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“Arcanum” is the age of majority this month!  

Do you remember being excited that you could go into any bar or restaurant in the world and be served alcohol?! I do too.  The thing is that even though we’re WAY past the age of majority now, we don’t really choose to drink alcohol.  For me, it messes with my glycemic index, driving my blood sugar through the roof, negatively affecting my sleep, and making me feel toxic and sluggish for a few days. So we’re celebrating twenty-one years of serving our beloved patients super sober.  We’ll probably go for a hike or share supper together out somewhere in the town.  Woohoo! We’re such party animals!

This month, we’re talking about addictions; specifically to sugar and alcohol.  It’s been a tough two years and it has taken ninja-like skills to stay strong and autonomous in the face of so much global tyranny.  We feel ya!  We’re not immune to these forces either and I have found myself tempted by sugar and alcohol several times. Perhaps you’re asking yourself, ‘How could you not?’.  I had to dig deeply into this gesture in me to suss out why food has always been such solace to me.

While letting go of over twenty-five pounds recently,  I discovered in the layers of my historical strata, fall-out from childhood trauma. When I went to spend time with my grandmother and aunts in the summertime, they would liberally offer me ice cream, cake, pop, and lots of whatever I wanted to indulge in.  This was a gesture of love on their part to try and help compensate for the fact that my mother had committed suicide a few of years prior. They loved me through sugar, as they’d never risk actually talking with me about my feelings as a result of what had happened in my life.

Can you guess the gesture that I’d default to everytime I experienced additional trauma in my life?  Yup, I’d have a little ‘treat’ now and again. Guess what happened when I went solely to a meat, eggs, cheese, and fish diet? I had a lot of grief, abandonment, and fear come up for my not-so viewing pleasure.

Addictions are the desire to compulsively suppress unexcavated feelings from prior trauma(s).  An individual’s drug(s) of choice can be alcohol, cannabis, social media, video games, coffee, foods, pornography, shopping, etc.  In recently studying Gabor Mate’s book, In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts, he not only describes the anatomy of the addict, but illuminates his own compulsion for buying music several times a week from having been abandoned during the first year of life by his mother during the war. As a result of his addiction, he ends up abandoning his own family. Being addicted to karma bites.

By peeling the onion of our traumas, homeopathically, we lovingly lay bare the reasons for our addictions on the cutting room floor.  How we find primary love, nurturing, connection, and true spiritual nourishment can take time to source.  This certainly was true for me too. If you are suffering your own addictions, reading our articles this month could be the first step to knowing a greater liberty.

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