Where Does Exercise Fit Into Your Fertility Plan?

Your fertility plan must include a healthy dose of exercise. Its two primary functions are to create and regulate energy. It regulates your hormones, as well as cellular metabolism. It helps to create healthy eggs and sperm. It’s directly linked to the health and regularity of menstruation and ovulation.

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Regular exercise improves metabolism and circulation which contribute to all reproductive functions. It also reduces stress.

Think of exercise as a fundamental part of trying to conceive. Your total fertility health depends on it. When done in moderation, it is one of the greatest hormone regulators. It also governs the health of your cellular DNA.

Exercise is normally understood as a way to burn off calories and lose weight. That’s actually one of its less significant health benefits. Your health and exercise goals change when you’re trying to start a family. There’s a big difference between getting in shape to carry a baby versus trying to fit back into your high school prom dress.

Doing either too little, or too much exercise will work against your fertility goals. If that’s you – exercising too much or too little – then you’ll need to find a healthy middle ground. Both ends of this spectrum are similarly harmful to your chances at reproduction.

Are you less active than you might like to be? Start by picking something that you actually enjoy doing. This is key for making exercise a long-lasting habit. Otherwise, you’ll deplete your willpower in trying to maintain a consistent effort. Choose an activity that best suits your personality.

Do you prefer team sports or solo activities? Does a more structured, formal activity appeal to you? Or do you thrive on more spontaneous activities, such as ringing the neighbor’s doorbell to go for a walk? You know yourself best! Use your own natural inclinations to your advantage. Never overlook the element of pleasure. It’s the factor that will make exercise an easy habit to maintain.

There’s another general key to follow in your fertility exercise plan. That is, to find a healthy balance between cardio exercises and strength training. The polarity between these creates a complete package. It takes two to make a baby – in this case, two types of exercise!

Nature is called ‘wise’ for a reason. She makes sure that babies go to the parents who are on track to stay healthy for the long haul. The nine months of pregnancy is only the beginning. Healthy, moderate doses of exercise send a signal to nature that these parents-to-be are likely going to be around for the long haul. Nature sends them to the front of the line at the baby store.


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