How’s Your Prostate? (And Other Personal Topics)

This post is from the JULY 2021 newsletter – click here to read it.

This month we’re talking about men’s health.  Our articles are focused on inflammation; more specifically as it relates to the prostate and also when it shows up as gout in the feet.  Gout is when needle-like crystals (waste products) are not being properly flushed from the extremities. It can cause excruciating pain.

Also, if you, as a male, notice a forked stream in your urine, or pain or tenderness in your genitals, it’s a good time to have your prostate checked.  Most allopathic physicians will tell you that there are only two ways to deal with prostate; medication or surgery depending on how protracted the issue is. We’re here to tell you that there are other options.

I served the CEO of a multinational company over 15 years ago that was first seeking help for trigeminal neuralgia.  He had pain so severe in the nerves of his face that he was close to tears. Poor stoic fellow! His wife had dragged him in to see me based on a recommendation from another patient of mine.  He was so skeptical, that he had one foot out the door, ready to bolt, even before he sat down in the chair of my farmhouse office.

When he came back four weeks later, he almost shook my arm off its hinges.  He was so thankful that he asked me to address his prostate issue. I wondered what else he had going on under the hood.  Four weeks later when he returned, he used the word ‘miracle’ which we’re more used to hearing from our more mystical patients. He smiled impishly, “What the hell’s in those little bottles?”

While I never got the chance to address my uncle’s extreme gout issues, I’ve served lots of other men who were at first too shy to tell me that they were suffering the so-called, ‘rich man’s disease.’ Once we got into Heilkunst treatment, it was soon realized that not only they weren’t drinking enough water, their diet and exercise program weren’t remotely suited for their individual typology. It had very little to do with the balance in their bank account. That’s the thing – a little bit of regimen support and a few homeopathic rx and their suffering generally lifts, and they’re flying with all their instruments again.  

Men are often shy, they’re also typically very stoic. It’s time to let them know we’re here.  We’ve got the knowledge and compassion, and no they don’t have to open up their suppressed Pandora’s box of feelings until they feel more ready.  As it turns out, we’re always ready.


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