum issues by this system of medicine. I could not work in a field that was governed by no principles, further marginalized by suppression or trial and error. I needed clear, realizable edicts and repeatable results. And that’s what I got over 20 years ago, when I studied to become a Heilkunst practitioner.

Heilkunst achieves this end by following a very strict methodology termed, “the law of succession of forces”.  Simply put, your disease matrices are layered like a geological dig. By going after each trauma in order, we purchase your freedom, one event after another, each 28 day appointment cycle.

In the beginning things are a little chaotic. It’s like a plane trying to right itself with a dizzying, dynamic instrument panel of spinning dials. However, by a few short months the patient does ‘straighten up and fly right’. Stripping the onion becomes much easier and predictable. The gains become so mind-blowing, often folks go well beyond just the resolution of their physical ills. Heilkunst becomes a way into consciousness and self-knowledge.

To learn more about sequential treatment, read the following blog article here.

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