Natural Fertility Help Is Here

This post is from the SEPTEMBER 2022 newsletter – click here to read it.

Do you know of a couple having challenges conceiving a baby?  Perhaps they’ve had a number of miscarriages.  Maybe they’re feeling like giving up.  They might even be considering very expensive, heavy duty drug protocols like IVF (in vitro fertilization).

Wanting a family naturally is still wholly possible.  We’ve been helping folks make babies naturally for 21 years.  In many cases, it’s a quick fix – like changing their diet, correcting their pH, or detoxing from former use of chemical birth control.  It’s much, much rarer to actually find something ‘wrong’ biologically.  Sadly this is often what the couple has been told by the allopathic system, which can be the first trauma we treat on their timeline.

This month, we’re focusing on natural fertility.  We wrote a whole book about it and we give it away for FREE here:  Arcanum also has a new Heilkunst Practitioner, Danielle Petersen, who specializes in natural fertility for couples, as well as wholistic birth support, and women’s health in general. She’s taking new clients at present.  

Here’s a testimonial from a couple who we helped to conceive their first and second children:

We love helping our patients achieve their personal health goals, and natural fertility is no different.

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