What Are You Detoxing From This Spring?

This post is from the MAY 2022 newsletter – click here to read it.

Spring is the perfect time to detox both body and mind! Did you know that we regularly detox patients from the following:

  • Heavy metals.
  • Emotional and physical timeline traumas from the past.
  • Anger, fear, guilt, shame, grief, and resentment in the present.
  • Geopathic stresses such as power lines, 5G, and smart meters.
  • Iatrogenic insults (anything prescribed by an allopathic physician).
  • Chemicals used in one’s workplace (present and/or prior).
  • Toxins from having lived near mines or other biohazards.
  • Hormonal toxicity like having used the pill or progesterone.
  • Toxicity from being bitten by ticks, bees, or mosquitos.
  • Genetic miasms coming down your family line.

In this month’s newsletter, we talk about how to do a spring detox to the fullest.  You will learn why we’ve been successfully detoxing those we serve for the last 21 years.

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