Like Cures Like and Other Medical Mysteries

This post is from the June 2021 newsletter – click here to read it.

This month we’re speaking about immunizations.  Did you know that allopathic medicine actually prescribes drugs in two different places on homeopathic law, like cures like?!  Yes that’s right, vaccines and also ritalin (stimulants are actually respecting homeopathic law) or strattera drugs for those suffering ADHD. In 20 years, we’ve counselled many parents to allow an over-stimulated child to sniff pure coffee grounds once in the evening to calm them down before going to bed.  Try it, it works for adults too!

In our first article, we speak about the efficacy of the tetanus vaxx.  Did you know that there are just 30 cases of tetanus in the US each year?  Did you know that there are very simple and natural ways to deal with a puncture wound without having to get a shot? We’ll tell you all about it so that when you’re at the cottage this summer, you have nothing to worry about if you trip on your neighbors rake and skewer yourself … unless of course you need stitches.

Our second article is about the principle of immunization, so that you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  As mentioned, we can immunize homeopathically on the same law as the allopaths do.  It’s just that we have over 200 years of causing no harm, just as Hippocrates counselled all physicians.

Over the years, we’ve been very successful using the law of cure, like cures like, to handle puncture wounds without one case of tetanus. We’ve also helped hundreds of kids with attention deficits and folks recover from surgical procedures, like run-ins with rakes.  Let us know what your inoculation concerns are these days at your next follow-up.

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