Where do Babies Come From? The Sun, of Course!

All life on earth originates in, and is maintained by sunlight. Every aspect of health and fertility can be traced back to the sun. Even a casual study of the food chain will illuminate this. Photosynthesis converts sunlight into plant energy, which then flows up the food chain.

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Our human physiology is still partially plant-like – we convert sun exposure into vitamin D when it touches our skin. It’s cholesterol that gets transformed into Vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunlight. This is one of the reasons you need a steady intake of healthy fats and oils in your diet. When you see a food label boasting ‘low fat!’ think to yourself ‘low fertility!’.

It’s called ‘vitamin’ D, but it is actually a hormone, not a vitamin. It’s absolutely essential for your fertility. Sunlight on your skin produces the best form of Vitamin D.

Your hormones respond to the rhythm of the sun and moon. Light and darkness, or day and night are what set your hormones in motion. The hormones that tell your body when to get sleepy, and when to wake up are the same ones that make you fertile. Too much screen time in the evening is confusing to your body. Poor sleep is only an early warning sign of fertility difficulties.

You could even say that humans are miniature versions of the sun. How so? How are you like a ball of burning hydrogen gas in the sky? Do you remember the definition of ‘pH’? It stands for ‘potential for hydrogen ion transfer’. That’s another way of referring to the life energy that flows through your body. Your body is a scaled-down version of the sun – burning hydrogen to create and maintain your energy.

This is why measuring your pH is one of the best ways to test the health of your diet. An alkaline reading in the low 7 range shows that you are burning your fuel cleanly and efficiently. The more that your health is based on the sun and all its byproducts, the more fertile you will be.

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