Success Story: My Health is a Gift

My health is a gift and I am grateful! Having you help me with spring allergies again, and curing them with Heilkunst Remedies along with therapy sessions, has me very grateful for your care and expertise.

I have know Allyson since 2005, and am so very happy she came into my life! We became friends, then she became my health practitioner. I learnt about how she could help me be a healthier me…and I 100% embraced her help!

In the spring of 2020 my allergies were surfacing again, so I reached out to Allyson, and we booked appointments over the next few months to cure these issues that wanted to come back and cause me great pain and sickness!

Thank you Ally for being my health practitioner! I am healthier & happier in my 60’s than I thought I ever thought I could be!

  • B. D., Ontario, Canada

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