Are You Seeking A Non-Toxic Alternative for Your Pet?

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Do you have a pet that you’re concerned about? A cat whose fur keeps matting? A dog who just doesn’t have the energy that she used to? Is Lyme disease a concern this summer as your pet keeps coming back into the house with tick bites? Maybe you live on a farm and your horse is favoring one leg. Or you’re looking for a more natural dewormer than the chemical one. Did you know that a raw diet is largely more preferable to kibble for both your cats and dogs?

These are real life scenarios and nutrition issues that we’ve been treating in animals for the last fifteen years. We have been so busy with animals in our practice that we decided to ask our colleague, Aleks Mikics, Senior Heilkunst Veterinary Practitioner, to come on board at Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, to help us out with the volume of animal cases we’ve been treating.

Most people don’t realize that animals are suffering more from iatrogenic diseases than almost any other species on the planet. Did you know that the drugs used for them are generally prescribed at the same potency for a Great Dane as also for a Chihuahua? The incidence of cancer and diabetes has exponentially increased over the last two decades in our pets, and we’re here to help treat the root cause without causing any further harm – just as we do for the humans we serve. Animals have been treated worldwide with homeopathic principles for over two hundred years.  

You can contact Aleks today at to book your fur-baby into her schedule at your convenience.

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