How Nurturing Can Prevent Volatility? A Mini-Study In the Polarity Between Lac Humanum and TNT

This post is from the NOVEMBER 2021 newsletter – click here to read it.

Do you need the homeopathic remedies TNT (dynamite) or Lac Humanum (mother’s milk)? Perhaps both!  Finding the right remedy (or remedies) for a patient has so much to do with their state of mind.  Over the last 21 months we’ve served patients for both depression and a need for extra nurturing, as well as explosive rage for feeling backed into a corner with no outlet.

Being told that you have to lockdown for the 3rd, 4th, or 5th time is demoralizing. Perhaps you’ve also been given an ultimatum at your job that ultimately affects your health?  What if you’re not permitted to enjoy your favourite restaurant or pub on Friday night with mates until you make a choice that is not wholly resonant for you? Maybe your child is suffering at school, feeling suffocated from having to wear a mask and you feel guilty because of it? Some days, does it feel like you’re gonna blow?

We have all been struggling in these times.  I’ve needed my own share of Lac Humanum and TNT, as I also feel torn.  I’ve not seen my own children in Canada for two years, while remaining in Mexico where we are residents. I miss them terribly and I feel thwarted by the international travel restrictions, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my ethics for something that is not permitted by the ‘Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ AND the ‘Nuremberg Code’.

I’ve been writing letters and signing petitions, to what feels like deaf ears, for over twenty months.  Before that, it was years of fighting mandatory jabs for school children in the Canadian province we lived in.  We won the latter battle by just two votes.  A few short months later, the world seemed to come apart at the seams with the plandemic (not a typo). 

Before that, I’d fought many years to get the known neurotoxin, fluoride, out of city water supplies in Canada.  How much government tyranny is one woman supposed to take on in her lifetime?  I’m tired and I need more nurturing, which is why Lac Humanum is in my daily dropper for support. 

Perhaps you might need the same.  Maybe you also serve a large number of folks on a weekly basis too. TNT has helped me not to blow a frustrated gasket and to continue serving others who are also on the brink of a frustrated breakdown. We feel you! I also scream my guts out into raging rivers in the mountains at times, and engage in a good hard cry in my beloved’s arms on regular occasions.  Better out than in, my friends, better out than in.

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