Sunshine Is More Than Just Vitamin D3

If you don’t like the sun – then more than likely your body is full of parasites and candida overgrowth, both of which detest the sunlight. They prefer darkness, dampness, cold. Sunlight is their nemesis and they will do a very good job of convincing you that you dislike the sun and heat.” ~ The Awakened Body, The Sunlit Truth

When I was in my teens, I suffered horrible yeast infections. I was prescribed rounds of Nystatin by the conventional Doctor that did nothing to alleviate my symptoms. The itchiness and redness so severe, I bled, shredded by fingernails that I could not grow long enough to scratch an itch that never receded.

Even when I came to Heilkunst Medicine as a patient (the form of Wholistic Medicine I now practice), I was a mess with autoimmune issues, fibromyalgia-like symptoms, psoriasis, and chronic fatigue. I was overrun by candida. I had a son in the ASD spectrum and my life felt like it was coming apart at the seams. (For the resolution to my suffering, you can listen to the free audiobook here.)

I also could not take the sun. I burned from stem to stern. Once, in Grand Cayman with my Aunt and Uncle, I had two inch blisters so severe on my arms and chest, I was admitted to hospital with both second and third degree burns. After the baths in alcohol, for two days, I finally stopped passing out and could go home to remain indoors or in the shade for the rest of my very painful, miserable trip. I hated the sun!

When I suffered chronic fatigue and parasite issues, I was at my sickest. I was in bed several days per month. I’d never taken a probiotic, and I was passing yeast in clumps in a variety of colours. As a result, I believe it is why I gave birth to my son almost two full months early. I was just that sick, I could not sustain successfully my own life, let alone his.

How did I solve it? I got rid of all the grains in my diet, sticking more to salads, shakes, eggs, meats, fish, turkey, vegetables and limited low-glycemic berries. I let go of the chocolate, sugar, coffee and alcohol dependencies I had and followed my Blood Type Diet as per Dr. D’adamo. As a result, I lost fifty plus pounds I’d carried and started to feel a whole lot better.

My ideal fats fed me in ways I’d never imagined. I stopped feeling chronically unsupported. I’d been plagued with the state of mind that everyone in my life wanted to take something from me; that I was wholly and completely unsupported.

This is also an indication of parasites. They steal from you without giving anything back … the sun does the opposite, filling your banks of health with not just Vit. D3, but a feeling of utter restoration and wholeness.

I also began to ferment sauerkraut, fast for several hours per day from supper the night before to lunchtime the next day and even a full day each week. This gave my immune system the time it needed to address any toxicity and unwanted parasites on board without overburdening it with having to digest more food.

Fast forward twenty-five years and I could not love the sun more. In fact, I’ve lived in Mexico for the last four years throughout the Winter months while the snow flies in Canada, serving our patients three days a week online. I never use sunscreen and I tan brown like a berry without issue.

The sun is one of the healthiest, life-giving forces available to humans on the planet. A healthy body actually thrives in the sun.

I know from sixteen years of our wholistic medical practice that if you clean your insides, organs just run smoother, pores open and the sun becomes something you can naturally metabolize. It will no longer cook you to a crisp due to the rancid oils, blocked skin, a sour gut and cells unable to absorb nourishment, including sunlight.

I was, now, accepting the sun’s primal offerings with ease and absorbing her light-infused grace. I knew some yogis, termed “Sun-worshippers” had lived on water and nothing but sunlight for twenty or even thirty years!  Although, I’m not so spiritually evolved to even want that goal, at least my nickname was no longer Casper!

My children, when they attended a Waldorf school over a decade ago, used to recite this poem by Rudolf Steiner, “The sun with loving light makes bright for me each day, the soul with spirit power gives strength unto my limbs. In sunlight shining clear I revere, Oh God, the strength of humankind, which thou has planted in my soul, that I may with all my might, may love to work and learn. From thee stream light and strength to thee rise love and thanks.”

We are light bearers, spiritual beings crafted of light. If you strike an anvil with a hammer, sparks of light are emitted. Your blood, in turn, needs iron and light to also metabolize. You’re a vehicle for works of light. You bring light into the world. You’ve heard terms like, “the light is gone from their eyes,” or “She’s a real light in the world.”  Our language makes no mistakes regarding the stuff we’re made of.

Like me, perhaps you’re ready to remove toxic foods that irritate your body and fry your skin symptomatically on the outside. Get rid of GMO’s like Canola Oil, grains, pasteurized dairy, foods that make you acidic like wheat and refined sugars or city tap water.

Test your pH by urinating on litmus paper. Once you know how acidic you are, you can start to measure when you become more alkaline as you change your eating habits. Cancer can only grow in an acidic environment where there is low oxygen and very little light.

Try taking little infusions of sunlight everyday at first. Start slowly for if you’re suffering inflammation in your body, going out in the sun will feel like your taking a gas infused lighter to a matchstick.

Try to stick to organic, locally sourced foods as much as possible. Only eat from the outside isles of your supermarket. Or better, yet, get to know the individuals who grow foods naturally at your local farmers market. Eat whole foods, lots of green vegetables, juice your carrots with raw beets, kale, apple and ginger. Yum! Watch yourself start to radiate with more life and light.

Look seriously at the makeup, creams and sunscreens you put on your skin. It is important to detox from this load where words on the bottles you cannot begin to pronounce. Those cancer causing elements will only destroy your health and capacity to metabolize sunlight. There are lots of natural makeup on the market (search out small, handcrafted companies on Etsy like Flora and Fauna Facial Oil).

Also, coconut oil has a decent SPF up close to 20 alone! When I was learning to take in more sun, I crafted a natural sunscreen that I made myself with coconut oil, raspberry leaf oil and carrot seed oil, for example.

Skin brushing is another healthy way to get your lymphatic system turned on to cleansing toxicity from the body. A natural brush or loofah, run in little circles over each limb and your trunk will help you feel alive and purified before your epsom salts bath with essential oils.

The Awakened Body blog cites, “Try and get 15+ minutes of sunlight every single day during autumn, winter and spring. Slowly increase your exposure as the days get warmer. DO NOT just walk out the door mid-summer and spend 3-4 hours at the beach and then whine on Facebook later at home that the sun is a brutal b*tch and burned you beyond belief and now you look like a lobster.”

In just 20 minutes of sunlight, you don’t need to take a Vitamin D3 supplement as you’ve just absorbed over 400 IU’s. In 35-40 minutes, you’ve topped up your daily dose. If you work indoors taking a Vit. D 3 supplement of 1,000 to 2,000 IU’s per day will help to maintain your health for an adult. A child only needs half that, a baby 400 IU’s is sufficient.

Be sure to take off your sunglasses and gaze at the sun ½ hour just after sunrise or before sunset. Sungazing balances the endocrine system, by influencing the mother of all the glands, the pineal gland. Additionally, eyes absorbs more light than even your skin does. Kids don’t generally wear sunglasses and if they play in the sun, their health, immunity and mental well-being increases over the summer months.

Put your kids in sun protective clothing with long sleeves and a hat to begin with early in the season and then taper back to t-shirts by June. By then they should be good to go by the time bathing suit season hits in July and August. I know because we’re toe-headed (white blond) Canadians and my kids generally didn’t wear sunscreen in the summer. I bought the natural stuff when we went on trips, to the sunny south, though.

A good parasite cleanse is often in order. We use and recommend Paragone to our patients which is based on black walnut hulls. When you notice all those white dots in your stool, you’ll no doubt be creeped out by all the parasites you’ve been hosting onboard.

Also, the yeast and candida needs to be addressed, along with heavy metals. This protocol is more significant and should not be done without the guidance of a trained Physician. We’re happy to counsel you in this regard  by Skype or Facetime and send you the medicine at no cost if you’d like to set up a consultation. Email your details to

Also, did you know that most folks will develop cancer in the parts of their body not exposed to the sun?  For example, 80% of tumors show up 80% of the time in women in their sex organs. I’m in my middle 50’s living both in Mexico and in summer in Canada. I have private sunning patios in both locales for this very reason. Almost 16 years ago, I had an inch and a half tumor in my left breast that I solved naturally using this system of medicine. (Listen to my story for FREE here.)

Did you, also, know that folks suffering infertility often need to increase their sun exposure?  Men can actually boost their testosterone quickly by starting to expose their genitals to sunlight regularly. Yes, you read that right! Nude sunbathing for everyone makes more healthy, easily conceived babes. Read our FREE book on Natural Fertility here.

Thomas Valone, Ph. D. cites, “Sunlight baths with bare skin allow the bodily cells to store light energy sufficient to recharge the batteries in the DNA.” Think of your sun as the grid, you need a regular infusion in order to fuel your internal batteries.

Set a timer to get away from your computer, phone radiation and wifi. Even sitting long hours is considered the “new smoking.”  Ditch your microwave as use the shelf for health cookbooks instead like we did. Walk barefoot through the park (that is not sprayed with chemicals of course) or by the water at a sandy beach. Commune with your natural self in nature. Go for bike ride or play a game of catch with your dog or the kids.

Get off the fake foods, let go of fake news and fake people in your life. Don’t use toxic shampoos or hair care products. Change to a natural toothpaste, or make your own using coconut oil, baking soda, bentonite clay and peppermint oil. Use only natural moisturizers and bath bombs with essential oils.

Increase your vibrancy and enthusiasm for the things you do and love. Hang only with folks who infuse you with energy and light. Let go of that job where you’re treated less than stellar.

Take up a hobby. Study holistic nutrition, permaculture, hydroponics, art, philosophy, dance or piano if that’s your gig. Become a vehicle for inner light metabolism and receive your birthright from the sun. Be whole and be healthy … it’s the only real estate of value that you’ll ever truly own for more than 80 years plus.

Don’t forget to sunbathe naaaaked in the privacy of your own hidden domain. Nothing better than exposing all your luscious parts to the sun.

Written by Allyson McQuinn (Click here for bio.)


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