How Might Groundhog Day Be Related to Ringworm and Your State of Mind?!

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Do you ever have the feeling that you’re stuck in a karmic loop? Are you repeating unwanted patterns in your relationships and in your work? Do you secretly wish for a bottle that says, ‘Drink Me’, and a key to a door of a secret garden? (Read on to find out how you may be touching on the edges of the Ringworm seasonal miasm!)

I feel you. This was also my story once upon a time. I felt like I was just surviving my life. I had a job that my heart was not connected to. I felt stuck in a geography that had too many months of winter when I secretly desired an eternal spring. I had violent thoughts every Groundhog Day! I also felt that I was not able to be the best mother because I was secretly miserable.

Many of you will tell yourself that you’re stuck! This illusion plagues more of us than you may even realize. We’ll tell ourselves that our commitments and our ties to a bi-weekly paycheck have us beholden to the same grind over and over, year after year.

If we believe what we’ve been told by our parents around getting a good job and securing a pension, or that once you’re cemented into said job, geography or community, you have to stay stuck. It’s a delusion that we’ve told ourselves often because we think we have no choice.

Did you know that I serve many families, often with six or seven kids, that work off-line and live in countries all over the world? All of their stuff fits into two duffle bags. The parents work as writers, editors, IT consultants, and even teachers of English to kids in other countries, pulling a backdrop down behind them in their kitchen and living cheaply in Mexico or Thailand, having rented out their house back in the U.S. or Canada. 

I’m not suggesting that this lifestyle fits you. I’m just saying that our beliefs and self-worth can open the world to us, and even our families, rather than just keeping it more in the mode of what we feel born into for the rest of our lives. The thing is that symptoms only arise when we feel stuck in our limiting beliefs rather than opening up the realm of possibility.

The Genetic Miasm Ringworm speaks to these cyclical patterns of belief. The disease becomes engendered in us if we feel stuck in a mode of ‘repeat.’  If we’re unconscious of this, it will feel like we’re plagued by the theme from the movie, Groundhog Day, which is why we wrote this month’s blog post for you. Often you can’t jimmy a limiting belief if you first don’t even know you’re stuck in one. 

Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to get yourself to higher ground. Maybe you’re sick of the perpetuating loop. If you’re tired and more than a little fed-up with facing a new decade with the same job, geography, or limiting relationships, this newsletter is for you.  We’ll see you on Doxy, Zoom, Skype, or Facetime for a consultation. Waking up annoyed and desiring something different is the first step.

If not, you can carry on and skip this month’s newsletter articles completely. Cheers to a New Year, lived totally on your terms!

One thought on “How Might Groundhog Day Be Related to Ringworm and Your State of Mind?!

  1. Stephen Cobb

    ? So here’s a toast to jolly ‘ol Ringworm ?
    ‘May our endless, tiresome, no-win-running-around-in circles encourage and enrage us out of resignation,
    Impel us to break whatever cycle of beliefs keeps us frozen in the same ‘ol – same ‘ol rut of mere existence.’

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