What’s The Right Kind Of Exercise For Your Personal Typology?

This post is from the APRIL 2022 newsletter – click here to read it.

This month we’re talking about exercise.  Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or you just want to know what type of exercise is the most appropriate for you, we’ve included enough information in this newsletter to furnish you with enough knowledge to get started.

For example, did you know that when an ‘A’ blood type is doing too much cardio, they can cause themselves significant harm?  Yes, that’s right, they can blow their adrenals and cause an incredible amount of fatigue if they’re not mindful of their more delicate typology.

Alternatively, an ‘O’ blood type does super well with a boatload of cardio and won’t be properly metabolizing their protein sources if not oxygenating the blood more adequately.  ‘O’s are the Bootcamp types and they will practically glow in the dark after a good cardio workout.

What blood type are you?  What is your most resonant exercise plan?  Click on the links in this spring’s newsletter to find out.

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