Pinch Me Baby One More Time

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“Pinch!” by Jinx!

Pinch me baby, just one more time. Before you think we’ve gone off our rocker, we don’t mean this in a mean sense. Grabbing a little skin on the back of your own hand in a little pinch can actually show how hydrated we are. Are you curious to do the test?

Then head on over to our blog post “Pinch me! (and other ways to know if you’re staying hydrated).” While this blog article is part of a series we are doing on natural fertility, you’ll learn more about how hydration is simply the foundation for good diet and lifestyle. Every physiological function, and every cell in your body can’t run without water.

Also on the topic of hydration, you can find out how a concept called “Sequential Eating” can help with your hydration. Jeff Korentayer will show you that there is actually a way to improve your hydration without drinking more water.

It comes from a concept called “sequential eating” discovered by Dr. Stanley Bass. It’s based on the understanding of how food forms layers inside your stomach. Think Tetris, but played with a knife and fork.

“Guess who made each of the bottle” by Chad Rosenthal

Your digestive system uses a different enzyme for each food item. It has an easier time with like items grouped together. Layers of food digest better than a jumble of everything all mixed together. It’s a basic efficiency factor for digestion.

Are you ready to be enlightened with regards to hydration?  Then follow the links to these two blog articles:

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