What Do Love And Medicine Have To Do With Each Other?

This post is from the FEBRUARY 2022 newsletter – click here to read it.

This month, we’re talking about Love.  You might ask, what does love and medicine have to do with each other? Actually a lot!

I came to this system of medicine 25 years ago because my son was suffering with severe gut issues and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  I didn’t expect to land here.  Four women, in the same week, said that they’d heard of two practitioners (Patty and Rudi) nearby, who were doing homeopathy ‘differently’ and achieving marked successes in their practice. I thought, ‘what the hell’, as nothing else I’d tried had worked to address my son’s suffering.  I brought all my skepticism as a financial advisor to their door and was shocked and amazed when his issues were completely resolved within about 6 months of Heilkunst treatment.

After about 18 months, Patty and Rudy asked if I’d speak at the largest homeopathic conference in Canada about my son’s success with Heilkunst treatment.  A week later, they asked me to help them open their international clinic while they prepared the course material for the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst (HCH; www.heilkunst.com).  I was between contracts at the time and so I helped them to finish their contract with the British Institute of Homeopathy in Canada and to open their new school under their directorship.

A few months later, I was separated from my children’s father, when I hired a handsome fella to help me to manage the bursar’s portion of the school, given that it was growing so quickly.  Jeff Korentayer and I spent many months working together before a budding romance began to take shape. He was a year ahead in his studies at the HCH and I was just a year into mine.  

One day, we both saw a huge heart painted on the side of a toboggan hill and on the same day, I found a heart shaped carrot in my vegetable soup. Jeff reached for my hand while we were walking and I felt something electric spawn between us.  We’ve celebrated over 20 Valentine’s Days since.

Love is a many splendored thing, as it seeps into your children, your work, and your friendships.  It’s fair to say that we’ve birthed many books, articles, and lectures together and countless hours looking after our patients worldwide, from hearts that overflow with the bounty of a generative love and creativity. This doesn’t mean that there haven’t been a slew of challenges along the way, but we seem committed to use the tools we’ve learned during our studies to transcend them.  Our hope is that you are also operating from a similar place of grace.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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