Is MTHFR Linked to Autism and Tongue Tie?

Many patients ask me about the MTHFR gene and how it relates to their child’s autism or even their babe’s tongue tie. MTHFR is only a small fraction of a much greater puzzle that relates to methylation. It can’t be looked at in isolation as there are other contributing factors, such as Genetic Miasms coming down the family line, as well as traumatic timeline events and environmental factors (ie. vaccines, glyphosate, birth control, dental composites, emotional traumas, etc.).

Even if you do a test to check for confounders, you’re only grabbing a snapshot in time. We’re constantly changing. We’re subject to exposome and epigenetic influences all the time.

While it’s good to avoid all processed foods, synthetic vitamins, get enough exercise, drink lots of fresh, pH balanced water, sleep well, address the 8 Genetic Miasms (including the one that mostly contributed to MTHER), the root cause is still at large until you dynamically address all the factors mentioned above wholistically.

Is MTHFR linked to autism and issues like tongue tie? Yes, but so are COMT, TBX22, and other genes. While you may take enough folate or methylfolate during pregnancy, you can’t just micromanage your way around this with supplements. The answers lie in your whole health, and while choline is far more important for preventing neural tube defects and is preferred over taking folate supplements, this kind of tinkering won’t wholly shift the roots of your genetic predisposition.

Why not address the whole of your health, on the law of similars, so that you couldn’t possibly host a babe with issues?  We go beyond diet and supplements, without causing an ounce of harm.

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