Sample Menu And Keto Recipes As Requested

I was serving a patient this evening who asked me why her healing reaction had lasted so long. When I looked at her chart, I saw that she’s an O blood type; “What’s your diet like?”, I asked. “Well, it could use some work,” she replied. When we dug into her diet while she was on the road, along with the fact that she rarely rested, we came to the conclusion that her body wasn’t being properly supported through the healing reaction, which is why it was lasting so long. She totally admitted that moving her kids to college, looking after her granddaughter often, and working five days a week had taken its toll.

So I’m going to give myself up as an example. I love ice cream (gelato to be precise), but I’ve recently lost 20 lbs following the diet below. Now I don’t even crave refined sugar anymore.  I don’t eat bread … ever, not ezekiel and not sourdough either. I eat a B blood type diet with overtures of keto and Weston A. Price. I eat organ meat several times a week as it bolsters me in indescribable ways. I don’t drink alcohol either. Now I did make an exception and had a piece of tiramisu for Jeff’s birthday a few weeks back, but I literally only engage in any indiscretion about once every 3 weeks. I just don’t need it. 

The other thing is that I’m super happy. I love my life. I’ve fashioned a life that I don’t feel that I need to escape from. I’m in a super loving relationship; I have great, resonant friends; I’m engaged with my life’s work; I love hiking, swimming, or doing yoga 6 days a week; I meditate every day. I’ve created a little heaven on earth despite all the tyranny that  false authority seems to think I should be subjected to. Screw that!

After an Initial Consult, a patient made her first Keto Everything Bagels

So here’s my sample menu and some recipes that I make every Sunday and/or Monday time permitting. Perhaps they’ll also give you a leg up too. They’re only ideas. Please feel free to adapt the following to your own blood type diet and find the variation(s) that work for you.

Sample Menus:


Fast Until Supper (lime juice in water)

Crustless salmon and spinach quiche

Berries with cream


Lamb + organ meat Quesadillas with Consommé (bone broth)

Keto berry muffin 

Beef stew, beet kvaas

Keto muffin, berries and hazelnut kefir (sweetened with stevia)


Goat + organ meat + goat consommé (bone broth)

Turkey soup with vegetables, sauerkraut

Chocolate almond fat bomb


Keto Bagel with lettuce, tomato, cheese, homemade mayo and turkey

Steak with salad + citrus dressing + cream of mushroom soup


Scrambled eggs + cheddar + homemade fermented salsa 

Chopped liver + keto bagel + salad


Fast until supper (lime juice in water)

Squash soup + steak stir fry with vegetables and sauerkraut

Almond butter/chocolate fat bomb


2 fried eggs sprinkled with mozzarella cheese + smoked salmon + keto bagel 

Gourmet sausage with mustard + sauerkraut at a movie (bun removed)

½ a keto bagel with almond butter when I got home

Berries with cream


Keto Blueberry Muffins/Bread:

Easy Homemade Keto Blueberry Bread {low carb friendly}

Keto Chocolate Chip Muffins: 

Keto Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe

Chopped Liver:

Chopped Liver with Caramelized Onions Recipe

Chocolate Fat Bombs:

The BEST Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs (with Walnuts & Peanut Butter)

Keto Everything Bagels:

KETO KARMA | Everything Bagels

Fermenting Recipes:

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