The Jill Cruz Podcast – Allyson McQuinn – Curing All Layers of Illnesses (Episode 62)

Heilkunst medicine is a complete system of holistic medicine and homeopathic principles used to prevent and cure disease. Allyson McQuinn has been a practitioner of Heilkunst since she witnessed it successfully treat her son’s autism. Disease matrixes pass down through generations and the root causes of disease are often ignored. It’s not enough to use antibiotics to recover from illness and many western medicine practices can be detrimental. It’s time we start treating illness and disease from the roots using alternative perspectives that are uncommonly found in the west. Learn how to peel off the layers and get back to your factory settings with us!

December 1, 2022 · 35:11

Listen to the podcast here: Jill Cruz Podcast Ep. 62

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