Success Story: Healing Through Homeopathy

“Homeopathy is curing me! Now, if this is all in my head, why did the Metformin, thyroid medication, anti-depression/anxiety medication NOT cure me when I was taking it? Why did those things never help or make things worse?
If it was “all in my head”, and I believed I needed them then the same way I believe homeopathy has helped me now, why did they not do what homeopathy has done?
Waiting for the nurses and doctors to give their two cents on this one!!!
Four years without thyroid medication with a TSH of over 300 and still didn’t go back on thyroid medication! Why am I not in the coma my doctor was scared of??
Why did the anxiety medication make me completely lacking all emotions? When we take something to help us, shouldn’t we get well? Shouldn’t we FEEL happy and energetic and be looking forward to living? Instead of just sitting there now not crying or afraid yet still not living?
I have developed other things that I am still struggling with. However, homeopathy is STILL helping me slowly heal! I didn’t get sick overnight! And I don’t expect to get well as fast as I got sick!
I can be poisoned and almost die. And it will take a possible month to recover from a 2 second mistake!
If it took me 20 years to get as sick as I was, it could take me 40 years to fully recover!!!
At least with homeopathy, I actually FEEL better slowly! Instead of feeling like I’m wearing a band-aid for life!
No judgement of your choices in this post! Just accept that it isn’t in someone’s head! Because if it was, I didn’t need those medications either! It would have gotten better without them ALL THIS TIME! I just needed to get over believing I needed them!
Or did I need to get away from people who told me I needed them?”

  • C. Blake

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