Do You Suffer UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections)? Do You Want to Solve Them Naturally? Here’s How…

Most individuals suffering from UTIs don’t know that there’s an emotional component to this condition.  It’s a feeling of being ‘pissed off’ and inflamed in an area of the body where we often harbor deep anger and resentment.  That’s why they often recur after being treated by conventional methods.  Most individuals go get allopathic antibiotics (literally means ‘against life’), not realizing that the root cause is still at large.

Now, to be clear, if you’re running a fever and the ache has moved up your back into your kidneys, you will need to move fast to resolve the issues adroitly without delay, as kidneys can shut down with necrosis (severe inflammation causing cell death). This is beyond the realm of probiotics, cranberry capsules, and even homeopathic remedies, and is the right jurisdiction for allopathic medicine. We can address the toxicity from the antibiotics with high doses of probiotics as well as treat the root cause naturally before it ever becomes an issue again.

When I first came to Heilkunst Medicine, in 1998, one of my main issues was with UTIs and I’ve not suffered one since that time.  I’m a perfect example of a permanently cured patient. (Feel free to listen to my FREE book, The Path to Cure, here:

Check Your Inflammation

Inflammation occurring in any part of the body is cause for concern. First of all, when pain shows up in any part of your body, check your simple carbohydrates and refined sugar intake.  It would be best to eliminate all breads, refined sugar, and any high glycemic fruits (other than berries) for the next little while, sticking solely to lean sources of protein and vegetables for the next few weeks, until the inflammation is gone.

Increasing your probiotics and fermented foods (see here: can go a long way in upping your gut health.  The good bacteria will be more apt to step up to check any inflammation in your body. Periodic, and especially heavy use of antibiotics, can compromise your microbiome health and cause you to be much more susceptible to urinary tract infections amongst other issues. 

Make sure that you have no other health issues, like errant viruses or bacterial infections, are in your midst using homeopathic principles on the sound basis of the law of nature, ‘like cures like’.  We’re going to guide you with regards to what remedies to use further down in this article.

A Little Anatomy Lesson

As you may know the urinary tract system has an upper and lower portion.  The upper portion has your two kidneys attached to two ureters that extend to the bladder.  The bladder, part of the lower urinary tract, is a holding tank for your urine. When your body indicates that it’s ready to void, the ureters will carry the urine from the bladder out the penis or vagina (a small escape tube just down about an inch from the clitoris) through the urethral opening.

Most folks don’t know that improper bowel elimination (what are you not able to let go of?) can also affect the likelihood of contracting a UTI.  The colon and anus sit so close to the urethra that cross-bacterial contamination can be an issue.  Sometimes these microbes can travel up to the kidneys, facilitating inflammation. Again, it’s good to get to the root cause from a holistic perspective.

If you go off to the allopathic doctor, you’re likely to be diagnosed with cystitis or urethritis.  This lets us know that the issue is likely occurring in your lower urinary tract and is easily addressed.  The more concerning pyelonephritis is an indication that the inflammation has worsened and is in the upper urinary tract affecting the kidneys. In this case, your doctor will often detect escherichia coli (e.coli), by sending your urine off to the lab, and prescribe a course of antibiotics.

How Do I Know If I Have A UTI?

Many of my patients tell me that they’ll first have a tingling-like sensation right at the opening of the urethra. They will also feel just a little tired or run-down.  Then there can be a sharp pain or dull ache at the onset of urination, or alternatively, when finishing the course of voiding. Most often, you’ll notice a frequency and urge to urinate even if you don’t have any urine to void. This is the most annoying part of the lower urinary tract infection!

It’s important that you check the toilet bowl for what looks like brick dust, blood, or even pus.  This is often accompanied with fever, chills, and a backache or pain on either side of your back around the lower ribs, indicating that the infection is in the upper urinary tract and cause for concern. It can also show up as lower abdominal pain and/or as a very funky or musty odor to your urine. Your urine may be very cloudy or a deep yellow/orange color. You can also suffer nausea, vomiting, and significant aching in your body with a bearing down sensation in the hips.

Pain During/Post Coition (Sexual Intercourse)

You might be surprised at how often this occurs in individuals, especially in women.  If there has been any trauma in the relationship where there is harboured anger or resentment, pain in the urethra either during or after sex can be a recurring issue.  This may be why nearly 50 percent of women suffer from urinary tract infections at some point in their lives. And about 30 percent of women may have recurrent infections.

We have great tools to help with this that go far beyond the scope of this article.  Suffice it to say that what we were taught in sex education class in grade ten doesn’t cut the true romantic love-making that can easily resolve a lot of the harboured rage women suffer with regards to how sex is depicted in movies, or worse, what is shown in porn. 

Contraception, including toxic spermicides, latex condoms, cervical caps, or even lubricants, can also contribute to erant bacteria affecting the healthy equilibrium of our vagina, vulva, and urethral anatomy.  We highly recommend the use of coconut oil instead, and here’s some of what we’ve written on healthier options for contraception:

If UTIs are recurring in a pregnant woman, this can be cause for concern for both momma and the fetus, and can even cause the membranes to rupture prematurely and should be treated at the first signs of discomfort.

Also, of concern are prostate issues (decrease flow of urine from the bladder due to a swollen prostate), diabetes, and kidney stones, for which the root cause should be addressed in order to prevent microbial build-up that can contribute to UTIs. 

Cleaners, Cleansing, and Menstrual ProductsPlease avoid using all harch commercial cleansers in your home.  Use baking soda and vinegar to wash out your tub. Only use natural soap options, such as  goat milk soap, for bathing.  Switch to a brand of clothes detergent that won’t cause you, your family, or the environment harm. We use Seventh Generation (  Make sure that your underwear is made from organic cotton.  Most folks don’t know that cotton is one of the most sprayed crops with a cocktail of herbicides and pesticides, which is the last thing that you want to put next to your genitals.  Also, only use organic cotton pads and tampons during your menstrual cycle. 

The Role That Your Allopathic Doctor Can Play

Don’t hesitate to have a panel done on your urine.  Your doctor can easily send a urine test off to the lab to discern the presence of bacterias and other microbes, including e.coli.  It will also determine the presence of blood cells or pus cells in your urine. For this, the urine sample should be a “clean-catch,” which means the urine sample taken midstream while peeing. Be sure not to touch your genitals with the stream catching bottle.

Imaging Of The Urinary Tract:

If you have severe UTI symptoms or have chronic or recurring UTIs, you can assess information about the urinary organs. Your doctor may advise you of a CT or MRI.


The doctor may perform a physical test using a long, thin tube with a lens to see inside your bladder and urethra. This tube will be inserted through your urethra and reach up to the bladder.

Image by Allyson McQuinn 2018

UTI Support Regimen

Here’s what you should do if you detect the onset of a lower urinary tract infection:

  • Start pumping the water (an adult should drink 2.5 – 3 liters of water a day naturally)
  • Double up on your probiotics
  • Take cranberry capsules or drink cranberry juice without sugar (tart beyond description so be prepared)
  • Avoid all refined sugars, dairy, and carbohydrates like bread or pastas
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, and citrus juices
  • Use a heating pad on your back
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Contemplate and perhaps journal why you’re subconsciously feeling ‘pissed off,’ and find a healthy way to express that frustration

Let’s Go After The Underlying Cause With Homeopathic Law; Like Cures Like

Cantharis – burning urgency one painful drop and a time 


Cantharis is to UTIs what Arnica is to bruises.  Look for frequent urination with an intolerable urge.  It will burn when you pass urine with a painful urging and severe bearing down pains in your abdomen.

When you finally get the urine to flow, it only comes one painful drop at a time, burning the urethra on the way down.  Look for restlessness, fear of pain with coition, and there may be blood or brick dust in the urine.

Potency and Dosage:

Use Cantharis in a 30CH,  200CH, or 1M potency, depending on severity, dissolved in water.  Sip until symptoms abate.

Apis Mellifica – scanty urine, burning pain, and swelling


Apis is the homeopathic remedy derived for bee venom. Think burning, quick onset, soreness, and a burning sensation with blocked emission from a feeling of swelling in the urethra.  The urge to urinate will be heightened and the individual will want to wear a pad, due to involuntary leakage, flowing without resistance or control. 

Look for stinging pains in the urethra, worse at the end of flow of urine when it burns and smarts like being stung.

Potency and Dosage:

Use Apis in a 30CH,  200CH, or 1M potency, depending on severity, dissolved in water.  Sip until symptoms abate.

Equisetum – frequent urging not relieved by flow


With Equisetum, look for a dull ache in the lower abdomen. Also a fullness of the bladder as if urine has been retained can be constant. The individual will wonder why the urging isn’t relieved by voiding.

Urine flows only drop by drop and gets in the way of normal day to day activities. Look for severe pain at the end of urination like the valve is on fire, sending cutting pain through the urethra.

Potency and Dosage:

Use Equisetum in a 30CH,  200CH, or 1M potency, depending on severity, dissolved in water.  Sip until symptoms abate.

Kreosotum – intense itching at the urethral opening, worse with voiding


Kreosotum is a great remedy where there is intense itching in the urethral opening, which is made worse by the passing urine. The urine smells very offensive and only passes in drops.  The constant burning sensation and genital itching is highly exacerbating, making it difficult to carry on with daily activities.

Potency and Dosage:

Use Kreosotum in a 30CH,  200CH, or 1M potency, depending on severity, dissolved in water.  Sip until symptoms abate.

Staphysagria – UTI begins after sexual intimacy


In our Materia Medicas, it cites that urinary tract issues begin in women newly married.  That was from a hundred years ago or so. In modern terms, look for suppressed anger, especially regarding prior traumas with the opposite sex.

With Staphysagria, the individual tries to urinate, but can’t.  The frustrating part is that the bladder feels especially full and won’t empty, the ureters may burn (even when not trying to pass urine) and the urine only passes drop by drop.  

For prostatic issues in men, urging and pain may even continue after voiding. Staphysagria is also used in those who’ve had a recent kidney stone or operation where urinating feels difficult or uncomfortable.

Potency and Dosage:

Use Staphysagria in a 30CH,  200CH, or 1M potency, depending on severity, dissolved in water.  Sip until symptoms abate.

Sepia – for the careworn individual who suffers chronic UTIs


Are you having blood show up in your urine? Have you had long-standing bouts of urinary tract infections that have gone on for weeks, months, or even years? Look for pain in the lower abdomen or even around the waist area. You’ll notice a constant urge to urinate and a burning sensation while voiding.  The lower belly will be greatly relieved with a heating pad in the Sepia sufferer.

Potency and Dosage:

Use Sepia in a 30CH,  200CH, or 1M potency, depending on severity, dissolved in water.  Sip until symptoms abate.

Sarsaparilla – lots of pain close to the termination of the flow of urine


Sarsaparilla can cause the sufferer to wince in pain close to the end of the weak, drop by drop flow.  Look for pain in the lower abdomen and a feeling of incompletion.  This is a helpful remedy for those suffering kidney stones where there is great pain and a sensation of blockage during urination.  

Potency and Dosage:

Use Sarsparilla in a 30CH,  200CH, or 1M potency, depending on severity, dissolved in water.  Sip until symptoms abate.

Nux Vomica – for UTIs especially after excessess urine


Have you been out for a night of excess and debauchery?  Did that Christmas party see you finishing off the punch?  Did you wake up with an urgency to pass urine and pains in your lower belly?  Nux vomica could be the right remedy for you.

Look for infection occurring in the urinary bladder with increased frequency in urination. The quantity of urine is quite minimal with an incomplete sensation after voiding. Look for an itching or tickling sensation while peeing. UTIs can often occur in individuals suffering addictions to alcohol.

Potency and Dosage:

Use Nux Vomica in a 30CH,  200CH, or 1M potency, depending on severity, dissolved in water.  Sip until symptoms abate.

Mercurius – for frequent urging and a slight greenish discharge in the urine


Mercurius has frequent urges to pee with severe burning at the onset of urine. The amount of urine is scant. The urinous fluid can be dark, reddish, or even present with a slightly greenish discharge from the urethra.

Potency and Dosage:

Use Mercurius in a 30CH,  200CH, or 1M potency, depending on severity, dissolved in water.  Sip until symptoms abate.

Aconite – for a quick onset where urine is hot and burning


The Aconite state comes quickly with an aching lower abdomen, where the urine is hot, burning, and painful.  The amount of urine is scant and the person is very restless and out of sorts both mentally and physically.  It’s a great remedy for a child when they’re beside themselves with anguish and can’t quite explain what’s going on for them.  They may cry out when they urinate into their diaper or the toilet. A toddler may tell you that they feel like they could die with the pain.

You may notice blood in the urine and a feeling of trepidation at the onset of the flow. Anxiety is often present with this state. Aconite is also a good choice for men suffering prostate issues.

Potency and Dosage:

Use Aconitum in a 30CH,  200CH, or 1M potency, depending on severity, dissolved in water.  Sip until symptoms abate.

Pulsatilla – for spasmodic pain in the lower abdomen and burning during and after voiding


Pulsatilla is helpful in the cases of urinary tract infection where there is burning pain both during and after the flow.  Look for spasmodic pain in the lower abdomen. Also urine may pass involuntarily during sneezing or coughing.

Those needing Pulsatilla will feel worse from citrus juice or cold drinks in general.  Also, these individuals can be very yielding, emotional, sensitive, and quite delicate.

Potency and Dosage:

Use Pulsatilla in a 30CH,  200CH, or 1M potency, depending on severity, dissolved in water.  Sip until symptoms abate.

If you find that symptoms don’t abate easily, it could be that your UTI is anchored to a Genetic Miasm coming down your family line, requiring treatment by a Heilkunst Physician. To contact our office to make an appointment, please reach out to us at, as we’re happy to help you get to the root cause of your suffering.

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