Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Healthy Sexuality?

For thousands of years, our bodies, our biological functions, our desires, and our innate spiritual and emotional wisdom have been bastardized by dominator religions, suppressed, used, commoditized, and minimized. It’s time to take it all back. 

For this reason, both men and women feel lost and out of balance sexually. As part of our pure essence, our sexuality is a sacred chalice of pure knowledge and growth filling us with so much delicious energy that it is often indescribable. Our life force is what sustains and heals us internally with orgonotic streamings and orients us to the higher dimensions of consciousness.

Why else would we be endowed with such capacities if not to know the essence of creation and re-creation though the act of sacred communion with our lover. Through orgastic connection, we can exchange a mind-blowing fount of energy, and discharge pent up frustration, fears, grief, guilt, and shame. It’s the opportunity to wholly express our true natures and come back from such sacred unions reordered, cleansed, and truly blessed by our unions.

To be filled with a sense of pleasure, love, joy, and gratitude an individual is able to realize the fuller bounty of being a wholly healthy human being as the darker powers that be would like you to feel marginalized, off kilter, and shut down sexually. You deserve connection, pleasure, and wholeness sexually with your beloved and we can help you to derive more fulfillment and meaning from your intimacy with your dedicated partner if  you both desire it. 

At this point in our evolution, we reclaim our sacred sexuality; our pleasure, our power. No construct can rent our erotic essence asunder.

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