What’s Safer For Me and Baby, Pitocin or Homeopathy?

This post is from the September 2021 newsletter – click here to read it.

Were you given Pitocin intravenously when you gave birth? Were you warned of the potential negative consequences? No? Most women aren’t. 

Our first article, by guest birthkeeper, Ana Aleksic, speaks to why you might want to reconsider falsely inducing labor in healthy mommas. It’s known to promote contractions so unnaturally frequent and powerful that it can actually cause harm, inducing shock to both mom and babe. Read about how the manufacturer of Pitocin actually warns of unwanted side-effects in typical births.

As well, if you and baby received Pitocin, did you remember to put this event on both of your sequential timelines of traumas? Pitocin is not natural oxytocin and qualifies as a toxic drug to address along with the fentanyl, bupivacaine, or lidocaine in the spinal epidural, plus any antibiotics and/or tylenol or morphine post C-section. On that last note, the C-section trauma also needs to be addressed physically, along with the invasive emotional breach your body and mind will have perceived.

We’ve also included a second blog to help prepare for a natural birth in an environment wholly resonant for you. Did you know that we provide homeopathic remedies for mommas who chose to give birth in birthing centres, at home, or even in lakes and rivers with their chosen birth support? 

More and more women are choosing to free-birth their babes more like nature has prompted us for thousands of years – in a quiet, totally comfortable environment with all the amenities we need, with those we love, feeling wholly supported to enable us to naturally open to this powerful and cathartic rite of passage.

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