Unblocking Your Sexual Energy

[This post is from the January 2021 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Welcome to 2021. I think that we can all agree that last year was a bit of a shit show. 

This month we’re talking about the greatest renewal resource bestowed to either man or woman … it’s your sexual energy. In our books, there is no better time than a lockdown for cultivating love, play, romance, and intimacy in our loving relationship. 

No partner at this moment? No worries. The best time to create love, play romance, and intimacy is also now, with yourself. Before I met my beloved husband, I dated myself. I treated myself the way that I would like to be treated by a man that would one day become my soulmate.

Gestures such as warm baths with rose buds, bath bombs, essential oils, healthy nourishing foods, dinners out on my own, a trip to the local repertory theatre for a foreign film, a long walk in the forest, a delicious book (I always have a study book for the morning and a novel for before bed), no television (ever … not for over 25 years), and self massage.

I wanted to find a partner that had the same ethics as I did … and guess what?  I did. Jeff studied at the same college for Heilkunst Medicine, didn’t watch TV, loves to read for hours at a time, is very sensitive, and more than spiritually threaded. He also loves the same nurturing, self-care practices that I do.

You, too, can consciously create your resonant other by getting really juicy with yourself. We’ve been counselling patients and couples (for 20 years this year!) in order to find the same for themselves. Anything less is an indication of where the intimacy with your self may be hindered. It’s an inside-out job not an outside-in job, and much can be done by resolving things on our personal level first and providing resources on how the mechanics of true orgastic potency actually work. 

We’ll leave you with this month’s blogs to mull through. There are others. Just search on the word ‘sex’ on our website www.arcanum.ca and others will pop up. Let us know if you think that we’re missing anything and we’ll do our best to research and craft it for you anonymously.

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