by Lauri Germain, Veterinary Homeopath

Pets prefer a simple life. But because they live with busy, complex humans, animals can be sensitive to the dynamics happening in the household. Some pets will try to hide that they are stressed, even take shelter under stairs or escape to a closet till the coast is clear. Others might be anxious or act out by presenting a destructive behavior such as chewing on their paws, a rug, shoes, the wall .  .  . just about anything to channel their anxiety or attract attention. Pacing, cowering, excessive barking, aggression, or repetitive actions such as excessive licking are other signs of stress.

What are some ways we can protect our pets from the negative effects of stress and people drama?

  1. Please do not talk loudly, throw things, or yell around your pet.
  2. Be mindful of your own demeanor and body language.
  3. If emotions get heated in the house, take your pet outside to play or for a walk to “cool off”.
  4. If you need a time out by yourself, calmly reassure your pet that you will be back soon.
  5. Keep regular mealtimes and promote a peaceful atmosphere.
  6. Never tease or provoke your pet in any way.
  7. Be a calming influence and speak with a reassuring tone of voice.

Homeopathy is an excellent tool to treat your pet’s fears, anxiety, depression, anger, grief, and feelings of abandonment. The remedies can also address any underlying causes of behavioral issues and physical symptoms. Without side effects, homeopathic medicine can help an animal you love to cope better with modern life.

Lauri Germain, DHHP, DAHH

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