How To Orchestrate A Spiritual Holiday On A Shoestring

This post is from the DECEMBER 2021 newsletter – click here to read it.

Happy holidays from all of us here at Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, to you and your family!  This month we’ve crafted an article on how to make your Christmas, Winter Solstice, Chaunkah, and other celebrations more spiritual instead of material.  With the crazy times we’re living in, we’re looking to foster more meaning with our celebrations, and we’re often working on a shoe-string budget financially, so we’ve devised a huge list of ideas that we’ve often used with our own family.

Think back to all the memories you have about family gatherings. How much do they have to do with the family and friends that you connected with? My memories, at least, had less to do with food and the stuff wrapped in pretty paper, and more to do with shared experiences and the time we spent together.  

The second article is about how to ramp up your personal self-care during this busy season, and slow the pace down so that you can rest, nurture yourself, and find more grace in the holidays, so that it doesn’t leave you feeling ragged, stretched, and in need of another holiday!

Our hope this year is that the light brings you all more faith, hope, and health for the coming year. We’re really committed to living a parallel life full of play, connection, meaningful work, and abundance.  We’re committed to not being trauma bonded with the powers that be, and continuing to help others create the same bodacious, happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. All the best to you during this solstice season and well into 2022!

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