Roeing Our Boat Away To Wade By Still Waters

Note: Please note that this article is NOT offering medical advice but is meant for knowledge purposes only. Each individual is bestowed the responsibility for her medical choices out of her own volition. There is some swearing in this piece.

With the recent Roe Vs Wade decision, I’m being asked by a number of women I serve what is my opinion about all of this. Well my simple answer is that I don’t give a rat’s hiney what’s going on in that big allopathic (suffering no principles) arena. In my opinion this whole fiasco is just another way to incite our rage and anger to try and create an emotional revolution. Yank our chains so to speak.

For thousands of years, women have had to deal with unwanted pregnancies for a myriad of reasons; a moment of passion that turned bad, a broken sheath, a morning pill that didn’t work, or even the outcome of having been violated. The allopathic medical system would love it if we thought our only option was to rely on Rockefeller trained medical doctors to resolve our ills, however, this has only been the prevailing mindset in the last seventy plus years due to a very good marketing campaign. Interesting as well that they use fetal tissue in the crafting of their drugs in the seeming prevention of disease. Where do you think that tissue is derived from?


We women have been finding ways to deal with our health, natural births and also prevention and elimination of unwanted pregnancies in safe ways for thousands of years. My birthworker colleagues are wholly in agreement with me. We’ve been meeting at women’s summits for years to discuss best practices for the women in our care with regards to all facets of health. Did you know that the largest holocaust in human history was the burning at the stake of women who had precisely these same conversations?

Did you know that we left Canada almost eight years ago because we were being coerced to join the only condoned homeopathic association run by the government of Ontario or lose our capacity to practice Heilkunst? Did you also know that I’d been threatened by three factions of the Canadian Cancer Society when speaking about having resolved my breast tumor using solely nutrition and homeopathic medicine almost two decades ago? Were you apprised that I’ve also been threatened to take down our website by a big pharma shill out of the U.S. but was backed off by two other Homeopathic Practitioners, also in the U.S., who threatened him with a lawsuit for harassment. Did you know that reporters of both the Globe and Mail and the Montreal Gazette threatened me years ago with exposing me for ‘misinformation’ regarding articles I wrote on vaccination and shedding over a decade ago. It’s interesting that all these so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ have since proven to be true.

One of the main reasons that we moved to Mexico was to get out from under this harassment and trauma bonding in Canada. So our take on shedding an unwanted pregnancy is no different. Here’s some much wiser words from my dear friends and colleagues who are just as outspoken on this issue. 

Here’s a birthworker in British Columbia airing her righteous laundry on the line:

She screams “mybody, 

My choice. 


The old boys

Getting off on the noise

All the women on their knees

Saying please!!

Politicians rock hard.

Oh, how they loveeee a girl with a placard.

“Dear sir,

I hate you

But I need you

What’s a girl to do??

I didn’t go to medical school!”


What IF

You put your fingers inside your own pu—y

Instead of pointing them at men.

Oh goodness!

What magic might happen then!

Open your legs

Whenever you like!

But learn the language of your eggs.

5 days

Is the length of your ovulatory phase!

Study the physiology of implantation

Instead of venting about the administration!

Get your hands on the herbs

That disturb 

The meeting of embryo

And uterine lining

(It’s all about the timing)


You were probably a village midwife

In a past life.

You don’t need the state!

Just access to





Put your feminism in action

Have you heard of menstrual extraction???

The Jane Collective

Was 10,000 times more effective

Than any protest.

A community of women who knew how to handle a positive pregnancy test.


Has become the gnarliest political symbol

But I promise

It’s physiologically SIMPLE.

My women

Sisters in holy rage

One day, 

The men will once again change the law

Ready to get high

On the uproar






They will meet


Because us women broke our reliance

On white coats

And political votes

Took responsibility

And Discovered

We are 



Channel your rage into something THEY CAN NEVER TAKE AWAY …


THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. I’m just a silly woman, don’t listen to me.

By Freya Kellet, Follow her on Instagram


Also my dear friend and birthworker, ‘yourlocalmidwitch’ (follow her on Instagram) speaks to this same issue: 

Ambivalence. That’s what I feel. It’s a bread crumb keeping you at bay, it’s a carrot, dangling in front of your face, keeping you on the narrow track of distraction, of fighting, of exhaustion. It’s a false promise of liberty, which can be taken away anytime. So fuck it. 

Anyone who would take permission of what to do with her body from an authority outside of herself has forgotten her power.

Rights are not granted. They are innate to our being. Demanding they be provided by government, by institutions by overlords is an admission of acquiescing to the authority itself.

Sovereignty, and its facet of bodily autonomy, will only be found in disengaging. By not bothering to ask permission, by taking responsibility for yourself, your family, your sisterhood, your community. 

Many women have paved the way, kept the wisdom alive. Learn FAM, learn menstrual extraction, learn your herbs, learn where to order misoprostol, and also, learn how to support and honour mothers, how to hold community around the bringers of life so they may feel capable of choosing their unique path free of the very real fear of a lack of support and respect, impossibility of a livelihood, loss of community, shame, fear… 

You care about women’s rights? Make a meal for a mother this week or entertain her kids for an hour, pick up some groceries for a newly pregnant woman, drop off nourishing broth and herbal tea to a sister working overtime. Learn how to hold each other. It is a privilege to be in loving service to another, to anything. Make yourself of service in whatever way you can. 

Embody choosing for yourself. No need to shout it. Turn your back on the fuckers and live it. 

It is my privilege to see through the veil of mind control that has humanity begging on their knees, and to share this message of hope and liberation: we each hold the keys to our unique shackles, every single human has the capacity to free them-self, and to live with dignity in autonomy. It’s time for everyone to start loving the privilege that it is to be a human being. 

Free your minds loves, indeed it will free your wombs in turn. 


This blog article would not be complete without my other beloved friend and colleague, Yolande Norris-Clark of Bauhauswife repute on Instagram weighing in. She cites in her article from 2018 on women’s rights as it pertains to abortion, “An embryo, a fetus, a baby in utero, is dependent on, and interdependent with, their mother for life and sustenance.

Women’s bodies are the domain of women. Always, and only, and forever.

Pregnancy is the realm of the pregnant mother, entirely.


Abortion is simply a reality—women will always, in certain situations, seek out, procure, or enact upon ourselves, abortion. Miscarriage often occurs spontaneously, and it is by virtue of our female bodies—by virtue of our biology— that we have the capacity and the power to choose to terminate a pregnancy.

Abortion is not actually a right that can be bestowed on us or taken away by the state, or (effectively) prohibited by law.

Abortion is a possibility intrinsic to being female.”



These times we’re in are about another staged witch burning by the political and medical witch hunters. Our job, as I see it, is to wholly reclaim our inherent value baked in by our Creator, let no man tear our essence asunder. No one has dominion over my mind or body for as long as I’m living. And I will live my best life free of any self-proclaimed handlers and all of their knives, nooses, nefarious drugs and mind-games. I am not doing their trauma-bonding dance now or ever more.

My dear friend and mentor, Sister Morningstar says it best, “A woman’s body is like a flower in nature. Some women have had their petals forced open, physically or emotionally. Some women have known the opening of their petals in ripe timing, according to their own desires. Either way, dreams help. They are from a mother’s own making, which in itself gives her great power and authority. We are like an invited guest to a mother’s dreamwork. With calm attention we become a witness to her truth telling. We can learn to ask helpful questions that lead her to an intimate relationship with her own inner power and intuitive knowing.”

Jeff and I are creating a small number of ecovillages here in Mexico. Why? Basically, to sidestep the whole matrix of false authority plaguing the rest of North America. We’re at the head of the food chain here. There are no trucks or grocery stores that bring us our food. We grow our own… year round. I make our own dishes out of clay wrought from the earth at my feet. I wear used clothing. I trade with my neighbours any number of things that I need. I can cure someone’s chronic diseases with a pad of paper and a pen. I know my own value and they can shove Roe vs Wade up their politically puppeted asses. I’m not stepping into their arena. I’m done. Adios muchachos, I’ve got an avocado tree to plant by the river where I wade right up to my righteous loins.

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