Are You Wondering How You Are Going to Weather Another Five Pounds This Holiday?

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Happy holidays! Are you wondering how to get through the holidays without another unwanted 5 – 10 pounds? I totally get it.  That was also my plight.  

What I realized was that my addiction to food was related to a lack of connection to myself the rest of the year.  By examining the roots of my need for a second helping, that extra Christmas cookie, and another glass of wine, I realized that I was in the game of short-term palliation for much deeper issues of pain and abandonment.

As a mother of two, a wife, a farmer, and owner of a busy clinic, my needs were often being abandoned in favor of a laundry list of obligations.  When Christmas came around and a relative asked if I wanted more of the delicious offerings from the family buffet, I realized I was bereft of healthy nurturing in my life.  No wonder I went completely overboard at Christmas. My thought was that I’d always deal with the fall-out in the new year.  The thing is that I didn’t.  My issues were cumulative.

After the holidays, I was left with the feelings of demoralization and extra weight, wondering how I was going to get out from under it all again this year.  The extra roll around my belly was a token of all the unmet needs, and starting in January, I just started the cycle of self-abandonment all over again.  That is, until I finally felt fed up with the same old rinse and repeat emotions and began studying the opposite state of mind and what it would take to stop self-sabotaging.

I had to grow my self-worth and stop gorging on temporary fixes for a long-term problem.  I had to deal with the accumulated pain from the past and be more cognizant of my primary needs all year round.  In this month’s feature article I address the practical ways that I stopped perpetuating the weight-gain cycle that kept me caught in the loop of feeling bereft and let down.  If you want, you can do it too! Just read on.

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