Success Story: “The gift of health that keeps on giving…

It is in the holiday spirit that I wish to share with you the story of our childrens healing journey at Arcanum.

This is no ordinary success story… for it is still unfolding as we speak, which makes this so exciting to share.  So if you are sitting on the fence, looking for answers, guidance, and support, and found your way to reading these words, know it is not by accident.  May they bring you to a place of peace in your own path for you and your family.

My husband and I wanted to adopt, knowing there were children in our community that needed a good home.  We were blessed with a daughter at 15 months old (now 17 years old) and a son at 18 months old (now 13 years old).  Our hearts were full and so were our hands, and we felt that our love would be enough to provide these innocent souls a life that was fruitful.  The saying “it takes a community to raise a child”, never proved to be more true until now.

Our daughter was born with a rare genetic syndrome that manifested in a developmental disability, speech/language disability, cleft palate/lip, hearing issues, gross and fine motor delays, heart condition, celiac disease, adhd, anxiety, and other mental health challenges that left her in a state of violent outbursts and delusions.  She is loud and proud, and holds nothing in.  She reacts to pharmaceuticals negatively with obscure side effects.

Our son was born heavily addicted to opioids and hospitalized at birth given high doses of morphine to detox him over the course of several months.  He was traumatized at an early age, and suffered from severe fetal alcohol syndrome disorder (FASD).  He has brain damage and short term memory loss and learning difficulties. He is quiet and insecure, with suppressed anger.

I give you a sense of the challenges, because as a parent you never see your child as a label.  In fact we didn’t want them to be labelled, but in society these days, that was the only way we knew to find support in schools and specialized services.  We just wanted them to live their best life, and it was in the realization that these outward supports of respite, therapy and medication only provided a patch-work of reprieve, but never could they unearth these beautiful children from their suffering.

That is until Heilkunst treatment.  Our son is looking us in the eye when he speaks, and is articulating with a loving connection.  He went from having a reactive attachment disorder to seeking time together to build a positive relationship.  He is an artist, and so intune with his feelings in written form that is now also being communicated with a strong intentional voice.  He is thriving in school, and sharing details of his day with us.  Our daughter sings and dances throughout her day.  The aggression eases every day a little bit more, letting in her sweet engaging nature.  She went from being in the darkness of her room, angry, depressed, anxious, always wanting to sleep,  to a child that begins the day on her karaoke singing how it is going to play out.  She is learning to be helpful and carry simple tasks of self care.  She sits with us long enough to find meaningful moments to appreciate sharing space.  Expresses love more than worry, and is starting to self regulate her emotions and asking for help when needed instead of reacting.

This is only the beginning.  We are continuing the path to reveal their greatest potential by removing all the barriers that have been blocking their growth.  Every timeline event cleared is a curative celebration with the knowing that they are freed that much more to fulfill their greatest potential.

Arcanum is a big part of our family community that is giving our children through the curative capacity of Heilkunst the path of true health.  It is also through our own journey into Heilkunst’s treatment as parents that brings us all full circle in being able to move beyond our own challenges and barriers.  Participating in Heilkunst treatment exponentially opened the doors to a better way of understanding ourselves and our relationship with our children.  

The gift of true health that is meant to be received… by all of us.”

~ K. C., Ontario, Canada

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