How To Ditch The Anxiety Around Expectations And New Year’s Resolutions

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We know that many of you are stressed.  Everything that has unfolded in the last two years has taken its toll on us too.  Our clinic has doubled in volume in that time, as more individuals are seeking support for the anxiety and strain of trying to cope with all the added and changing requirements that governments have been impinging on those we lovingly serve.

Many individuals have asked for help to detox choices that they’ve felt obligated to take just to support and feed their families.  Some individuals have lost their jobs and have secured new work online, thus needing support during their transition from careers spanning multiple decades. Some folks are homeschooling all of their children and have asked for additional guidance and remedies to help with being home full-time, educating their kids.

Some individuals we serve have even chosen to move countries.  We’ve been called upon to help with these major changes that a new culture can bring, while also letting go of the ties to a country that they’ve felt deeply connected to their whole lives.  We understand, as we’ve also had to undergo the same move several years ago.  

Like our patients, we find ourselves a little gobsmacked to be in many of these situations, which we never would have anticipated two years ago.  That’s why this month’s articles are about how to effectively deal with anxiety, and also how to ditch those New Year’s resolutions (no one needs that added pressure right now!).  

Our sole purpose is to help those we serve find real meaning through change by providing regimen, medicine, and therapeutic medicine (counselling), so that you can rely on the scaffolding of your health to carry you through the months ahead. You are not alone.

So if you choose to homeschool your babes, move countries, find work online, detox from a recent toxic load, or deal with the stress of letting go of a career that you trained years for, we’re here for you.  Much of this laundry list of stressors isn’t just timeline traumas that we treat for those we serve, we’ve also lived them.  By brainstorming some of the options open to you, while also empathizing with your circumstances, we can help you remove the blocks and shocks for your ultimate transcendence. 

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