Have You Every Wondered How Geographic Medicine Might Effect Your Healing?

Allyson McQuinn, DMH, JAOH has done it again! This is book number twenty five! Writing in a completely different genre in literature, McQuinn furnishes the reader with short story vignettes of the traumas she experienced in Canada. The first story begins in a school yard marred by violence just outside Montreal, Quebec, all the way up to being a practitioner of natural medicine in Ontario and being forced out of the province if she didn’t comply with the government condoned College of Homeopaths.

This led McQuinn to gain her autonomy and sovereignty and heal beyond the margins in Mexico. She’s since realized that she can craft her own life as an immigrant in a country where she is clearly a minority, creating an eco-village in the Sierra Madres, away from the invasive government of Canada that is pushing its World Economic Forum agenda. McQuinn believes that no one has to fall prey to an economy no average individual can afford or remain prey to mandated experimental drugs that have not been tested adequately for efficacy.

Eight years ago, Allyson decided that if she was going to create a better life for herself, her children and grandchildren it would be better in a country known for taking in political refugees and creating a rejuvenating micro-world off-grid that she and her family can thrive in.

In the following pages, you will witness the trauma bonding that Allyson sustained growing up so that you can also step out of your comfort zone and map out your own healing beyond the traditional margins of your country of birth and invite your family into a better way of life.

Here’s what folks are saying about the book:

“Allyson McQuinn not only survives the unspeakable, but brilliantly transcends the bondage of trauma caused by childhood neglect, abandonment, and sexual abuse to create the life of her dreams. This book lights the way for others to stand up and courageously say “no more” to the tyranny and oppression of their environment. Truly a hero, rising up from the disturbing echoes of her past to transform her health, embrace her true love, and co-create a life of service. Wow! A remarkable story that will inspire readers long after they put it down.”  ~ Mary Beauchamp, Radical Health Makeover, The Science and Spirituality Of Self-Healing

“In lucid, unflinching prose, Allyson McQuinn, who as an adult treats trauma in others, reveals the roots of her own traumas and the path that led her to move beyond them.” ~ Tony Cohan, On Mexican Time and Native State

“McQuinn has a unique capacity in her writing style to not only tell a story, but to bring the reader along with her into the primary experiences of the world of her childhood — as originally experienced through the eyes and mind of her childhood self.

The universal themes in this book about trauma – from the individual to the family to a society as a whole – are poetically delivered through a most personal accounting.

Such individuality/universality put me back in touch with the concreteness of my own faded childhood memories. Poignant, reflective, and deeply insightful.” ~ Jeff Korentayer, The Natural Home Pharmacy

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