The World Will Never Be Without Germs, Viruses or Politicians

This post is from the OCTOBER 2021 newsletter – click here to read it.

Holy frijoles, this year has been one wild ride!  I am stunned at how the world has been changing from the inside out.  Folks have really been super challenged to find their essential selves, really examining who they are, what drives them, what’s their personal philosophy, and how to protect their loved ones from serious encroachment on their innate liberties and freedoms.

While extreme divisiveness has been the name of the dark forces’ game, those of us on the hot trail of their mission have remained whole, loving, kind, inclusive, knowledgeable, and observant. We joke that we’re creating a parallel world that can not be torn asunder by the prevailing gestures of control or irrational fears against healthy individuals. We always say, “If the germ theory were true, we’d all be dead well before now.” Even its founder, Louis Pasteur, admitted on his deathbed, “I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything.” Antoine Bechamp was correct.

Fighting against these forces, writing weekly letters to members of parliament had become a full-time job for me. I truly tried to get them to see how they were eroding our inherent rights and freedoms, but as Jeff pointed out, you can’t actually convince a politician to honour the liberty of those that they’re supposed to serve, not in a climate of eroded ethics and corroded principles.  Did you know that one of the largest holocausts in our human history was hundreds of years of ‘witch burnings’ regarding home-births, the use of herbal remedies, and the use of homeopathy? Even Einstein marginalized Dr. Wilhelm Reich when Reich tried to show his bion experiments revealing the source of all life – and the list goes on.

Now, we’re poised on creating a new world, one of liberty, resonance, and ethics.  Ethics in medicine, agriculture, self-governance, and even recreation. The new age is upon us and we knowledge-workers are taxed with creating a brave new world.  These are ideas whose time has finally come.  

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